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"The Murders in the Rue Morgue" Assignment Help

In April 1841 Poe's short story, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" was published. This story featured Auguste C. Dupin, the first ever fictional detective. Poe's tale of rationalization, as he termed it, inaugurated one of the most popular and entertaining forms of fiction ever conceived, the detective or mystery story. Auguste C. Dupin appears again in "The Purloined Letter." Give examples of fictional characters since Auguste C. Dupin in stories, books, TV shows, and movies that share some of his characteristics. Name the character, where he/she appeared, and the characteristics he/she shares with other detectives.

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C. Auguste Dupin is one of the fictional detectives that has been continuously been appearing in the numerous stories as written by Edgar Allan Poe. Under this, the character Dupin has been made as an original model and made alive detective within the given literature (Dogru, 2015).

The examples of the certain fictional characters which are similar to the Auguste C. Dupin are the 1. A Pierre Dupin the one who has created a storm in the Universal Pictures' 1932 horror-mystery film Murders that was part of the Rue Morgue. Another is the mystery of Marie Roget that was eventually been filmed during 1942. Under this, the Dupin (the character of the Joseph Cotten) is a part of the analytical play and is a science fiction story who is part of the detective story. The similar characters are the Conan the Barbarian and Uncle Tom.

The Conan the Barbarian is a fictional character which has been created out of the comic novels and even adventure warrior that has created a disappearance with the length of the Conan Tale. This has been a part of the character which has been segregated per the comic books.

Next is the Uncle Tom who has been creating an antislavery character who has been part of the Southern fashion which has a character of the older man that has shown an exemplified virtue and dignity who has been far superior in understanding the opposite violence. The character has been classified as a strong, bold and even a good savior (Titherington, 2018).

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