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BSBDIV601 Develop and Implement Diversity Policy Assignment - Choice Business College, Australia

Report: Develop and implement diversity policy. Diversity in the Workplace.


Part 1: In a report format, paper explain:

  • what research you will conduct
  • the sources of information you will access
  • how the information collected as a result of the research will contribute to policy development
  • who will be involved in the research and in the policy development process
  • the procedures you will follow to develop and to implement the policy
  • how will you justify, to senior management, the need for a diversity policy?

Answer -

1.1 Type of Research

In order to identify an effective and useful diversification policy for the organization both primary and secondary research methods will be implemented.

1.2 Sources of Information

In terms of primary research, a survey questionnaire will be shared with the existing employees of the organization to identify the current state of diversity in the organization and in order to find out what type of diversity policy they want the management of the organization to be developed.

In terms of secondary data, data will be collected from some leading MNCs across the world that has highly diverse workplaces and has developed and implemented an effective diversity policy to manage that diversity. Fort this purpose, data will be collected from Apple Inc., Samsung, Volkswagen, Roche, Woolworths, Nestle, Microsoft, HP and BMO Financial Group.

1.3 Contribution of the collected information

The primary data that will be collected from the employees will help the organization to understand expectations of the employees. It would be highly unethical and irrational to develop a diversity policy without consulting it with the employees as developing such policies without consulting with the employees might lead to development of a policy that will create several problems for the employees.

The data that will be collected from companies such as Apple Inc., Samsung, Volkswagen, Roche, Woolworths, Nestle, Microsoft, HP and BMO Financial Group will help to understand what are their diversity policies, how they have developed such policies, how they are maintaining that policy and how they are monitoring through that policy to ensure workplace diversity remain strong and effective.


1.4 People involved in the research and policy development

This development of a diversity policy will include everyone in the organization such as from low level employees to the top level managers and owners. The employees through the survey questionnaire will be asked to provide ideas about a new diversity policy. After gathering their ideas and after gathering secondary data from several companies around the world that are leading in terms of the concept of workplace diversity, some strategies or draft policies will be developed. Then those strategies and draft policies will be exhibited in front of the managers and the owners of the company and then they will decide which policy must be implemented for the greater good of the organization.

1.5 Procedure to develop and implement the policy

There are a total of five steps that will help to develop and implement a diversity policy in the workplace o the organization. In order to develop a diversity policy, the steps would be,

Understand elements of diverse workgroup: Diversity can be of different types such as gender diversity, culture diversity and diversity in terms of differently abled employees. Before implementing any of these diversities in the workplace, it would be highly important to understand the nature of the business, its customers, required skills, required capabilities and required diversity strategies (Sarvaiya & Eweje, 2016). For example, in the organization one good example through which it would be possible to deploy cultural diversity would be an internship and traineeship program. On the other hand, any type of diversity policy must be included in the recruitment and hiring process, For example, if gender diversity is implemented in the organization then the goal would be recruiting more women in the workplace and in the leadership positions.

Develop long-term goals: Developing diversity policy required development of goals along with it. Most of the organizations make the mistake of developing short-term goals. However, it must be remembered that diversity takes time, regardless of what type of diversity policy is developed (Kim et al., 2015). Developing and implementing any type of diversity will be considered as a major change in the organization and it would be difficult to sustain that change. The method of developing and implementing diversity must begin months before recruiting and hiring employees (Westgate, 2016). However, in an organization where diversity policy is developed after recruiting a lot of employees, then those employees must be trained and empowered so that understand what diversity is and how to deal with it (Barak, 2016).

Strategic and inclusive: At the time of developing a diversity policy it would be important to include all the elements and departments of the business (Cletus et al., 2018). The best way to make a diversity policy strategic and not just cosmetic is to include diversity related initiatives in the values, vision and marketing plan of the organization.


Now, in order to implement a diversity policy in the workplace, along with developing such policy some others steps will also be required and those steps are,

Train and sensitive the employees: This step is considered as the most important element that must always be considered before implementing diversity in the workplace. According to Ravazzani, (2016), most of the times employees and even the leaders do not welcome and support the diverse work group and it makes it problematic to execute diversity in the workplace. This type of mindset can also be there in the selected organization and therefore, it would be highly important to alter such mindset through education and awareness and training on cultural sensitivity (Lynch, 2017). Current managers, other leaders and employees of the organization will have to undergo training to establish inclusive mindset and attitudes that can support the newly developed diversity policy.

