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Logic Model of Transitional Living Project for Homeless Youths Assignment Help

Based on the case study you selected, complete a logic model using the guidelines in your course text.  Explain any insights you had or conclusions you drew related to your Final Project as a result of completing the logic model for the case study.

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Transition living program for the youth needed some inputs. As per the case study, there are several inputs to complete the whole project. The primary inputs of the project are stated here. Human capital is the most important input for this project. It takes 350 human sources including the managers, supervisors, planners, architects and labours. It takes $68 million to complete the whole project. Some equipments such as survey controller, budget maker software as well as all the physical equipments commonly used to make a housing constructions are needed for the program


Firstly, a survey is needed to gather crucial information for the program. The number of homeless youth and the position of the land is important to be considered for further processing (Transitional Living Program. 2019). After that a proper plan will be done as per the requirement. After the planning, the housing complex will be made by the labours under the supervision of architects, planners and engineers.


After completing the whole TLP program, different outputs are noticed. The primary outputs of the program is to deliver the houses to the homeless youths ( 2019). Another important outputs are to provide the basic facilities of food and education, providing mental and health counseling to the participents and overall, helping them to be back to a normal and healthy lifestyle.


This transitional living program has a long term outcome. It changes the life of the participants. The participants learns to leave a proper life with the basic facilities. They participate in educational system and can improve themselves with the skills to do a job and earn money.

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