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HC2121 Comparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibility Assessment Help

1. Distinguish the difference between personal and business ethics in organisation

2. Ability to identify stakeholders role in business ethics, define social responsibility, explore the role of corporate governance in structuring ethics and social responsibility in business

3. Compare and contrast diverse approaches to ethical decision making

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The following assignment focusses on the business ethical issue happened recently in Australia by the Australian television industry and channels for going against the TV codes of practices and breaching. Discussion will be first held on the issue that took place and later how it was mishandled, and where the TV industry and journalists were found guilty. Assignment will also reveal about the judgments in context to the business ethical issue. It will also elaborate and underline the moral philosophies that prevail in our society, and how they can be useful in guiding the people to prevent themselves from going against the codes of conduct(Boettcher, Cavanagh & Xu, 2014).

Comparative Business ethics & Social responsibility

The media coverage and news highlighted on the terrorism in context to the Christchurch and spread by different Australian channels has raised lot of questions and objections, as to whether this is a breach of conduct, a business ethical issue, as they have tried to breach the television codes of practice, as revealed by the Broadcasting Head, and the authority of the Australian Communication and Media(Cant, 2012).

On investigations, they have refused to evaluate the important findings required for this breach which could prove that the codes were breached and the matte is of serious ethical issue. The authorities have further planned to discuss this issue with the television industry, to keep an assurance that the codes generated with a specific material, which could be able to extract information from the bodycam of the terrorist.

However, the news editors reveal that none of the things that show the shooting of the person have been broadcasted. They agree on the fact, that they have shown a person being shot, a picture of the victim who was already shot, and the visuals of the Al Noor mosque, where maximum people were found killed(Clark, Tanner, Pham, Lau & Nguyen, 2019).

The report has been opened for further investigation, so that evidence for violence and broadcasting them on the television channels could be revealed, because under any circumstances, a footage where the person is being brusquely shot cannot be telecasted. This has become a serious matter of concern between the ACMA and the TV industry.

The major business ethical issue related to the television industry for broadcasting the visual of person being shot and is found against the practices of the Australia TV codes. Also, it is unethical to put the audiences into distress and depression, which is against the public interest(Faldu, 2012).

This ethical issue not only harms the public interest, also, necessitates the need for testing violence and its level, which could be displayed on the TV. Revealing of the true information to the audiences in strictly unethical. Different Australian Channels have answered to such questions in varied ways: Channels like Nine, Seven and SKYNEWS focussed only on the footage of the person being shot straight from the bodycam of the terrorist. TEN displayed the gunfire footage. The ABC news handled the news little cautiously, by just broadcasting still clips clicked from the bodycam(Kudryavtseva&Semyonova, 2018).

The authority of the ACMA has been questioned repeatedly for broadcasting information from the interiors of the Al Noor Mosque, which also included the audios of the injured people. On reviewing the entire information, it can be concluded that the code of practice was seriously breached, the television industry of Australia needs to formulate new laws for streaming their information online, how much violent material to be broadcasted, then to get it verified from the Federal government of Australia(Linnemann& McClanahan, 2016).

An important differentiation was later revealed in which footage from thebodycam and footage revealed by the survivors was shown. This distinction revealed that the footage from the bodycam was just a propaganda, the footage which was released by the survivor, was not to intensify the violence on the issue, but to make the audiences know what trauma that victims have undergone through. The overall conclusion can be that it was a serious case of nuisance, and the entire information broadcasted by the television industry was tamed(McFerran, Aquino & Duffy, 2010).

A breach of code has been prepared on the collected information, as the TV codes that have been framed are for guiding the journalists of how to take wise decisions hurriedly. The codes are strictly not being to be used for making legal practices illegal and unethical, but ACMA has been often reported doing this(Mirwoba, 2010).

The judgments or understanding in relation to this unethical issue are pretty clear, and don't stand in favour of the breach conducted by the television channels. The breach, or going against the codes as mentioned in the reports - even if they were just questions as said by the journalists, should be levied for a penalty or a fine for the breach that has been conducted and strict codes of practices should be made so that it is not repeated in the future. There are a lot of videos that are just made for propaganda by the terrorists, so it is mandatory for the television industry to find whether the video broadcasted on the internet is authenticated or not. To reduce the effects of the video on the audiences, their sounds can be cut wherever required and voice over must be done so that the public is not distressed. The atrocity was unlimited. The camera footage was just uploaded and streamlined. This news was later forwarded on social media websites, and they also published as such without noticing the fact that is it ethical or not. Is this a business ethical issue or not(Olšanová,2013)?

The theories of ethics or polarly known as the moral theories seem to help us and let the audience differentiate between the right and the wrong. They reveal whether the actions taken are correct or not. It also involves systemization, defending and recommending people to take the right decisions.

Apart from this is another division called the normative ethics. It will provide answers to all questions and will guide as to what should be done. There are three categories under normative ethics, namely deontology, utilitarianism and virtue ethics. There is also a branch named applied ethics, which is used to address various practices that fall under moral issues. It also has the capacity to handle the challenges coming from the moral ethics. This may include, problems that people face in general etc. To have a clear understanding of the concept, whether there are huge and serious questions to be answered, a framework, dilemmas, moral philosophies has answer and tools that can examine the scenario and issues existing.

It is a noticed fact that all industries and companies in the world behave in an ethical manner. The application of moral philosophies to business ethics is comparatively tough, especially in the society, where reasons and justifications of right and wrong are taken differently in varied cultures. Business ethics is simply expanding moral philosophies into practicality as it is posed into the business world. What suits right to one may suit wrong to the other, but people dealing in business need to understand this, and the culture and protocol of their organization, by making their employees understand and aware of the fact of the Morales of their business and limitations.

This will also help to create a honest culture and true business ethic practices, by generating code of ethics, which the companies will further use to polish their employees and workforce. Like in case of the misconduct done by the television industry, the companies need to make the journalists about what information to be broadcasted in what manner, which doesn't leave the audiences in distress. They are also to be taught about the protocol of the company, which videos to be streamlined and in what manner, all information need to be checked, verified by the federal government to avoid conspiracies in future.


After carefully studying and analysing the news that was spread on the television and social websites regarding the people being killed in the Al Noor Mosque in Australia, it can be concluded that the broadcasting of the footage, its streamlining on the internet and other social websites, without authenticating and verifying it, was totally wrong. The TV journalists has broken the TV codes of practices. To assure that this doe not happen in future, the Federal government need to take strict action against the matter, and also a fine as a sort of punishment must be levied on the defaulters.

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