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GEN 103 Information Literacy

The course GEN 103 Information Literacy provides all the basic knowledge of the information literacy skills. The students will go through the research methods for solving different problems associated with the course. They also learn to develop methods to evaluate resources based on authorship, authority, credibility, information type, currency, and purpose. The use and acknowledgement of the resources are taught for the future ethical research. The use of academic research and organizational tools in making informed choices and critical thinking about various sources of information.

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GEN 103 Information Literacy is a course that provides basic knowledge about information literacy. The students pursuing the course go through the research methods and tools for the same. They have to learn all the skills and methods of using the tools for the research. The course requires good writing skills, which becomes a problematic situation with the students not having it. They have to attend all the classes to gain the expertise in the course. As they miss the classes, they also lack in the knowledge of the course. It all passes until the assessments and evaluations start, when the universities give the weekly and monthly assignments, the student are troubled with those writing work.

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