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Response Paper Assignment Task: STANDARD and DISTANCE MODE

Write a personal response to Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.


Answer -


Covey concentrates in his book about an average person. It covers both personal and professional habits. One's character is based on the personal and professional habits. All are oriented with these habits. All that characters need not to be good in the sense at all, man is unaware of these habits. Perhaps they are the copy of your character. In any case, you might be amazed that they exist right. As a matter of fact these propensities are comprehended to every one of the general population encompasses. Bunch's book concentrates working up great propensity by disposing of the terrible ones. The vast majority should be honed for these propensities. Trust that change is hard. How might I change? I can propose the life can change in two different ways. The first is to pursue your still, small voice. I talk a great deal about the possibility that between upgrade (the end result for us) and reaction (what we do about it) is a space to pick, and what we do with that space at last decides our development and satisfaction.

Day to day life is going with several situations. If the situations are properly utilized then we can lead a joyful life. So to change a situation better is we need to change our self. Why cant we change our perceptions? This is what the self improvement by Stephen R states in his book under "The seven habits of highly effective people". Actually everyone is thinking about success in life. We are getting enough situations in life to succeed in. But the approach of persons is the matter to question?

Think about the famous lines by Pele "Success is not an accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do".

Success is deeply rooted with character. As like trustworthiness, lowliness, devotion, restraint, strength, equity, tolerance, industry, straightforwardness, humility, and the Golden Rule. However in 1920s people call the success as personality behavior.

I think the book is

  • Life changing principles - There is a win win technology. First we need to understand a situation then we need to clearly focus on what we understood. Then make a decision based on this. Finally act in a smooth way. In the end what we need to come out is both sides need to be followed a quote of win win.
  • Getting out from the busy - We need to focus effectively on a situation. Then only we can succeed. Think that a person is busy with work and that too several jobs at a time. One side he had a family. How effectively he can concentrate on both sides? Do you think that? Priorities your needs, Priorities your work. Come out of a busy schedule.
  • Freedom - What all are the benefits when you come out of your busy? This is what you experience in freedom.


Go on what all systems and tools using, concentrate on effectiveness and also understand that effectiveness doesn't come from the systems and tools you use. It need to come from within. Think about what is the starting point of effectiveness. The answer is personal integrity. Then you need to follow your declarations. The last three sections ('Habits') are significant with respect to thinking about the pioneers. The greater is your obligation and the higher your initiative position, the more material they will be. For ordinary citizens, the initial four sections are sufficient which will normally push toward authority.

Let's think about each habits

The initial three propensities changes from reliance to freedom. Propensities 4, 5 and 6 freedom to reliance and last one is about the nonstop development and improvement

  • Be Positive - Think that you are attending a funeral. When you are there you need to speak about the person who is no more there. If you are saying about yourself then simply what does it mean. You are wrong. That's all. This is proactive. One of the hardest propensities to keep up is to be proactive. Make simpler to give the things a chance to come and comprehend the duty which is stowed away inside that. What is the motivation to be proactive throughout everyday life? The reason is on the grounds that you are the individual who will roll out the most improvements throughout your life. On the off chance that you are not really, at that point how you can lead others. And furthermore don't hope to how lead them.

Being proactive do not infer that managing the troublesome circumstance. This implies we have to concentrate on the things which really encompass you and don't stress over the things which are going on around you. Now if you have developed such a habit of improving from within your limits and then you can make a powerful discussion that you can concentrate on your next six habits.

I think in this part Covey is about to introduce a circle of control. That means focusing is the circle of control and focusing cnnois watage of money and ime.

  • Begin with end in mind- If someone is asking what's your prime thing in life? Then obviously answers will be family, fitness, career etc. But no one will say watching TV or playing with mobile games like that. But actually what is the answer definitely second one. Yeah sure.

I think this is a form of creation as mental as well as physical. Physical should follow the mental one. This part is dealing with the personal goals too. What is your ambition ad what is your plan to accomplish. I am thinking of thinking and growing rich. And another question is what do you want to become when you grow up?

  • Put first things first - Consider that I am stitching clothes. You are also stitching it. But you are saying to others that she will stitch in a perfect way and she is getting more customers. Bt when that lady says to others that my stitching is bad then how awkward will be the situation right.
  • Think win win - But everyone is focusing on like if you want to win others have to lose. Think about the previous situation too about tailors, why cant both tell accordingly about tailoring good. That is a win win policy.These are going to create a personal victory when you understood what is going to be done. Now you created your personal winning.You followed your actions to accomplish your victory. You can utilize these abilities to interpret that "win" into an open triumph. By making a triumph in an open situation then we can call it as the success win strategy.
  • A success/win circumstance is the perfect circumstance in any open circle. When one individual successes again and again while others keep on losing, you will observer the ideal rearing ground for hatred, misery and incidentally insurgency. Endeavor to make a success win strategy not at a basic leadership process. On the off chance that there isn't any open door for the two sides to win, you should stop the arrangement and restart the arranging procedure.


