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NIT 3222 Virtualization in Computing

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The NIT 3222 Virtualization in computing course module provides students with the knowledge and skills of compute virtualization, including the design, implementation, and management of virtualization. Virtualization is one of the essential technologies for implementing cloud and distributed computing. The software layer between the operating system and computer hardware allows the operating system and applications to run in virtual machines rather than physical machines. This can increase equipment utilization by more than 10 times, significantly reduce management work and greatly improve scalability.

This module's content includes virtualization architecture and its benefits in computing, server virtualization and deployment, storage virtualization, desktop virtualization, application virtualization, container technology, virtualization management and management, design and development. Availability and disaster resilience virtualized environment.

Computational virtualization is the process by which virtual versions of computing hardware, operating systems, computer networks, or other resources can be created. It is a simplification of traditional architecture with the goal of reducing the number of physical devices.

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