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Your goal is to apply the relevance of the community issue (the importance of storytelling in times of uncertainty and fear) to the concepts discussed in this class. In your reflection, discuss the following questions: What was the community issue that was discussed at the event? What are the various viewpoints and approaches to consider when discussing this issue? What are some theories that we have discussed in this class that relate to the community issue? Did you see any patterns or repeated themes between all three speakers at the event? If so, what were those themes? Where do you see this community issue leading? What research could be done to further analyze this issue? How do you see the issue progressing in the future? 

What limitations do you have with your group discussion and pursuing more information about the issue? 

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According to me an issue is defined as a problem that prevents an individual to accomplish his or her goal. The social determinants that are related to a particular community involves diverse immigrant cultures as well as social classes. This takes place due to different educational level that leads to diverse social aspects in the community. The community issue that has been discussed in the video deals with us or them mentality. This mentality in the society leads to a bunch of negative circumstances for the community. This mentality turns out to be a destructive aspect in the community that reflects on the unfamiliar individuals. This issue takes place as the human mind has the nature to categorize individuals into social groups. This in turn separates a group of individuals based on random characteristics. The first viewpoint related to the us perspective was discussed by Rabid Rabbi David Lyon who has been served as a senior rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel in Houston since the year 2004. He mostly reflected on the Jewish survival that has been a part of the Jewish history. It states that the Lord is regarded as the God with all heart as well as soul. This perspective is also taught to the children and they are provided with lessons that are part of Torah teachings. This involves the idea of storytelling that turns out to be an imperative aspect. it has been stated that persecution has been driven from ages from homelands to other places. On the other hand, Kelley J sue Anika who has been serving as the CEO at the  Holocaust Museum Houston said that the modern sense does not change from the viewpoint of its importance. 

The major theory that has been identified is the social identity theory that provides a great belonging sense to the social world. The theory that is involved deals with stereotyping that is mostly based on a normal cognitive procedure. This involves a tendency where things are grouped jointly (Hogg, van Knippenberg and Rast III, 2012). The themes that I felt has been repeated are the Jewish stories as well as interpretations that helps to maintain the individuals as a community. The theme also involves honoring God as well as the way that should be followed to honor each other. The issue related to raising problem to God has been repeated several times. It has also been found that storytelling fables has placed a remarkable milestone that should not be confused between us and them. It has been analyzed that the stories that has been reflected are of high importance. It has been found out that technology use in the community has been dusted digitally in the form of oral testimony (Sindic and Condor, 2014). This puts stress on taking out time to gather the story in order to document the story and reflect on the story. This shows that the technological advance that has taken place has been incredible. This has been utilized in the museum that reflected on the personal experience regarding having an idea about the technological advancement. This is the way in which the issue has been progressing in the future that empowered the individuals to fight prejudice as well as hatred. This also helped the individuals to fight apathy that they learnt from the amazing stories. The importance that the individuals learnt reflected on the psychological listening aspect that made the individuals more empathetic. The aspects of learning has been focused and the importance of tolerance has been highlighted. 

The limitation that I found has been prejudiced viewpoints that exists between individuals belonging to diverse cultures. I have not been able to comprehend the social identification issue that takes place in a community. This should have involved the importance that is related to group identification. I have also not been able to realize the hostility that exists between groups. The importance of maintaining self-esteem has not been highlighted that is required to compare favorably with other groups. The social identity theory should have been reflected with more details that is regarded as the imperative part for an individual. I have also identified that social categories as well as stereotypes that are propagated in the community has not been provided with much importance. The groups could have acted a little rationally that could have made it more cooperative.     

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