Of course, it's not easy to come up with a deal in which every single party wins. What you can do, however, is create a deal that lets your team know that you are looking out for their interests and your interests equally.

Integrity (staying with your identity: emotions, values)

Maturity (communicating your thoughts and emotions with an equalization of boldness and thought)

Abundance attitude (life is no lose-lose, there's bounty for all)

Others are

Win/Lose (vain and tyrant)

Lose/Win (excessively pleasant and sucker)

Lose/Lose (when two Win/Lose butt heads)

Seek first to see then to comprehended - This is other significant thing we have to concentrate as a matter of first importance comprehend a circumstance.

Four dimensions of listening are


Acting to tune in

Attentive tuning in - Evaluating: judge and after that concur or disagree, Probing: pose inquiry from possess casing of reference, Advising: informing dependent on claim outline with respect to reference and Interpreting: deciphering his activity and sentiments dependent on possess casing of reference

Empathic tuning in

Synergies - Daily jogging is important in life. But how many of you read newspapers as it is also important in life. What we do is searching on tips.


Work on persistent personal growth Physical: exercise, nourishment and rest.

Social/Emotional: important human associations Mental: getting the hang of, envisioning, procuring new information and Spiritual: workmanship, contemplation, music, time in nature, supplication and administration.

Some of the quotes which I feel more impressive in this book are

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

"Things which matter the most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least."

"The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of."

I think we need to follow the time management matrix

Quadrant I 

stressful lives

Quadrant II

quadrant where you need to invest more energy

Quadrant III 

short term focus

Quadrant IV 

time wasters 

Stressful people need to respond to tight deadlines, and also solve crisis to put out fires constantly. The quadrant where you want to spend more timeis the quadrant of planning, preparation, balance and pro-activity where reducing the time you spend on urgent things overtime. Short term focus will feel out of control. Time wasters don't provide any value.

1. The Physical Dimension: - is you body getting enough food to live, are you sufficient with that food to exercise and also you are taking rest.

2. The Spiritual Dimension: It is the private measurement and a central piece of causing you Spiritual to can roll in from reflection, yoga or appreciating nature. These ae the associations with your guiding principle.


3. The Mental Dimension: Coveys thought is that formal instruction and tutoring includes most of our psychological just as the physical improvement in our initial years. Be that as it may, when we leave the finish of formal instruction, numerous individuals quits learning and improvement. Yet, it is essential to keep on teaching yourself from multiple points of view as could be expected under the circumstances. it doesn't need to be as order as tutoring, however it's essential to be proactive and continue preparing your mind.

4. The Social/Emotional Dimension: It has a great deal to do with our connections and correspondences. Guaranteeing that your social/passionate measurement is cared for is frequently simpler than the rest, it happens routinely with day by day associations. It's significant, to truly sustain significant connections.


Presently going to finish up the content, give me a chance to pose an inquiry. What is a worldview? The manner in which that you see the world is really alluded as the worldview. How you are seeing your reality?, How you get it? How you translate it?What is a propensity? It is the crossing point of information, expertise, and desire. Why ought to be proactive? To be proactive intends to assume on a liability and getting things going, not trusting that things will happen to you. It is further not only confined on individual scale, rather it is required that the firms, peer ones and networks, all needs to be responsive. Additionally, one must be well aware of the exact direction in which one is moving forward, which is essentially profitable for the success of the venture and it is the vital objective and the best of the majority of the association ideal models.

By concentrating on win-win don't contemplate to win dependably; you are looking for advantages for everybody, not simply yourself. First you attempt to understand. The initial step you have to take is to comprehend them as an individual, comprehend their qualities and what drives their thinking. There are 4 measurements to any individual: physical, otherworldly, mental, and social/emotional. It's essential to check in with normally and guarantee they are being pursued day by day.

The book helps you by the following ways.

Taking control of your life.

Making better choices as well as more intelligent, vital ones.

Managing and improving your associations with family and companions.

Overcome unfortunate propensities.

Boost your efficiency.

Find a sound work/life balance.

Be your most joyful self.


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