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Pullman Park Hotel - Departmental Analysis and Evaluation Assignment

Write about Pullman on the park Hotel in Melbourne.


Marketing Analysis Deals with the concept of defining and evaluating the strategic evaluation of the works and defining the integration of the business process. The alignment would be done for ensuring the continued factorisation of the hotel's internal and external analysis. The evaluation of the works would be developed using SWOT, PESTLE, and other tool analysis. The analysis of Pullman on the Park Hotel is being carried out keeping varied factors such as internal as well as external factors in mind. The qualitative approach is being implemented to have a clear understanding about the subject. The report also focuses to describe my skills and skill development in the competitive work environment in the context of Competing Values Skill by assessing Competing Values Framework. Different types of essential management skills and effective implementation has been briefly discussed.Porter's force talks about competition, threats of substitutes, threats of new entrants, and bargaining power of suppliers and buyers for the hotel. The SWOT analysis has also been done and on the basis of that, recommendations are provided to improve its overall efficiency and productivity. SWOT analysis of Pullman finds out some positive and negative aspects regarding Pullman. The positive sides of Pullman are: the friendly, cooperative easy going staff, big rooms with refreshing view and kid friendly, complementary welcome drink and spa and sauna for relaxation. Where negative sides are of outdated structural design of outside with uncomfortable atmosphere, dirty rooms and bathrooms, stained old furniture, slow service and less choice in food items. All these things need to be improved to sustain in the competitive market. Pullman hotel focus on technological factor to enhance their hotel website so that people so that people get information on the go. Enhancement is necessary as it is essential for the customers as well as for the staffs also. Annual report of the Pullman hotel update every year so that their customers get clear idea about the hotel management.



1.0.1 Background of Report
As, a Hotel Management student, I developed a lot of knowledge while assessing this project where I got an opportunity to work with Pullman on the Park Hotel in Melbourne for six months as part of my curriculum of Master in Hotel Management. During my work period I enhanced my existing skill which would as a Hotel Management would enable me to become a skilled professional. As, I was given a task by my Course Coordinator to submit a pre-placement report where I have used qualitative methodology to analyse Pullman on the Park Hotel by using various techniques to create a better understanding about the subject. As directed by my course coordinator, I have used various mediums or channels for my assistance to carry out the research such as journals, online libraries, eBooks, study materials etc. Such analysis helped me in framing out the pre placement report.

I have used my critical as well as analytical thinking in finalising the report, which as management students helped me to gain the insight of Pullman on the Park Hotel, which is very crucial for developing hospitality managerial skills.

1.0.2 Methodology of Task
The method which I have used for the evaluation of Pullman on the Park Hotel is qualitative. I have considered the internal as well as external factor for the analysis purpose, as the importance of these factors cannot be under looked. The PEST analysis, Porter's Five Forces as well as the SWOT analysis of the hotel is being carried out to strengthen the assignment. In the PEST analysis, I have stressed on every aspect, which might be affecting the organizations externally. The analysis provided the political, economic, socio-cultural, technological which helped in drafting the assignment (SammutandGalea 2015). I have also carried out an evaluation of the current position of hotel as well as also highlighted the varied challenges associated with the organisations. The Porter's Five Force allowed me to carry out the analysis in a systematic framework. It helped me to develop a proper framework which assisted me to deliver the study in a very competent manner. Several important consideration has been discussing in the report such as competition, threats by substitutes as well by new entrants. The internal analysis of the organization was carried out by evaluating its placement process, its organisational framework and by competing skills value profiles. Such analysis was very crucial to provide clarity about the factors that are affecting the organization internally. I have also used SWOT analysis approach to identify the strength, weakness, opportunity and threats of the organisations (Gürel, and Tat 2017) as well as also provided the recommendation to Pullman on the Park Hotel in Melbourne, in order to improve its service quality, it should follow the recommendation made in the assignment.



