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Analysis of Article ‘The Newest Way to tell when someone is lying to you’ Assignment Help

Briefly discuss relevant background information relating to the scientific issue or problem presented in the article; write this as a short summary of the article.

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The author Susan Krauss Whitbourne has written an article ‘the newest way to tell when someone is lying to you.' Her thesis statement is how comparable truth method is better than the baseline method to identify deception. The main points of the article reflect deception and lying is a kind of activity that cannot be recognized easily by the baseline method where causal and interrogative questions are used.

Short Summary

The author mentions experimentations conducted by researchers to show that comparable truth method is just right to identify liars. She provides support for her logic as she mentions the names of the researchers who affirm that baseline method is not relying on method. The author describes a comparable truth method relevancy as it uses similar topics within the same portion of the interview. Mixing casual and interrogative questions provides interrogators to catch the liar off guard because his mind is unable to process information in such a way that can hide his wrongdoings. The author describes experimentation with these two methods and results of this experimentation. It is found that raters involved in identifying liars recognized them well by reading the hand and finger movement, one and two art movement, temporal and spatial details, action details and audio details. Further, the author mentions that lying can be easy in small-talk method because it allows liars to regroup their thoughts together when they answer innocuous questions. But in the case of comparable truth baseline, the liars were forced to keep a running tab about what details were offered and due to that they committed mistakes. Author findings suggest nonverbal cues are not better off than verbal cues and therefore, she mentions using more open-ended questions to probe deeply.


The purpose of writing the article is to inform the audience about a new technique that can be used to detect liars easily than the used baseline technique which involves small talks and interrogative sections. The target audience is those people who are in the psychological profession or students of psychology. As this article mentions that the topic of deception is important for psychology area, this conclusion is drawn. Apart from it, other target audiences are people working in law enforcement agencies, political people, and people working in the educational sector and other various sectors who can take benefit of comparable truth baseline method.

The supporting points used by the author are experimentation conducted by Caso and her colleagues and some references. But these references should be more in numbers to enhance the credibility of article findings. The research has been conducted specifically by Caso and others to know how the two different methods comparable truth baseline and small talk baseline techniques do well to identify liars through experimentation and the results are based on certain samples. People chosen as raters were only 74 in numbers and therefore, with such small sample findings of experimentation cannot be generalized to a large number of people. There may be different contexts and factors that should be explored by the study. The article does not mention the limit of research as well. Having only two references also do not add much validity. The research methodology is based on primary research methodology and a quantitative research method is being adopted.

Relevance and Applicability

The article written by the author may not seem to offer to substantiate proof about the method that she suggests for liar's detection. The conclusion by authors suggesting that verbal cues are more helpful than non-verbal cues may not be rights as both cues are required to know the true intent of a person. But other people such as Manusov & Patterson, (2006) affirm that comparable truth baseline technique can be useful to detect liars. Next research shows that non-verbal cues are important to detect lying practices as well (Porter, Doucette, Woodworth, Earle & MacNeil, 2008). Therefore, I can say that the findings are partially trustworthy.

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