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The Consequences of Using Social Network

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As you know the essay has 3 parts. Introduction body and conclusion. The introduction has a hook, connecting information and thesis statement. In the body paragraph you are going to discuss the points that you put in thesis statement that are 3 paragraphs.

Then in the 4th paragraph you will discuss the opposite. if you are talking something positive. You have to speak something negative that somebody said. Afterwards, you are going to support what you are discussing in the paragraph, you are going to defend it, and in paragraph 5 it has to be an interview. You have to enter the interview in paragraph mode. like 4 or 5 questions and some expert has to answer them. Then the conclusion.


"Social network" is defined as a platform through which an individual can expand its social business or contact by creating connections on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more. With the advancement in technology, communication all over the globe has become easier and cheaper. The social networks have emerged as an exceptional and influential element on the web. It is considered as an economical platform for connecting individuals virtually. It is found to be more popular among young adults and school children. The business people always require to expand their contacts for marketing and promotion purpose, which is easily achieved through social networking. Apart from expanding business connections, it also helps in sharing pictures, videos, advertisements, and text messages. For most of the population, it acts as a medium for entertainment. The social network allows an individual to create and maintain their personal social media accounts. These accounts are considered as an individual's identity which can be customized depending on the requirement. Customization helps the target group to search the individual and gets connected. It also allows creating a group on the basis of some likeliness, which further makes it easier to communicate with a mass of people (Borgatti, Stephen and Martin 2018). Despite having various advantages, that also exists a number of security concerns for the users. Personal information shared on the social network such as phone numbers, email addresses, and current status can easily be inferred by cybercriminals. The present report outlines the different aspects associated with the usage of social networking sites. The thesis statement for this report is "the consequences of using social network". The report also covers an interview session with an expert to determine their opinion.

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Main Body of the report

With technological advancement, social networking sites make it easier to access a number of people in a very short period of time. According to current statistics, there are presently 5.54 social media accounts and out of these, 3.397 billion are active users (Kim, Jooho, and Makarand 89). The aptitude of worldwide connectivity with different individuals is considered as one of its major advantages. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are some of the most used social networking communities that help to stay connected and keep in touch with old friends and relatives. With the help of these, people can make new friends build business connections, provide product referrals, share political beliefs, access news in real time, receive support and advice. In most of the time, these social communities access a virtual gathering point comprising of friends and family members, where they can exchange ideas, thoughts, news and receive the latest updates. The old custom of communicating with pen pals has been transformed and upgraded as messaging over social media. It provides prompt communication facilities through the laptop, tablet, or smartphone where an individual can connect with others on diverse social messaging applications. It is a great medium to find groups or individuals that are focused towards the same interest and hobbies. For instance, in Pinterest, by simply just pinning and sharing, like-minded people can be attracted into one common circle (Ashley, Christy, and Tracy 21).

Social networking also helps marketers for targeted advertising of their products or services. Entrepreneurs and other professional associations utilize this platform to connect with old and new clients to advertise their brand and expand their reach. There are numerous business owners who are completely dependent on social networking to market their products or service in front of millions of customers for 24/7 (Tuten, Tracy and Michael 2017). Social media sites provide an option for spreading the company's message without any cost. However, fee-based advertising options are also available for a better promotional facility. One of the best features of social networking is its ability to identify and deliver the brand's content specifically to those potential users having an interest in that specific product or service. Each social media platform provides a set of tools through which the business owner can deliver their specific content to their particular target group. This approach used by most of the businesses has maximized their targeted reach with minimum wastage. The survey report suggests that 75% of business-to-business firms use social media for promotion and marketing purposes (Agnihotri, Raj, et al. 175). Hence social media allows the business owner to promote and market their brand in a way which was never been seen before.

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Apart from communication and marketing, social media is also a platform for political activity and news reporting. Presently social media allows the citizens of a nation to freely and openly discuss regarding the ongoing political activity and then organized protests spontaneously. In countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, people conduct political debates and campaigning on social media channels to know public opinion (Nulty, Paul, et al. 435). Moreover, it also allows political leaders to directly communicate and message to ordinary people and gain their support in terms of the vote. The previous monopoly of political framing designed by traditional media channels is now been completely changed. Social networking offers more coverage and exposure to political activity in a detailed and unbiased form. Nowadays, the traditional media channels are following and broadcasting those news agendas which are based on the activity going on social media. Based on a recent survey report, more than 71% of social media users are using it as a medium to locate current news briefings (Razmerita, Liana, et al. 1233).

On the contrary, Khandpur, Rupinder, et al (2017) suggested that social networking holds security risk for the users. According to the authors, the sites provide free services and accounts to the customers, because they are getting a huge amount of money through advertisement. The research paper states that social networking sites are uniquely positioned for making money by combining people to specific brands. Target advertising is done by accessing the user's personal information posted on the sites which are related to hobbies, interests, preferences, and background. This reflects that personal information of people is being breached by a third party (company) for marketing purposes. Furthermore, when using a social media site numerous unnecessary apps and ads come to the screen through the network. Some of these ads and apps consist of embedded malicious code and can create a virus in the system. Moreover, most of the social networking sites update and change their privacy settings, and it is difficult for users to identify the changes frequently (Ashley, Christy, and Tracy 21). For this reason, most of the private information of the users become public which can be easily hacked. Moreover, the fear of losing private information has also a negative impact on mental as well as emotional health. People often feel the feeling of being watched which depression, low self-esteem, anxiety

Despite charging huge money for advertisement, it has become the ideal medium for connecting a brand with its targeted customers. Even customers are receiving information for free of cost, regarding the latest options available in the market. Presently, most of the users are installing antivirus in their system to protect from viruses. Finally, when the privacy settings of a site are updated or changed, it is usually notified in the site for the user's assistance. Further, users also maintain up-to-date information related to the social site from their friend circle to avoid any privacy issues.

This section represents a synthesized summary of the interview conducted on a professor in the Social Science department of a renowned university. The interview questions have been framed in conjunction with the given research topic. The interview question includes, 1) Is social networking helpful for the present generation? 2) Does social networking affect education in a negative way? 3) Is social media helpful for business entrepreneurs? 4) Does it create a risk for personal information breach? The information collected from expert holds both negative as well as positive response. According to him, social networking creates a virtual world for the present generation, which reduces their face-to-face interaction with friends and family members. This, in turn, creates depression, anxiety, and somatic issues in them. Secondly, he mentioned that more than helping students, it distracts them from their studies which are reflected in their low score in the exam (Skiera, Bernd et al. 61). According to him, social media is an excellent media for business entrepreneurs for promotional purposes. However, an increase in the number of cyber hackers and criminals creates a risk for information breach in social media.


Conclusively, the present report discloses every aspect of using social networking sites. According to the perspective of proponents and opponents, it is inferred that there exists both merits as well as demerits. Down the line, it is the responsibility of the user to use it wisely and sensibly to avoid any kind of security breach. Hence, responsible use of social media can help to harness its maximum benefits and avoid potential drawbacks. In addition to this, it is also the responsibility of the social site providers to respect the privacy of users by preventing disclosure of users' personal information for marketing purpose.

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