Taxation policies: In every six months, the Australian laws and regulations are being changed in order to enhance the quality of the society. The systems of taxation in Australia is also being changed so that it is important to maintain the rules and regulations that the company can survive in the market (Carr et al. 2016). The Pullman Park hotel needs to maintain the laws as the hotel wants to open an Inroom dining and mini bar which needs to be done under the surveillance of laws and for future circumstances, it needs to keep the track in order to be changed. So it can be said that taxation policy is considered as a political factor in PEST analysis.

Surveillance department: Pullman Park hotel should have its personal surveillance department which is closely connected with the cyber department as well as the security department that the company can survive in its critical condition if any major issue arrives there in the company (Šeric et al. 2017) This department would keep all the information and data confidential that it cannot be shared with any there company without the consent of Pullman Park hotel. In case of emergency, the department would inform the police department and the cyber department that can be considered as a political factor. So surveillance department can be considered as a political factor in PEST analysis.

Casual's contract: Pullman Park hotel needs to have sufficient number of staff in the hotel as it is planning to open a new Inroom dining and mini bar. Casual staff should sign the contracts before beginning the work. The rate of pay and terms and conditions of the contractor are used to be decided by the party ruling in order to create a mutual understanding so that it can be considered as a political factor in PEST analysis.

Pricing regulations: Pricing regulations that had been set by the government should be maintained by Pullman Park hotel in order to earn a reputation in the market. If the company tries to make more profit by increasing the prices of the things which would be sold in the IN dining and mini bar then the reputation of the hotel would be devalued. So it is a political factor in PEST analysis as the enhancement of products of Pullman Park hotel could have a negative impact on the all-over outcome of the company as it would be against the law decided by the government.

Direct and indirect tax: The governmental staffs are used to pay the direct tax whenever they receive their salary and the amount used to be deducted directly to the government from the pay slip. It can be also included that the record is done of the same is with the government, the Pullman Park hotel and the employees. The Pullman Park hotel also receives an indirect tax from its consumers which is considered to be charged for the provided services that is mentioned in the bill. So it can be considered that the factor of direct tax and indirect tax are included in the economic factors in PEST analysis.

Improper demand and services of supplied things: As the Pullman Park hotel is thinking about opening an In room dining and mini bar, it needs to have sufficient supply as per the demand and the requirements of the customers as lack of proper supply of things during a function can affect the reputation of the company in the market. As the new Indining would have an arrangement of different kinds of foods so the authority should have attention on the quantity of the food that every person can avail the dinner. The arrangement of the mini bar should be done properly as the needs and requirements of the customers should be fulfilled. Communication gap between the management team and the bar department is the main responsible thing behind the inappropriate services of the demand.

Rent of the ballrooms: The ballroom's rent in the hotels depends on the sizes of the rooms and the budgets and requirements of the customers. The demands of the customers help the management authority of the Pullman Park hotel to set the prices of the ballrooms during an occasion and during the peak time, the authority set higher prices for the program due to the customer's demand. So it can be considered that rent of the ballrooms is a factor of economic factor in the PEST analysis.

Incentives and bonuses of the employees: The Pullman Park hotel can think about giving a good salary package with an interesting bonus and incentives when the staffs are doing overtime at the time of various occasions and holidays. In order to make them satisfied and comfortable at their workplace that they can work with more proficiency, the department can consider to give them extra rewards that would help the company to earn overall profit. So it can be considered as an economic factor in the PEST analysis (Lu 2018).

Age factor: Different ages of customers used to visit in the hotels and the authority should have concern about the experiences that they have. In a program of an old age group, the authority cannot expect that they would eat heavy spicy food but they would like to have non spicy food. But when it comes about the young generation, the authority has to arrange spicy and delicious food as per their choices and there would be a mini bar also which would consist the alcoholic drinks as well as the non-alcoholic drinks at the same time to fulfil the needs of all the customers of Pullman Park hotel. So it can be considered as an economic factor in PEST analysis (Sammutet al. 2015). It helps the hotel to save on the cost of the food and it also helps the hotel to reduce the rate of the waste of food.

