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Case Analysis : Leadership Assignment Help

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Identify the leadership traits and behaviours that are desirable for this position

An efficient restaurant manager holds the capability to manage and monitor the operational functionalities. The objective here is to attain the objectives by improving the food cost, workforce management, and customer service. Particularly, while working to manage a restaurant, it is important to understand the working environment, which in general is a hectic atmosphere with long hours with constant interaction (Bufquin, et al. 2018). When recruiting a candidate for the managerial position of the fast-food restaurant, it is required to have constant monitoring for the leadership traits. Some of these are discussed in this section.

Problem-solving skills - There are various issues in the restaurant such as dissatisfied customers, employee turnover, and inventory shortages. To resolve such issues, managers should have fast thinking as well as quick solution making skills to maintain a smooth operation.

Sympathy and understanding - A successful manager should have sympathy for its employees by understanding and resolving their problems. Such a leader gains employees respect and creates a good work environment.

Customer service savvy - In a fast-food restaurant, the manager has to face different types of customers such as dietary restrictions, last minute order, and personal taste preference. An efficient manager should be able to handle such scenarios with appropriate decision keeping in mind about customer satisfaction (Han, Kim, & Kang, 2017).

Effective planning - The manager should plan his work and perform accordingly. This would have practical knowledge with experience to make definite plans for the overall development of the restaurant and achieve a competitive advantage.

Design an approach to selecting this person. Which methods of employee selection would you use? Why?

While selecting the appropriate candidate for the restaurant manager position, the recruitment process must comprise of certain result-driven steps. The first step is to design a recruitment strategy. Here, person to person referral and internet-based recruiting approach will be adopted for best performance outcome. The second step is based on the administrative and physical indicators (Abzug, 2017). In this step, the candidates having requisite qualification and experience in hotel management will be preferred. The third step includes measurement and assessment tests. The candidates are assessed on the basis of their personality (by measuring motivation and behaviour) and knowledge (by measuring communication and numerical skills). The final step in the recruiting process is the interview. The interview makes the whole recruitment process as measurable through well-structured managerial interview questions.

The most appropriate employee selection method for this current scenario is the "situational judgment test (SJT)". The SJT comprises of multiple-choice questions, as well as structured interviews too, to test the candidates in various hypothetical situations for the managerial position (Chan, & Schmitt, 2017). The results describe the behaviour of that particular candidate in an emergency situation and their immediate response on the same. This method is selected from this situation because it is the most accurate method, easy to administer, and the results obtained can be used for development purposes. This process is important because, it is highly essential to determine the leadership style, communication skills, interpersonal interaction style, and overall situation handling skills of the candidate. Further, these skills will be critical in accomplishing the roles at managerial position.

Develop interview questions to be used in hiring this manager. Your questions should be aimed at predicting the leadership capabilities of the person in question.

In order to hire a manager of the fast-food restaurant, the interview questions should be based on a behavioural assessment to identify the competency level in broad areas such as organization and planning, decision making, and conflict management (Metrewar, Srivastava, & Dutta, 2018). It should include open-ended interview questions determining the motivation and commitment of the candidate. The interview questions developed to hire a manager in this particular scenario includes:

- What do you know about our fast food restaurant?

In this question, the interviewer identifies the interest of the candidate for a particular position and company.

- What makes you suitable for this particular position?

Here, the interviewer tries to find out the strengths and weakness candidate for this job

- Tell about your experience where you have impacted the restaurant's finance positively? And how?

This question intends to identify the candidate's past achievements and experiences.

- Can you describe and give an example of your management style?

The answer to this question helps to identify where the candidate's management style is suitable for the organizational culture

- What are your strengths and weaknesses as a manager?

It is a direct question to know the particular strengths and weakness of the candidate.

Notably, the focus on the leadership capabilities and assessment of individual skills are critical for satisfying the job requirement. As a matter of fact, the above questions will be effective in identifying these values within the candidature, such that the future objectives of this role can be accomplished.

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