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Diversity in Science Assignment - Studying Studies


State the goal or purpose of the study, i.e. what did the researchers want to find out? Identify the population, sample, and variables of interest. State what conclusions were drawn from the sample and Identify any flaws or potential flaws in this study - Diversity in Science: Where Are the Data?


The following discussion shall focus on the article "Diversity in Science: Where Are the Data?" that was posted on Scientific American. The article was written by Fred Guterl.

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Summary of the Article
The article details about the number of individuals who are actually involved with the processes of scientific researches and the increase in their number that have been observed over the year. The focus of the study has been global and the author have explored varied geographic locations to gain comprehensive idea regarding the participation of the individuals in the scientific researches. The study has been observational in nature as the author have explored the data that are available through various statistical sites and other studies.

Purpose or Goal of the Study
The purpose of the study has been to determine the extent of growth of the number of individuals involved in the scientific researches and the different categories as well as geographical locations to which they belong.Guterl (2014) found that individuals from varied socio economic backgrounds, as well as with or without disabilities, engage themselves in scientific researches.

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Population, Sample, and Variables of Interest
The variables of the study included race and ethnicity, gender, socio economic background and presence of disability. The various outcomes of the study can be illustrated as follows.


Figure: Participants of Scientific Researches as per Race and Ethnicity


Figure: Research Workforce



Figure: Participants of Scientific Researches as per Socio Economic Profile


Figure: Participants of Scientific Researches as per Disability

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Conclusions Drawn
From the study that has been conducted by Guterl(2014), it can be determined that there has been high rise in the number of researchers associated with scientific researches, across the world. This rise has been observed in the case of China, South Korea, the United States and Europe. However, there are exceptions in Japan, where there is no rise, while in Russia, there has been a decline in the number.

Potential Flaws in the Study
There have been identified quite a few potential flaws within the study. Foremostly, the author did not arrange the article in any appropriate manner, that is, there is no format of Introduction, Discussion and Conclusion. And secondly, the study ends quite abruptly, leaving the readers to decipher the conclusions of the study on their own, by going through the discussion that has been presented.

Overall Conclusion
Overall it can be stated that the article is informative, yet it appears to be incomplete and less appealing for someone seeking more information in this area of the study.

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