Likes and dislikes: As the likes and dislikes of the customers depends on the eating and drinking habits of them, it can be considered as a social factor in PEST analysis. Likes and dislikes could be considered as a social factor as it relies on the habit of eating as well as the ambience of the hotel. The management team of Pullman can think to arrange the foods in a low quantity which are not liked by a major group of people and they can keep deserts in a high rate as most of the people love to have that. So the likes and dislikes of the customers have an impact on the hotel that helps the hotel to decide the menu and budgets (Patiar 2016).In hotels, there are some items that most people do not like to eat and some people do not like the environment of the hotel. It is expected that many customers like to eat chocolate dessert instead of any other dessert. Therefore, it results in wastage of food. They need to keep items on the likes of their customer and what is famous locally (Tan et al. 2015).

Technological factors utilized to evaluate accessible alternatives with value to technological capabilities. Hotels and companies consider it an essential tool to enhance functions and operations. The technological factor is one of the external environment factors which affect any business highly as well as it is also an integral component of the PEST analysis. Moreover, to make a loyalty base customer, a business needs to be in touch with its potential and present customers. Hence, technology advancement makes it possible. Managers constantly look to develop and updates in the technological environment (Cobos et al. 2016). Therefore, in this way, they enhance their operations as well as them aware of business transformational phase.

It is essential that the hotel website needs to be enhanced for the staff as well as the guests. Pullman hotel provides different offers for its clients for attraction and to increase their sales (Accorhotels.com 2019). A website stood first where guests look for the information about the hotel. Images and security are greatly essential because they sell dreams as well as make clients feel they want to visit the hotel. The website of the hotel needs to be updated for this reason so that anyone sitting in any corner of the world could see the discount and offers. When anyone plans to visit any hotel for their vacation, firstly they visit the website to see the offers. It is essential that the offers for the employees are also updated in terms of vacancies and employee discounts.

Annual report
Pullman hotel updates its annual reports on its website every year. So that the people get a clear idea of how hotel manage their activities throughout the year. Pullman hotel maintains its strategy of focusing on their Australian projects of development and operations as well as maximize returns of shareholders. The hotel delivered outstanding financial outcomes in the year 2018, it reflect excellent demand for various services. Through technology, they deliver online bookings of 42.8 billion dollars in a year. Pullman hotel remains the partner of choice for several leading companies worldwide. Their business focused on providing full professional services like consulting, technology, spanning, operations, and digital. They shape strategy in C-suite to deliver cutting edge technology solution as well as running operations for their clients. They accomplished many acquisitions which improved their hotel and applied intelligence abilities, comprising US basedKogentix and Pillar technology. Another priority for the hotel is that they continue to leverage their unique position as the leading partner of the key players in the ecosystem of technology, comprising Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft.

Normalized revenue




Normalized expenditure




Normalized EBITDA




Normalized EBIT




Normalized NPAT attributable to Pullman hotel





Figure: Annual report of Pullman hotel



Pullman hotel is regarded as one of the top 5 star hotels in Melbourne where it gets the 22nd position in ranking. The ranking reveals the fact that the hotel goes through with a severe competition in the market as there are many other hotels grasping the market more. The hotel shares 379 airy guest rooms equipped with LCD TV supported with movies on demand, internet access, satellite television, private safe and iron board with iron, minibar with facilities for coffee and tea making. To talk about the outside facilities it bears gymnasium, sauna and spa, indoor pool and three outlets of dining. All the offered facilities are given with the aim of grabbing more customers in order to sustain in the competitive market as other 21 companies who are in a better position and entry of new hotels in the market constantly raising the competition level. Objectifying towards better performance in the competitive market Pullman often shares a discount rate for its services to attract the customers. Even the Park hotel of Melbourne consists of many food outlets along with it. Thereby, it has to fight or face competition regarding its in dining and bar services. To sustain with the competition it even tries many signature dishes to prepare and often go with the buffet offer to put the new flavour in the department of food beverages. The bar of the hotel often goes for happy hours and buy 1 get 1 offer with a complimentary drink for everyone. All these efforts are made by them to satisfy the customers which finally will lead to a better position in the competitive market. In other words, it can be said that to achieve better position in the market they come with all these attractive offers and to entertain the customers they even have an arrangement of refreshment by either DJ, Orchestra, or bar dancers (Eskandari et al., 2015).

