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Capstone Reflective Essay Assignment Help

Write a reflective essay including discussion of learnings from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Additionally, insights from undertaking assessments and research, capstone lessons as well as group activities from this and other subjects over the duration of the course. Specific examples should be cited to support and justify all points.

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The fundamental objective of the paper is to reflect upon the learnings acquired after undertaking capstone assessments and subject. Capstone assessment provides an opportunity for the students to develop strategic knowledge regarding competitive advantage, an understanding of problem-solving and business models along with market trends and employability. While MBA courses help individuals to gain an understanding of different skills and knowledge regarding organizational activities. However, the paper will provide a summary of the learnings and skills that have been acquired from Capstone assessment. It will also reflect upon the learning gained from the Capstone subject along with the skills developed at the time of the MBA course. The paper will also reflect on how these skills and learnings will help in enhancing future events while working within an organization.

Summary of learning and skills

MBA Capstone is determined to be a place that helps in showing business relevancy and synthesizing knowledge by focusing on developing effective strategies. It helps students to gather relevant knowledge regarding the importance of competence which is a significant aspect of knowing-doing being (KDB) (Cyphert, Dodge and Duclos, 2016). It states that competence is the capability to solve poorly and new structured issues within a complex environment. The competence field of knowing focuses on the methods and theories that are needed for managing the organizational activities effectively. On the other hand, the competence field of doing focuses on the applied application of proficiency in real or typical circumstances. Meanwhile, the competence of being referred to personal goals and values along with self-reflection. It has been learnt that the efficient use of KDB help an individual to become a better and effective business manager. It helps in enhancing the knowledge, identity, inter-relationship as well as competence and skills of a manager within an organization.

The Capstone subject provides four significant capstone skills that are needed to become a better manager and achieve organizational goals. The skills that have been discussed are reflective, practical skills, applied skills and theoretical skills. Reflective skills are regarded as an ability to incorporate new data and to contemplate its relevance and meaning based on previous knowledge and using it within the decision-making process (Seidel, Lewis and Arcand, 2019). It helps in modifying current assumptions and beliefs, behaviors related to what was learned and future learning styles. Furthermore, practical skills are determined to be the culmination of applied and theoretical skills. Among various approaches, the managers may use these skills to recognize and mitigate strategic problems. These are regarded as managerial savvy or experimental skills which are utilized to respond to business conditions. It has been analyzed that practical skills help an individual to apply their analytical skills and knowledge in different situations that, in turn, helps them in enhancing their performance and gaining positive outcomes.

Moreover, it is acknowledged that applied skills are the skills that allow an individual to gain an understanding of the business curriculum and improve the entire performance of the business organization. It also supports in understanding the links between practice and theory along with different inter-related elements of a business (Knott, Forray and Regan, 2018). It is evaluated that applied integration skills enable business managers and students to understand and trace various potential causes related to organizational performance. While theoretical skills provide an opportunity to experience how the contents provided in the courses possess a great deal of overlap among each other. It provided relevant knowledge of how to manage the time efficiently and effectively. It also served an understanding of technical as well as practical skills that is important while executing business activities. It facilitated an appropriate learning of analysis and research skills. It is regarded as an intellectual skill as compared to other skills. It reflects the capability of an individual to gain an understanding of complexities and interdependencies to make appropriate decisions (Gallagher and McGorry, 2015). As a result, it has been analyzed that the skills and competencies mentioned above help an individual to manage business operations by making adequate decisions that help achieve the organizational objectives.

