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Occupational Health Management Plan Assignment Help

- What are the risks arising from this hazard and how were these risks assessed?

- What are the legal requirements and ethical considerations?

- Is change needed? Explain what the change/s may be.

- Consider the current management/ control measures in place and the e?ect these have on eliminating or minimising the occupational health hazard. Detail the occupational health program you have chosen.

- Identify and discuss the desired outcomes and the goals of the program

- Identify and justify the activities that will be involved in developing and implementing the program

- Detail how the program will be monitored and evaluated for success and how you would assess the e?ectiveness of the occupational health management program and

- What methods/ tools you would use for undertaking the evaluation. Conclusion A conclusion that summarises the main content of the discussion informed by the beginning of the process in the introduction where you initially outlined the content and discussion.

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Employees are the essential asset of an organization and keeping them in the everyday working environment is the sole responsibility of the organization. Occupational health and safety are also called workplace health and safety is a concept of giving adequate health and safety to each of the employees during their working hours within an organizational structure. This is a disciplinary field where workplace safety is being measured on regular basis by the organization to provide adequate safety to the employees and workers. The study aims to understand the occupational hazard caused by different type of noise in Amcor which is a packaging company from Australia.

Organization background

Amcor is an Australian packaging company which manufactures flexible and rigid containers, special cartons, containers for food and beverage, medical devices, pharmaceutical devices, personal care products and home utensils and various other products. The headquarter of the Amcor is situated in Southbank, Victoria in Australian. The company is listed under Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and the total revenue of the company in 2018 was US$9.3 billion. The company is well known for recyclable packaging solutions and their motto of the business is to make the world a better place by manufacturing and spreading recyclable packaging products in all over the world to minimize the pollution occurred due to plastic materials and bags. They have currently operated their business in 40 countries and presently hasover 35,000 employees in their company. In 2018, the Amcor Limited and Bemis Company Inc. had an agreement which tells that Amcor will have Bemis in all kind of stock combinations. They aim to replace the packaging solution with recyclable plastics which will degrade over time naturally and those will be reusable. Most of their packaging solutions already have achieved this specification and rest of the products will also get transformed by Amcor in upcoming years through strong leadership and constant innovative ideas and technologies. The motto of their business is to manufacture more sustainable packaging solutions for their clients and customers to save the earth from pollutions (Amcor, 2019).

Explain the risks arises from the hazards and it can be accessed

During manufacturing and another kind of processes, mechanical noise is a common phenomenon in every manufacturing organizations and Amcor is not different from that. Noise comes from breakdown of materials, machine noise, ambient noise due to conversation among the employees create huge overall noise in the company. It is commonly seen that employees are suffering from various health issues including hearing problems, elevated heart rate, irritation, sleeplessness, permanent damage of the ears, elevated blood pressure and many other health-related problems. According to Fertat&Cherkaoui (2018), people who usually spend most of the time in the manufacturing section, often face this kind of health issues. The overall susceptible noise level for a human ear is around 65 dB. However, the average noise comes from the packaging industries are more than 80 dB on average (Haslam, et al.). Noise coming from glass bottling lines is 85 to 100 dB, noise in various wrapping, bagging and cutting wrap processes are 85 to 95 dB, packaging machinery noise 85 to 95 dB, wheeled trolley noise is up to 107 dB, pneumatic and compressed air noise is 85 to 95 dB which greatly exceeds the safe and susceptible noise for a human ear. Regular assessment of the employees and measuring ambient noise with the help of sound level meter.

Explain the legal requirements and ethical considerations

The Noise Management at Work - Control Guide and Management of Noise at Work - Training Resources are two guidelines implemented by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission from Australian Government which guides the organizations about step by step procedure to minimize the ambient noise in their organizational structure (Mohammadfamet al. 2016). These legislations can help the companies to fight deafness among the employees due to long time exposure in the high ambient noise conditions. Amcor is a packaging company and ambient noise is a common issue due to machinery. Keeping the employees safe is their fundamental right according to Work Health and Safety Act 2011 in Australia. This guideline can help the Amcor to bring structural and operational change in their organization to provide adequate health measures to their employees. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a common problem in different types of manufacturing companies and Amcor is no different than that. The organization should support their employees by providing them adequate measures and protections to keep them safe from the ambient noise (Australian Government, 2004).

Describe what changes are needed to minimize the hazard

The first and foremost step which can be taken by the Amcor is to providing ear plugs to each of the employees who are exposing to the extreme ambient noise in the company's manufacturing and other sections. As opined by Noe et al. (2017), ear plugs help to block a major part of the ambient noise to the human ears which helps the employees to keep their ear safe from noise hazards. Secondly, the second-best solution which can be taken by the Amcor is to make their machinery soundproof by keeping them apart from human interaction is possible. Every motor does not need constant maintenance and tweaking and those machines can be separated from the ambient locations with the help of noise reducing foams and walls so that significant part of the noise coming from those systems can be blocked. As stated by Joosenet al. (2015), more the machinery become old; more it makes noise. Regular maintenance and oiling of the mechanisms keep them running smoothly and quietly. The management and company officials of the Amcor can inspect their mechanisms sin consistent manner so that they can be repaired or replaced if needed. Mechanisms do often make extra noise if they are running under excess load and it also harms the machines in long run. To avoid this issue, Amcor can efficiently manage and operate their manufacturing processes so that the machines do not face extra load and make unusual noises.