In order to compare with the facilities of Pullman, if the facilities of top 5 hotels can be cited then the scenario will be:
1. QT Melbourne according to the location, it avails better perspectives rather than Pullman as it is situated as the centre of Melbourne and thus it shares better scopes to attract the customers. It provides exciting and unique dining and bar experiences for its customers to offer more attraction towards the hotel. The design of the hotel is inspired from industry and designed with stone, timber and handcrafted steel.
2. The Hotel Windsor it is referred as best recognized and loved grand hotel. Through its sophistication, style, charm and elegance it is able to put a benchmark for other hotels. It is situated in the most fashionable area with facilities of landmark attractions, sporting venues and theatres in walking distance. The Melbourne airport is only 20km away from the hotel which conveys the fact that it is well connected throughout all as both train and tram stops are just at the doorstep of the hotel.
3. The Langham, Melbourne mix of value, convenience and comfort the hotel exists at the top position in the market of Melbourne. It even provides a luxurious setting of all the amenities to offer comfort to its customers. It even has the access of pool and lounge for relaxation. Many exciting attractions are in close distance of the hotel like the National Gallery of Victoria, ArtVo, and Australian Centre for the moving image with famous art museums. They even offer a warm welcome to all the guests (A.
The above stated scenarios highlights basically three types of threats to pullman hotel. If i will sum up the three points will be:
1. Locational threats the top three hotels of Melbourne are in a far better position compared to Pullman which throws a threat to Pullman as the locational advantage can not be availed by Pullman.The other three hotels easily gets more customers for their better position either by its well-connected nature or being in a posh area or having much nearby attractions at the doorstep.
2. Threats of amenities the stated three hotels are offering more amenities than Pullman as all those hotels are offering more comfort and luxury to its customers or offering some exciting attractions like relaxation for pool and lounge where Pullman faces a threat by the choice of the customers.
3. Food beverages and atmosphere Pullman though have tried a lot to make some signature dishes to be attractive to the customer's still it cannot be able to offer some relinquishing dishes like other three hotels. Another fact regarding this is the atmosphere of the dining room of Pullman seems ordinary comparing to other hotels.
4. Design of the hotel the inner structural design of Pullman is not at all comparable with those three hotels which are either providing elegance or immense luxury to the customers offering much attractions.

A market or an industry cannot be static as static ones cannot bear fruit. Therefore it is very obvious that Pullman even gets threats by the new entrants as the new hotels even come with more modern technologies which are the best option for better comfort and luxury and thus the new hotels give an alarm to the Pullman in retaining its position in the industry. The modern technologies of new hotels often bear less expenditure with better experience which ultimately leads to less room tariff with more comfort and this strategy even throws a threat to Pullman (Arshed. 2016). They are generally a small group of investors who stays updated with the upcoming market trends and technologies thus the people or investors who have already analysed the upcoming market trends and have already procured the resources.

Supplier is very much a generic term. There might be several times of suppliers such as:
? Manufactures or vendors - The ones who sell products to the distributors or wholesalers.
? Distributors - The ones who operate by accruing products in high quantities, super stocking, and then selling them to local suppliers in required amount.
? Independent suppliers - The ones who sell the products directly to the retailers.
? Importers and Exporters - The ones who acquires or sells products from or to different manufactures from or to different countries.
? Drop shippers - The ones who sells products from not one but multiple organizations.
According to the Porter's 5 forces of industry framework, suppliers' bargaining power is one of the prime forces that shape the industry. The idea behind this is that the bargaining power of a supplier can rather create inflation or deflation in the capital market of the industry thus shaping the power of the industry. Pullman on the Park Hotel in Melbourne, being a 5star proper on the very heart of Melbourne, the reservations for weddings and social events are steady throughout the year, yet during the national holidays, Christmas season, vacation seasons and etc. the need for such reservations gets comparatively higher, thus inflating the price of the service altogether and radically the supplier(the hotel itself) awards the consumer with its services who would accept the terms and pay the inflated prices.
Market moving suppliers do hold the power to alter the price, quality and demand of any product or services. Some of the factors that define the suppliers bargaining power to maintain a competitive market are:
? If the number of suppliers, here the hospitality service providers.
? The supplier being market educated and price sensible.
? Substitutional offers are handy.
? Product quality being as required.
? Threat of backward integration being low.