Personal Reflections- MBA Capstone

I have gained an understanding that MBA Capstone helps the students in enhancing their communication and comprehension of business issues. It also helps in leading guiding team members and becoming an effective business manager (Carter and Stickney, 2019). MBA Capstone provided me with an understanding of how to determine various opinions of team members in the decision-making process as well as understanding the characteristics of the big picture. With the help of MBA Capstone, I learnt how to implement functional knowledge within the organizational activities that help in solving multiple issues. It supports the development of a strategic mindset of a manager to enhance organizational operations. I acknowledged that MBA Capstone also helps in developing a strategic knowledge for enhancing competitive advantage through operating, marketing, culture, people, growth and innovation. It provided a well-structured description of the role of the effective managers to generate competitive advantage within the organization to enhance its performance. I got to know that MBA Capstone focuses on the issues of the real world in the context of organizations and industries. It enables an individual to understand the significance of implementing several theoretical aspects and theoretical skills for understanding strategic issues and generating competitive advantage and improving performance with the help of appropriate competencies (Wickam, 2018).
I learnt that MBA Capstone helps in enhancing marketing and operations that are regarded as strategic knowledge. It served appropriate information based on a product strategy that includes developing a new product that possesses a bundle of symbolic, service and physical attributes to fulfil the needs and wants of the consumers. Moreover, it helps to know the aspects of branding strategy that includes choosing an adequate combination of design, term, symbol and name that recognizes a particular product (Vieregger and Bryant, 2019). I have also gained knowledge regarding differentiation strategies, positioning strategies, challenger strategies, and digital marketing strategies, along with disruptive marketing strategies. MBA Capstone is helpful as it facilitates knowledge based on the future trends that may take place within the market and modifications in services or products. It is useful in demonstrating the significance of quality control and performance measurement. It helped in problem-solving and understanding business models as well as business analytics that helps in planning for the successful operations of a business, details of financing, intended products and consumer base as well as recognizing the sources of revenue. It discussed the relevant analytical tools or techniques that are used by the organizations to enhance their business operations and attain organizational goals.

Based on the learning of MBA Capstone, it has been acknowledged that business intelligence results in decision-making and prevent and combat the business from competitive forces. It facilitated an understanding of trends and employability skills. However, I gained an understanding of work-life integration, flexibility, employee involvement and design thinking process. It is also acknowledged that the root causes of disruption in employment are demographics, globalization and technology due to which everyone within an organization is affected. As a result, there is a need to implement smart execution and strategy to overcome such disruption (Butchey, Dandapani and Lawrence, 2018). I come to know that MBA Capstone also provided relevant knowledge regarding message dissemination and leadership communication that is helpful in effectively communicating with others.

Personal Reflections- MBA Course

In today's context, the business world is changing rapidly, and it creates a challenge for an individual who seeks to become an effective manager within an organization. In order to overcome such challenges, there is a need to keep up with the pace. The MBA course helps in strengthening the business skills of an individual and helps in attaining a new sense of professional aspects (Rubens et al., 2018). From the MBA course, I got to know that the confidence and refined skills help in driving organizational change and capitalizing a new career within the existing business. Some of the skills that have been developed from the MBA course are as follows:

Practical skills

Practical skills are determined to be the knowledge and abilities to perform a particular task. Often they are related to scientific, mechanical, mathematical and technological tasks (Ritter et al., 2018). I developed practical skills by utilizing mechanical tools and equipment along with the knowledge of programming languages.

Reflective skills

Reflective skills are the dynamic action-based, active and ethical set of skills that are placed in real-time. Reflective skills are closely related to the aspect of learning from experience and take actions to overcome the complex situations that occur within an organization (Martínez León, 2019). I developed reflective skills by developing insights into business operations and creating new ideas to deal with difficult and real situations.

Applied skills

Applied skills are utilized in different circumstances by using different analytical tools and processes to generalize and formulate concepts (Costigan and Brink, 2015). I have developed these skills by enhancing my problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

Theoretical skills

Theoretical skills help in doing practical skills by providing theoretical knowledge. The MBA course, helped in demonstrating the actual way of handling business operations and working with others (Thurab-Nkhosi, Williams and Mason-Roberts, 2018). I have developed my theoretical skills by using various resources to gain an understanding of business operations.

