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Consumer Behaviour on organic products in the U.A.E Assignment Help

Develop a Research proposal for your dissertation. You have to follow the Dissertation Proposal Form_2018.

I. Proposed Dissertation Title: The title (tentative) should be precise to allow the reader to comprehend the subject matter of the work.

II. Research Question or Hypothesis: State clearly what your research interest is. Define your research question/hypothesis and the main objectives of your research.

III. Review of Literature/Background: Make a synthesis of the contributions made in your research field by accredited scholars. Describe how your intended research will complement and expand on the current literature, and what contributions you intend to make to the existing knowledge.

IV. Research Methodology: Clearly indicate the methods and techniques which you are planning to use to gather information and investigate the identified problem.

V. Selected Bibliography: Please indicate a representative list of the main bibliographical sources you intend to utilize for your dissertation. Please provide full citations. 

VI. Research and Writing Timeline: Indicate your expected research timetable: starting date, research time, data analysis time, writing time, editing time, date of first draft submission, expected defense time. You may use a Gantt chart. (Min 100 words.)

VII. Ethics: How does your research relate to the ethical aspects of your subject matter? (Min 100 words.)

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Consumer Behaviour on organic products in the U.A.E

Untitled picture.png

The above diagram helps us to understand the relation between consumer behavior to Psychology, Neuroscience, Anthropology, Sociology and Economics. Having a knowledge of Psychology is important in knowing the consumer behavior, it mainly assist us to understand the topics like criteria for choosing the products and services by the customers, the emotions that lie behind the decisions taken by the consumers and how the effect of friends and family will be there in buying a product by the individual. Neuroscience or Neuroeconomics is the branch of science which mainly examines how people make decisions when they are going to buy a new product. It deals with the study of the organization and function of the brain in making decisions because decision making is a very important aspect regarding the behavior of an individual. Sociology is an important branch which will help us to know the process of production of goods and services and how they are bringing them to the customers. It is a fast-growing field in the industry as it is having more importance, knowledge of sociology is essential to understand the purchasing behavior of the individual. The branch of Economics will help one to know the needs and requirements of individuals and assist us which types of goods and services can meet the needs of the individuals. Because every consumer will have a particular budget and they cannot afford to meet all their needs. Because of this to know the behavior of consumer knowledge of sociology also plays a crucial role.  

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