A buyer simply indicated to a person who makes a purchase, now the term being pretty much generic there are different types of buyers available. The few different types of buyers are:
? Innovators - They are generally a small group of investors who stays updated with the upcoming market trends and technologies thus the people or investors who have already analysed the upcoming market trends and have already procured the resources.
? Adapters - They are a group of buyers who generally put their trust into trying out a new trend and generally influences the market, for the preceding trends in the market.
? Early majority - They are a group of people who depend on the adapters to make their next purchase and thus keep their trust in the adapters. These procurers are in a way experimental.
? Late majority - They are a group of people who wait till the early majority has adapted to the new ways. They depend on the reviews they get to see or hear about the hospitality group before they avail such services.
? Traditionalist - They are the certain bunch of buyers who certainly hold up to their roots as they are regularly the last once who adopt to a product once the product has hit its lowest price point in the market, for example people who would wait for the lowest demand point of the hotel so they can avail the rooms or services with the highest discounted deals.
Taking the previous example into consideration we can say the buyers' power lies in their stigma, as in, when a property such as Pullman on the Park Hotel in Melbourne, inflates its prices for reservation during peak seasons, in theory, if the consumers boycotts the services for such high prices then the property would be forced to deflate its prices to attract the masses. Factors that affect the buyers bargaining powers are:
? Concentration of buyers.
? Market demand.
? Market and price educated.
? Industries threat to forward integration.


4.0.1 Beginning of the Placement
The placement process of Pullman on the Park Hotel in Melbourne was conducted for three days, as in the first day, the information about the hotel was delivered to the candidate and their benefits, while working with hotel were also conveyed. The second day involves a small aptitude test, checking the ability of the candidates and according to the performed in the test, the students are further invited to the third day. Before the beginning of the test the documents related to the academic course were taken by the authority with a small verification. After the verification, the authorities who were conducting the exams guided the candidates to the room, where online quiz was conducted. After the completion of the test, the authorities of hotel shared the hotel policies and showed different department of the hotel. Then the students were given an opportunity to meet with the in staff of varied department such as housekeeping, food and beverage, service and kitchen department. The authorities introduced the students with the employees of In room Dining and Minibar Department where they shared a valuable information with the students regarding the important aspects of the In room Dining and Minibar. They informed that, adaption of the changing trend is very crucial in order to improve the quality and customer satisfaction as also emphasis on the relationship with the customers, which improves the hotel reputation (Leung and Law, 2011). Such insights were very valuable for the students as this information is based on the experiences of the members of the department. The authority took 4 hours to announce result and then selected candidates were informed to visit the venue that is Pullman on the Park Hotel in Melbourne next day for further process. The third day begins with the personal interviews of those candidates who secured good marks in the aptitude test. The interviews were conducted by three panellist which thoroughly checked the skills of each candidate and then announced simultaneously the result. The selected candidates were handed over to their respective department associated with their specialisation and then the information was conveyed to the candidates regarding their role in Pullman on the Park Hotel. The authorities, conveyed the mission, vision, work ethics and policies of the hotel, as well as also discussed the scope of department which would help students to become competent professional. The student of In room Dining and Minibar department were handed over to the Assistant Operations Manager where according to the skills of students, the work was divided and they were sent to the respective manager according to the work allocation. Then student's documents were taken, such as personal identification card and then a form was being signed, in which hotel rules and regulations were mentioned and breaching of rules and regulations will result in sanction from the hotel. After completing this process, a final confirmation was handed over to the students as well as welcomed them with the message.