Communication skills

The major benefit of attending an MBA course is to develop communication skills which are regarded as an important skill in comparison with other skills. Communication skills are considered to be the abilities to utilize while providing and gaining different types of information (Shelley and Goodwin, 2018). During the MBA course, I have developed these skills by participating in classroom activities that provided me with an opportunity to interact with others. It helped in improving my verbal, non-verbal, as well as written communication skills.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills help an individual to deal with people in such a manner to build respect, enthuse and motivate them (Scott, 2016). In the MBA course, the leadership skills help students to deal with the challenges that they may face while motivating and leading in the team members. I have developed these skills by analyzing my personality traits and leading a team.

Decision-making skills

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is regarded as the significant driver for businesses that guides commercial organizations to identify social and environmental impact (Alstete and Beutell, 2016). Effective managers are required to understand the significance of determining sustainability and ethics in business. I have developed decision-making skills by implementing my professional values, responsible leadership strategies, and exploring different business cultures. This helped me in increasing my confidence level and knowledge while leading a team and making important commercial decisions.

Management skills

It is significant for a particular business to understand the way individuals behave with multiple organizational structures which enhances team management and effective communication. Effective management skills also ensure that the workforce is aligned with a set of goals set by the business (Stewart Dr, Houghton and Burns, 2019). However, I have developed this particular skill by exploring organizational behavior and understanding the social aspects of an organization and influencing the performance on a macro and micro organization scale.

Personal Reflections- Future Career

The skills and competencies learned within the MBA course, and the Capstone assessment will help me in the future to interact with others within an organization socially and personally regarding organizational activities. The skills and knowledge gained at the time of the MBA course help an individual to gain a high degree of credibility in the eyes of representatives and recruiters of the organizations (Carnovale et aL., 2016). Mostly the employers consider that the skills gained during the MBA course make an individual confident and an ability to influence the co-workers positively. As a result, this will help me in the future to get a better job opportunity in a reputed firm. The skills and competencies acquired will help me to strive hard to achieve my personal goals and overcome complex situations. In the future, my professional and personal qualities will enhance my credibility as a job applicant and provide me with an extra benefit at the workplace environment.

It is acknowledged that the MBA courses are created to help students to improve their self-esteem and confidence. The competitions, related events and the curriculum pushed me out of my comfort zone and became more self-assured to prove my competence among other peers. I will use this in my future practice to foster my self-esteem as a professional and make an efficient contribution to the organizational functions. MBA courses provide students with different classroom exercises and learning that enhances negotiation skills (Le and Raven, 2015). These activities conducted within the classroom will help me in the future to present strong arguments in front of my colleagues and while dealing with future vendors or clients. During the MBA course, I gained an understanding of the importance of the need to maintain discipline and time management skills. With the help of these skills, I will be able to practice schedules while working on a project and completing the task before the negotiable deadlines.

On the other hand, decision-making skills will also enable me in the future to make relevant and effective decisions that will be beneficial for the organization and considering the needs of the clients. The skills and knowledge obtained during the MBA course and the Capstone assessment made me more matured and motivated to behave like a decision-maker and manager. Hence, to fulfil the expectations of the organizational representatives in the future, I have learnt to apply effective strategies and act responsibly in different situations that will help me in demonstrating professionalism. The MBA course creates knowledgeable individuals who possess the ability to evaluate business situations immediately and mitigate business problems (Mezick and Hiris, 2016). As a result, it will help me in the future to think in a different way to execute my responsibilities and tasks. In the future, I will be able to evaluate my personality traits and efficiently respond to business situations. I gained an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of managers within an organization that I will apply in the future while working as a manager within an organization.


The paper demonstrated an understanding of the skills, knowledge and competence gained from the Capstone assessment and MBA courses. It has been observed that the course helped in enhancing personal and professional development that makes an individual an effective manager. It Capstone assessment discussed regarding the significant skills like theoretical skills, applied skills, practical skills and reflective skills. All these skills help a manager within an organization to make a relevant decision. It critically reflected upon the skills that have been developed from the MBA course such as leadership skills, communication skills, management skills and decision-making skills. The skills support an individual to enhance its abilities to work within an organization in the future and manage organizational activities. The learnings gained from the assessment and the courses will help understand the roles and responsibilities of a manager and strategies to acquire organizational goals.

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