Avoid pigeonholing people: One method through which it is possible to kill a diversity initiative is to resistance from stereotype people and cultures. As a result, at the time of training, it would be important to take special care that messages and learning that are provided are not stereotype in nature (Ozturk & Tatli, 2016). In this condition, the HR department must play the role of putting together events, mentoring sessions, policies through which it will be possible to break cultural barriers.

1.6 Justification to senior management

In order to convince the senior management about including diversity in the workplace, some major benefits of diversity will be highlighted before them. Some of those benefits are,

  • Diversity in workplace can motivate creativity and can drive innovation (Guillaume et al., 2017).
  • Through diversity an organization gains better knowledge on local markets and it makes a business organization highly competitive and profitable
  • Cultural diversity in a workplace means higher product quality and better targeted marketing
  • Recruiting people from diverse culture means an organization will be able to recruit only the best employees from those cultures other than recruiting some best and some mediocre people from one culture (Hunt et al., 2015).
  • A diverse skill base will allow an organization to offer a broader and more adaptable range of products and services
  • Diverse teams can be more productive and perform in a better manner (Ozgen et al., 2017).
  • Diversity allows employees to acquire better personal and professional growth (Davis et al., 2016).


Part 2: Develop, document and submit the developed diversity policy. The policy should be suitable for implementation into any business organisation.

Answer -

For now, it is decided that the new diversity policy of the organization would be gender diversity policy. A brief about the policy is hereby mentioned below.

  • The organization will support the inclusion of more women employees and leaders in the workplace through recruitment and hiring
  • Fostering development and mentoring opportunities to the women employees to help them become familiar with organizational goals and objectives
  • Any inappropriate behavior with the women employees will not be tolerate and any such behavior will be an punishable offense
  • Within next 6 months, at least 40% of the total workforce of the organization will be women employees included women in leadership positions
  • The content and rules of gender diversity policy will be shared with all the employees and with the job applicants
  • Managers and employees will be trained so that they can understand the needs of this policy
  • Discrimination against the female employees such as low salary, particularity in performance appraisal and partiality in incentives will not be tolerated in the workplace
  • Women employees will be considered as equal to all the men employees and their performance appraisal or promotion will only depend on their performance.

As per the legislation of Australian Government, an organization must have a policy that welcomes all the genders in the workplace in an equal manner. Besides, as per the government, discrimination in the workplace must not be practices based on gender differences. As these points are mentioned in the developed policy, it can be stated that it has been developed by following government legislations.

Before developing the final draft feedback from stakeholders were gathered. Based on the feedback, the points such as no discrimination at the time of performance appraisal or incentives are added in the final draft.

There are direct relations between diversity policy and other policies. For example, this diversity policy has strengthened the anti-discrimination policy in the workplace.

This policy will directly support applicable legislations such as workplace equality and anti-discrimination in the workplace.


As an outcome of this policy, initially employees will resist out of fear that they will lose their positions. However, through proper communication and training this problem can be solved. If this policy is implemented then the organization will be able to recruit qualified and highly talented female employees that will help the organization to acquire tremendous growth.

There will not be any unintended outcome due to this policy. Even if some unintended outcomes come out, it can be solved by working with the senior management.

The managers will be involved in developing action plans for this new diversity policy.

Before the development stage, internal stakeholders will be called for face-to-face meetings and in the meetings they will be briefed about it. External stakeholders will be notified through social media. During the development stage, internal stakeholders will receive emails on progress. When the policy will be completed, the internal stakeholders will be called again for a meeting and there the developed plan will be presented. That policy will be shared in the website of the organization and the link of that page will be shared with the external stakeholders through social media sites and e-mails.

The procedures to implement the policy includes training employees to make them educated and aware about diversity, getting feedback from them about an effective diversity policy, introducing the policy, asking employees if they have any problem with it, if problems are found then mitigation of those problems and in the end asking all the employees to respect this diversity policy at any cost.

If problems are acquired then Creative Problem Solving (CPS) method would be used to solve the problem through five steps that are to clarify, ideate, develop and implement.

The impact of the policy can be measured as good if the target of having 40% female employees in the workplace within six month is accomplished.

Communication with the employees will be done on a regular basis after implementing the policy to find out whether they have complied with the policy or not. Employed will be asked to report any discrimination against female employees to the HR department. Whistleblowing will also be encouraged.

During the implementation process it would be highly important to discuss with the stakeholders as the organization is committed to fulfill the interests of all the stakeholders. Communication with stakeholders such as employees, shareholders and partners will be prioritized.


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