The organizational structure is developed for realising the structure of the works and integrating the management of the works. The organisational structure enables the use of the information and easing the development of the information. The organisational structure would be developed for realising the improvement of the works. The alignment would be developed for the integration of the works. The organisational structure would be developed for integrating the useful development of the works. The consideration of the works would be implied for enabling the structural alignment of the works and enduring the easing of the works and managing the skilful alignment of the works and enabling the easing of the works. The integration would be developed for the alignment of the works and enduring use of the effective management of the skills. The placement process of Pullman on the Park Hotel in Melbourne was conducted for three days, as in the first day, the information about the hotel was delivered to the candidate and their benefits, while working with hotel were also conveyed. The second day involves a small aptitude test, checking the ability of the candidates and according to the performed in the test, the students are further invited to the third day. Before the beginning of the test the documents related to the academic course were taken by the authority with a small verification. After the verification, the authorities who were conducting the exams guided the candidates to the room, where online quiz was conducted. After the completion of the test, the authorities of hotel shared the hotel policies and showed different department of the hotel. Then the students were given an opportunity to meet with the in staff of varied department such as housekeeping, food and beverage, service and kitchen department. The authorities introduced the students with the employees of In room Dining and Minibar Department where they shared a valuable information with the students regarding the important aspects of the In room Dining and Minibar. They informed that, adaption of the changing trend is very crucial in order to improve the quality and customer satisfaction as also emphasis on the relationship with the customers, which improves the hotel reputation.


Figure 2: Organisational Structure

The Competing Values Framework or CVF is considered as a useful tool to understand the Self-managed teams. It provides the effective insight for different leadership roles and adopts the requirements for the balanced and mutual approach to leadership. I have developed the effective required skills with the help of this framework and tried to achieve the following goals:
• Resource allocation: this is one of the essential skills in hospitality management, which is required for the effective team management. It is needed to allocate various resources for the team member to serve the guests in a hotel or restaurant. This also requires to plan the things and the staffs according to the determination. (Merve et.al, 2015)
• Task management: While developing the values, I was required to define the tasks for the team members according to the requirements of the guests in a hotel. This includes, the planning for different tasks, allocating the members with the tasks, etc.
• Time management: I have learned the time management skills while conducting the CVF, and I have been succeeded to overcome the time management and stress management to be effective for the operations in the future and my work field. Time management seems to be the most valuable skill for any business, which is responsible to categorise the tasks according to the priorities and thus fulfilled the requirements within the given time. (Merve et.al, 2015)
• Identifying the goals: CVF helped me to identify the goals while conducting a specific task with the team. The goals need to be clear and realistic according to the requirements of motivating the team members. For instance, I have successfully cleared the doubts of one of my team members while he was facing issues with setting the tableware correctly. I motivated him and was able to achieve the goal of a team manager.
• Effective Communication: Another vital skill I have learned, is the communication skill, which is crucial for team management. With this skill, I have successfully built a strong communication within the team members that they can communicate with each other, verbally and nonverbally. Effective communication in a team and in the organisation helped me to increase productivity, by identifying the individual requirements of the team members. For example, after applying the methods of effective communication, the team members have successfully discussed their issues with me and I had magnificently solved their issues. (Merve et.al, 2015).
• Managing the challenges: I have solved my weaknesses in me and managed the fear of making mistakes with this skill. I handled the challenges more efficiently and planned the proper policies to encounter those challenges. Therefore I have successfully able to manage the fear inside me and escaped the same mistakes, which helped me to work and keep my team members on the track. (Malik et al. 2017).
• Developing relationships: It is crucial to develop effective and positive relationship among the team members, as well as the other stakeholders to achieve the goals of a project management. Strong and positive relationship helps to conduct overall responsibilities and manage or even limit interpersonal conflicts (Rahimi 2017).

