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Write a 600 word SBAR proposal for the new or improved health care service that you want to introduce into Albany city community’s health care system. 

Cite three reputable references to support your assignment (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality). 


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SBAR proposal for improved health care service to reduce sexually transmitted disease into Albany city community’s health care system


1.1 Brief introduction

SBAR refers to communication practices that include situation, background, assessment, and recommendation, as a standard to demonstrate the effective outcomes of clinical practices (Doumouchtsis et al. 2016). In the present proposal, the objective is to reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) among the community members of Albany city. 

1.2. Why this proposal is important

According to the health statistics for Albany city, the incidence of HIV cases increases by 16% for the year 2017-18. Considering other sexually transmitted diseases, the record for secondary syphilis increases by 75% and gonorrhea related infection has been increased by 22% from 2015-16 (Noah, Yang & Wang, 2018). These statistics shows that despite of investment in TV advertisement, raising public awareness, and sex education, the health impact of society is still deteriorating. In other words, SBAR proposal aims to educate people and put effort to improve the health condition in Albany city. 

1.3. Proposal details

1.3.1. Situation

Opening STD screening units and resource center in public housing community. Collaborating with adolescent partners to offer screening at colleges and youth clubs. And Offering education to mass population, thereby raising their awareness of protective sexual habits and consequence of these diseases. 

- Unit, patient, room number in health center

- Since when the diseases started

- What are the common symptoms faced by patient

1.3.2. Background

In the above section, the details of health statistics indicates that STD is an alarming cause responsible for deteriorating health condition in the city. In such a situation the proposal aims to integrate health care professionals and work in partnership with the community(Williams et al., 2018). The purpose aims to reduce the health economic burden, improve the quality of life years, and develop a culture of safe sexual health in the community. 

- Patient age, date of admission

- Recent vital sign

- Lab results

- Other clinical and sexual history related information

1.3.3. Assessment

The assessment primarily requires the care assistance of nurses, medical support from sexual health specialist physician, and other allied health care professional (Williams et al., 2018). It is important to note that the professionals must use current literature and guidelines from Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 

- Clinical history, examination, and specimen collection

- Techniques for specimen collection when testing STDs

- Education about sexual practices, risk level, and preventive strategies

- Pre-test discussion and HIV testing

1.3.4. Recommendation

This is the most important segment of proposal which aims to deliver health education to the community members and raising their awareness. Thus, it is important that the health care professionals must aim to improve their communication, collaborative, and interpersonal interaction skills such as to develop trustworthy relationship with community members. 

- Recommendation by nurse to the patient

- Recommendation and education guidelines to the family members or carer

- Notification for follow-up checking

- Medication and other clinical reviews 

Lastly, it is also important to document the changes in patient’s condition and physician notification. 

1.4. Implementation

The above section details the SBAR proposal, which aims to reduce the incidence of STD in the community, thereby improving their health condition and raising the quality of life years. The structural development of this program requires framing a team, which includes physician, nurses, and the community members (Turpin et al., 2019). The clinical protocol with include evidence based practice and special attention is required for the education of the community members. Of note, the documentation of patient record, health improvement, and the associated barriers is also important to note, with which further amendments could be possible. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Healthcare assignment – order today for excellence!

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