Explain chosen occupational health hazard

The selected health hazard for Amcor Limited is noise pollution generated from different type of machinery in the organization. Employees often face serious long term or permanent health issues. Overexposure of the ambient noise for long time can stimulate NIHL problems where people face hearing problems and permanent hearing loss. Keeping the employees safe and healthy within Amcor is their responsibility. According to Nayaniet al. (2018), employees often suffer from different mental issues due to long exposure in the more than susceptible ambient noise which stimulates sleep nesses, irritation, mental stress, anxiety which can create serious issues in the long run. This mental issue directly affects their physical conditions too and it significantly affects the performance of the employees also. On the other hand, employees can suffer from heart diseases due to excessive ambient noise. Every employee has fundamental right to be safe and healthy from any hazards within the organization they are working under (Xue, Tang & Walters, 2017). Apart from that, employee's health and safety directly affecttheir performance and job satisfaction. Long exposure to the noise stimulates mental stress and anxiety which significantly lowers the performance and productivity of the organization which must be avoided by Amcor to maintain their performance and success.

Emergency plan

An emergency plan helps to handle the overall situation if sudden plan is required to control the situation within the company. The plan needs to implement readily in the working environment to control the noise pollution immediatel. The project team can arrange ear plugs and noise reduction headphones for the employees and workers mmidiately to safeguard them from the excessive ambient noise. Then they can assess the entire machinries for any corrupted systems for replacement.

Identify and discuss the desired outcomes and the goals of the program

The program aims to minimize the ambient noise within the organizational structure of Amcor. Successful implementation of the various safety above measures can help Amcor to keep their employees and workers safe and healthy in their company (Moen, 2018). Job satisfaction is a great factor which stimulated better performance and productivity of the employees and suffering from health issues directly opposes this factor to a great extent. Successful implementation of this program can help Amcor to enhance their organizational safety to a great extent which also improves the perception their employees about how they are being treated by the company. Making their mentality positive can help the organization to achieve better success in their daily business operations and helps to deliver better service and products to its customers.

Identify and justify the activities that will be involved in developing and implementing the program

The first step of the Amcor is to assess the situation within their structure by taking survey and interview of every employee to understand their health conditions and what kind of issues they are currently facing. As opined by Autenriethet al. (2016), if the issues are related to noise pollution and several numbers of employees shows same concern that the organization can take next step where they can measure the ambient noise with the help of source level meter to assess how the situation is. They can measure the noise level in different locations to construct a map of the entire company with their noise levels. They can also access the machinery to enlist which machine is making which amount of noise and whether they are susceptible for the employees or not. Noisy machines can be separated in another block is possible to make them isolated from the rest of the machinery to make the environment quieter. If needed, machinery can be replaced with new ones and employees can be given with hearing aids and ear plugs to block most of the noises in the ambiance.

Discuss how the plan will be monitored and evaluated over time to assess success

The program and plan need a specific number of people from the Amcor company who will be in charge of maintaining and implementing different measures regarding this plan. As stated by Ali et al. (2016), the team with be constructed by enlisting a doctor who will checkup the employees, a technical person who have the knowledge about the machineries, a company representative, a team leaders and management personnel, a system engineer and a project manager to operate the entire project. Every operation has to be places step by step is needed. After the evaluation process, if machineryneeds to replace, then the project team can communicate and meet with the Amcor heads about buying or replacing new mechanisms and safety devices for the company. Sealing off machinery to make them soundproof also need company officials.

Discussing the methods and tools will be utilized for the measurement process

The measurement process needs various tools such as sound meters and various health checkup tools. The sound meter is also known as decibel meter which measures the ambient noise level in dB. The doctoral checkup tools on the other hand, can help the doctors to check up the employees about their physical conditions which includes ear and heart. According to Samuel and Munagala (2016), decibel meters can be utilized to pot a map of the entire company structure so that Amcor can understand the noise level in company as the whole building structure. The ambient noise meter or decibel meter can help the Amcor to understand the noise levels in the company so that the company can take safety measures. Plotting noise map can also help Amcor to understand which machineries are making unnecessary noise during their operations so that it can be replaced by the company for better operation and better noise level.


From the above study it can be concluded that maintaining adequate measures regarding occupational health management can help Amcor to keep safe their employees in their respective working environment. Amcor is global leader in producing high quality and responsible packaging solutions. Usually the noise level is more than the susceptible level for a human person and in long exposure it has the potential to make negative impact on the health of the employees and workers. The company can maintain the solutions mentioned in these guides mentioned above to create a better situation for the employees to work freely without concerning about their health conditions. Employees need to communicate and support these team to make the working environment a better place which is free from excessive ambient noise. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Occupational Health Management Plan assignment – order today for excellence!

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