? Building Team
It is one of the most essential parts for initiating any project or task within the organization as without a team the operations or activities would not be performed (Strnadová, Cumming, Knox, and Parmenter 2014). The building of team involves a lot effort as the selection of right person for team directly or indirectly affects the goal of the company. As, I was involved in varied tasks within Pullman on the Park Hotel in Melbourne, I developed a lot of skills which would help me to become a competent professional. During the involvement in this task, I realised the importance of team building and understood that if I have work passionately and deliver progress and commitment towards the work, people will begin to show their trust towards me. As, soon as the people begins to trust me as a trustworthy colleague, so it will easier for me to create a healthy relationship with them and can allot the tsk according to their skills. I also learned a lesson while leading a team that helping your college selflessly will create a sense of trust in their mind for myself and it will reflect in the task assigned to the team members as they will work passionately to achieve the desired goal.


I would like to critically evaluate Pullman by SWOT analysis:

5.0.1 STRENGTH 250
The strength of Pullman are:
Welcome gesture as per my observation the hotel staff every time puts a smile on face in welcoming the guest to convey a warm welcome. Even all the guests are being welcomed by a complimentary welcome drink to overcome journey stress.
Offered services all the services which are provided to the customers are in a mode of help with a gesture of availability every time. They even offer room service with much pleasure as their attitudes seems like that. The hotel even offer some free services to the customers to make them feel happy.
Spa and sauna there is a comfort zone for the customers of Pullman as it has an opportunity to provide spa and sauna to its customers which is the best option for body relaxation. The customers become really very happy to have a spa during their stay at the hotel to get rid of stress.
Free breakfast the hotel is having a better chance to market as it offers its customers free breakfast. Breakfast does not really very cheap and customers feel happy about this as they do not have to spend for the breakfast. It makes them happy about the fact that the free breakfast is somehow save their money.
Canapes and drinks in its lounge it offers Canapes and drinks to its customers which feel the customers good and entertained. It even better for the customers as they avail the full advantage of time by this service which do not make them to go anywhere wasting time and mood (Singh 2017).

Not available for 24/7 the hotel has a gym centre which can be accessed up to 10 pm which is not very satisfactory factor as in case the customers or guests wish to go there after 10 pm , it is not permitted by the hotel.
Stained furniture many bad remarks have been found in several sites as the hotel has stained furniture and the customers are really irritated with the fact.
Unclean bathroom it has been reported as the bathrooms are not very clean or upto the mark as often shower or other toiletries do not work properly which is a serious problem to the customers and a significant weakness in the part of the hotel.
Outdated looking from outside the outside design of the hotel seems outdated which is not a good thing to attract customers. By going with the proverb ‘first impression is the last impression' it can be said that customers will be reluctant to stay in the hotel by seeing its outside design.
Late services many reviews about the hotel bear the fact that the bar services are very late which cannot be able to make the customers happy. Along with this it is also a weakness that drinks are being served in the lounge only from 8pm to 10pm which is even a late service comparing to the lounge culture.
Antipasto self-serve the hotel only offers antipasto for self-serving which often become the complaint of customers.
Less options in food items the customers are also of the view that the hotel does not offer a wide range of food items to choose (Duarte. 2017).

Friendly staffs the hotel has several staff who are very friendly to the customers with a helping and ‘at your service' attitude which is really a great scope in the part of the hotel. The staff are never gets irritated with any sort of request for the customers.
View from room most of the views of the customers agree with each other that view from room are extraordinary, soothing to eyes and really attractive. This even offers the customers better scope to enjoy the marvellous scenic beauty in their travelling.
Food served by staff the friendly staff's even bear much cooperative attitude as they serve the food to the customers with all their willingness. By this opportunity the customers really enjoy their food without any disturbances rather availing much comfort (Mizrachi et al. 2015).
Buffet breakfast the hotel do share a great opportunity regarding buffet breakfast which is accomplished by the customers as the heavy breakfast offers them more energy and time to travel without any disturbance.
Buffet dinner along with the buffet breakfast the hotel even carries a scope of buffet dinner for its customers. The buffet dinner mostly of fried items with self-serving antipasto which is an attractive fact to the customers.
Big comfortable rooms Pullman offers big comfortable rooms to its customers to make their stay memorable and happy. The big rooms even give them a chance to stay in an airy atmosphere and the kids get enough place to roam around or to play (Beirman. 2016).

