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BN315 Enterprise Architecture Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills in working with Enterprise Architecture (EA) and to gain understanding of EA model development.

On completion of this assignment students will be able to:

c. Describe enterprise-level architectural views for the business, information, technology, and application domains.

d. Report on the relationship between EA and other architectures such as system, solution, data, application and technology.

e. Investigate the appropriate use of industry EA methods and frameworks.

f. Report on the current and future state for a portfolio of IT applications.

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EA is the Enterprise Architecture which is considered to be the description for the enterprise that is able to handle the integrated business and the IT perspectives. Here, the focus is on the communication gap which has be seen in between the business and the stakeholders of IT. This will help in improving the business standards and the alignment. There are many companies which are dissatisfied with the heavyweight approaches for EA and then there is a major rigidity problem as well. Hence, the alternative approach for the EA is needed which will be important for the handling of the business and other IT strategies.


The EA is introduced by Kotusev, 2016, where the focus is on handling the planning along with understanding the holistic procedures which are for determining the relationship that is set in between the goals and the strategies of the business processes [1]. The IT system needs to work on the technologies and then the business or the data applications which will be important for the TOGAF factors. The alignment is done with the communication gap in between the business and the IT stakeholders that will help in improving the alignment in between the business along with the potential that is set for the powerful organizational instrument procedures.


EA domains: What is EA? How is EA developed and who is it developed by?

The companies are approaching towards the forms which includes the description about the architectural setup. The planning is done to ensure about the organizational instrument which is set with the large mechanistic applications and the formal documentation. EA has been involving with the high influential forms which is defined through handling the development forms with the considerable volume for the EA planning. The companies generally focus on willingness to improve the business and the IT alignment procedures where the approaches are defined through understanding the rigidity procedures. The setup of the EA practitioners need to work on handling the procedures [2].

The approaches are defined with the discussion on the alternative weight which is based on handling the alignment practices with the existence that is defined through working on the comparison which is set for the traditional heavyweight approach. There are real companies who are practicing the EA and the EA is worked upon the organizational instrumental factors as well [3].

The traditional approach of EA includes the IBM system where there are approaches presented by Spewak and Hill that is inspiring the EA methodologies. They are suggested for the step-by-step processes and the business or IT will help in possessing the communication.

There are enterprise architects to analyze the current and the future states which helps in handling the transition planning which is defined for the different focus on the conceptual simplicity and the intuitive appeal. Here, the problems are related to the unreasonable efforts which needs to be created with maintaining the necessary EA as well with the higher organizational complexity or the larger scope procedures. The lower utilization of the EA documentation has been for the lower and the poor quantity with the wrong level of details as well [4].


The Federation Enterprise Architecture program is based on handling the business, data and the applications which are defined for handling the segmented manner and then planning about the traditional approaches which is related to EA. The documentation is done for the current and the future standards to analyze the gaps and then plan about the different challenges as well. The major focus is on creating EA documentation and then focusing on the lowered priority for the EA related activities. There are lack of the understanding which is related to the issues of the terminology which can lead to the disputes and the problems as well. Hence, EA needs to work on the proper analysis and the data architecture planning where there are repositories that are never used. Hence, the periodical EA assessments are done for the FEA which helps in handling the planning with only minimized value for the money which is spent and then there are no accomplishment of the goals originally. Hence, FEA is mainly for the impressive failure which includes the approach that include the analysis and the planning which is done for deciding the operating model [5]. The Federal EA is based on facilitating the balance for the enterprise and the local needs.


The EA structures are based on the organizational instrument with the employed with the larger companies with companies set for the quality with the business goals and the strategies. It includes the methodologies that are defined for the right purpose with focus on the concrete business initiatives. There are major emphasis on the flexibility and the strategic planning with the general strategic effectiveness. Here, the IT leaders need to determine about the planning with handling the architectural services. FEA approach is based on the core diagram with the development of the IT engagement model which is set for handling the business and then using the standardized required with operating models. The FEA is based on the stakeholders with the higher degree of alignment and the terminological issues [6]. FEA has been for handling the activities and the guides for the multiple business at Australian Bureau of Statistics where the agencies are working on providing a better and a higher quality of the statistics. This is based on the approaches where the documentation is done for the current state planning in an effective manner.


The approach is for the term local requirements and then handling the larger and the complex organization with stabilizing the business models that are for achieving the competitive advantages in the market standards [6]. The IT capabilities are marked with understanding about how the goals of the IT engagement are worked with the use of the concrete project level decisions. It includes the decisions with the approach with the approach that are set with the just in time architecture.

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