Pullman hotel stands in 21st ranking among the hotel of Melbourne. It denotes the fact that it has some drawbacks which throws threats to its market.
Location comparing to the top three hotels of Melbourne it shares a less popular location to be situated in. As per the location of Pullman it is neither in the posh area, nor well connected, nor having much nearby attractions at the doorstep. All these three situations bear a threat for the hotel as the area cannot attract that many customers like the top three hotels with their better location.
Amenities Pullman faces problem regarding its amenities as it is not very technologically upgraded neither shares elegance in it. The amenities are very common and generally and these do not carry any sort of attractiveness in these.
Atmosphere according to the views of the customers the atmosphere of the hotel is not very comfortable to stay as it carries somehow backdated, stained culture in it which fails to attract customers. The atmosphere even fails to offer comfort to the customers which ultimately leads to the reluctant in staying in the part of the customers (Ullah et al. 2017).
Design the structural design of the hotel from outside looks very outdated and conveys negative vibes to the customers as many of them often do not enter into the hotel moved by the impact of the outside design. The outside design not only outdated even fails to serve any elegance in it.

Not so clean the last threat from which the hotel suffers from is its unclean room and bathroom. Many customers share their experiences regarding their staying in the hotel that the rooms and bathrooms are not very clean and hygienic to stay in.


The analysis of Pullman covers both internal and external analysis to bring every matter regarding the hotel under one roof. The analysis is done by pest analysis to cover the fields like political, economic, socio cultural and technological factors. It further gets elaborated by Porter's five forces which talks about diverse direction regarding Pullman. It enhances the analysis opting SWOT analysis where all the strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats have been discussed. To improve its market overcoming its weakness and threats the hotels needs to opt some strategies which are being discussed in the recommendation section. As the analysis does not have any limitation thereby the result is evaluated easily. The evaluated result contains some key notes of both positive and negative genre. The positive aspects regarding Pullman are: the rooms are big with nice view and kid friendly. The staff are really friendly, co operative and appreciable for meeting their job role so well. It offers a complimentary welcome drink and Spa and sauna for relaxation. The negative aspects which need to be taken care of for improvement are: rooms and bathrooms are unhealthy and not clean, the staffs of the bar are slow to serve, menu of food items are very less to satisfy the taste buds, amenities and structural outside design are very poor compared to others. All these negative things need to be improved for better ranking in the competitive era.


In order to all its weakness and threats Pullman needs to upgrade it according to some recommendations:

Structural design the hotel needs to pay sheer attention to structural design as it is too old to attract the customers. It needs to be upgraded to cope with the modern era having some fashionable attractive design in outside.

Quick service the Pullman needs to be careful enough to make the service as early as possible as customers do not like to wait long for anything. Thereby, quick service is much needed to engage the customers and to not giving any scope for complaining about the service.

Better atmosphere as the atmosphere of the hotel is stained and not very comfortable thereby the hotel needs to improve their atmosphere with the concern that unhealthy atmosphere needs not be the reason for reluctant of customers. The atmosphere needs to be airy, hygienic, fresh and comfortable.

Cleanliness Pullman needs to be careful enough to maintain cleanliness and hygiene regarding its rooms and bathrooms as there are many negative reviews shared by the customers in this regard.

No time bounding the foremost duty of a hotel is to satisfy its customers by any means. Time bounding can have an adverse effect on the customers as the customers will not appreciate the fact that they can go to the gym only upto 10pm or can have some drinks in the lounge from 8 10 pm. Thereby, Pullman needs to be flexible about their services.

Amenities the amenities of the hotel are not upgraded or modern therefore Pullman needs to acquire amenities of modern technology to satisfy its customers.

Choices of food items Pullman bears very limited options in food items for its guests which is a serious problem for the guests. To get rid of the issue along with make the customer's really happy Pullman needs to add some salt in the section by offering variety in food items to choose.


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