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"American Consumers Should Be Morally Conscious Eaters" Assignment Help

Assignment: Write an argument in which you create criteria to evaluate the effectiveness or position of an argument presented in the selected readings. Your essay must respond to one of two writing prompts below:

Paarlberg "Attention Whole Foods Shoppers": Evaluate the extent to which this essay from Foreign Policy lives up to the publisher's criteria. According to our textbook, Foreign Policy publishes articles that focus on the following criteria: "domestic and international policy, global affairs, and contemporary events." Articles should be "serious but not scholarly, lively but not glib." 

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Food choices are all about moral ethics and personal habits. It is certainly dependable on the what we like it or not and it would surely be dependent on the rationality to buy food which would be governed by the moral implications, It can be due to the environmental sustainability or even the issues of the social justice along with the attainment of the animal welfare. The morally conscious eating would mean how if the certain vegetable is grown, the farmer has been able to draw a regular fair wage or not (Banerjee, 2016). Similarly, it would also include certain ethical aspects that would be related to food production and consumption. It would also be a sense to bring out the consumers related choices which would be connected to the ethical and the moral choices. It would more fulfillment that would have to abided by then to govern with the filling plates or to think about their bellies. It is rational to not find to have a morally mindful as one has to also think about the indulgence and the better nutrition approach.


American consumers should be morally conscious eaters. They should have an approach to moral implications and ethical concerns while eating and fulfilling their personal food desires.


Food is one of the huge consumer choices and has large resources. To have food choices, it is all about how an individual is able to think about environmental sustainability or the discussion of the energy derived after eating certain things. Sustainability would be addressed to be a tricky reasons to be measured, Such as it would be making people how to think about the shopping when it can also reduce their carbon footprints, It is dependent on the types of food types how it can help to build on the resources types that can help to denote the additional resource intensive which can also make the carbon during production (Banerjee, 2016),

The food Americans eat if they keep on thinking of the Social issues it would mean that they have to think logically about the food and attainment of the food. It would mean how to support and buy directly after connecting to the local farmers, as they would help to learn how the food was produced. It also social thinking that have subjective to introduce the fair part of the local food movement that has addressed the growing issues of the rage, socially conscious consumers which can also chose the rationality of the fair-trade products (subjective to the other countries) It can also help to make social causes such as upgrading the farmer decent working conditions along with the living wage.

The food we eat is more about the gut reactions and is dependent on the Food choices

The food choices are all about the personal choice and the moral implications can range from environmental sustainability to social justice. It is also about animal welfare. It is more about welfare food and also doing good justice by considering the food we eat. It tends to capture the paradigm of the set of the issues which would be governing with eh present meat industry. it is also about the poor treatment on the animals in the given factory farms, that can also attribute to the negative environment and the health concerns which would make to over hormone and to associate with the antibiotic use (Bray, 2016). To have meat or not and how it has been produced, governs correctly with human nature and the factors. It is also related to how to make incredible unsustainable issues. It is part of the major byproducts that can also oblige to make it as a meat product that is part of the taste and the toxins that can also attribute to the hazardous nature of the human health along with the governing health of the environment.

People can also be able to substitute seafood for meat. But again the question here is if the Americans would believe in eating more of the fish and consider it to be healthy and sustainable.

For example Fishes -: The fishes are the most healthy and considered to be morally and ethically to eat it. it is also regarded as a healthfulness along with the sustainability factors such as gaining omega-3 fatty acids, which Americans consider it to be healthy heart wise and boosting the mood. It is also noticed, that most of the industries hid the fancy of the highest mercury levels, which canals lead to the damaging of the human nervous system. Again the moral implications of it would be of the sustainability factors. It is governed with factors such as the exploitation and related of the species population along with the carrying capacity that can be provided of the ocean environment (Barauskaite, 2016)

The research indicates that eating fish has long-lasting effects on the human is basically due to the eating of the certain fish such as the long-lived fish, for example, the bluefin tuna which would have a high in mercury and also would result in the low in omega-3's along with the considerable unsustainable factors. It is the high level of the mercury which is also found across the countries and the various parts of America that can cause an excess of the pollutant. It can cause high pollutant levels that have been mixed into the lakes, rivers, and oceans resulting in the Fish and other marine life that are also eating the same matter. The mercury eating has resulted in the accumulation of the "bioaccumulates," that can also be collected through the increasing forms of the quantities. Hence, the ethical and moral implications here would be on environmental sustainability and the surviving environment. It is also a perception that the resources are long lasting and would be never-ending. It can also make an ethical obligation that would have to take care of the given environment to eat the food more correctly and ethically (Barauskaite, 2017).To follow the ethical framework

Americans are the highest meat eaters and their ethical obligation would be more subjective to the care of the environment. It is also how they are able to balance and eat the food ethically, it can also result in the benefitting with one own health. It also has to follow on the moral views that can also result in the resultant emotional, "gut" level that can also have a subjective and the related stronger influence that can cause the behavior than facts.

Another example would be if there is a different practicing American whose ethical framework would not allow to eat the pork (Barauskaite, 2017). It would cause more issues if they are not able to avoid the pork products and they have to consider twice while passing the bacon filled plates or simply to eat the pork chops. It would be more related to the undesirability or the simply a gut feeling that can make the person to eat. it is simply the gt reactions how an individual is more governed as to make it as a part of them to follow certain dietary regimes or to abide by the religion and also some governing kosher laws, Some of the religion and the individuals are also governed with the survival rate and they can make up the eating meat and cheese together.

The individual has to either go down and obliged with the ethical mores or simply would be more subjective to be the dirty or the feeling of the disgust or not sacred can be correlated.

The gut feeling would be more gut feeling and it would have a more subjective with the kinds of reactions that would not always be governed with the religious in nature. There can also be some of the vegetarians Americans belief which would have an awful feeling to the disgusted by meat for simply would feel held back after thinking about the conditions of the meat that have also controlled with how the animals are treated on factory farms (Barauskaite, 2018).

Utilitarian Theory

The Americans do not follow the rules of the utilitarian. The approach of the utilitarian's believe is more subjective with the moral choice and is correlated to the production with the relation to the greatest good along with the greatest number that can be governed with the sentient beings. the Utilitarian framework can also be determined how they can actually be the more resultant pleasure of eating the meat and how it can cause an animal's suffering. To understand the moral and the ethical implications the Americans has to understand how it can be governing with the animal to be raised and how it can also result in the slaughtering for the food, it would also be more subjective to the harmful ecological consequences that can concern to the animal agriculture, and an obligation of the measure which would be subjective to the little burst of gustatory pleasure, The Americans would also be related to how governing discussion on the popular discussions that are related to the utilitarianism which would also outline to the philosophy's and finding the critical premise (Bray, 2018): The Americans should have a moral standing, and oblige per their governing interests they can do. It is also an animal that actually has a no inherent rights under utilitarianism, and it would also become as per the animal's intentional death that can result in the culinary pleasure which can cause the animal's suffering and there can be a mass culinary pleasure derived from it.

American Consumers are more governed with the food choices and the models-:

There are also the three of the most influential approaches which can be applied and be related to the food choices that can help to understand the strengths and weaknesses such as the: (a) Economic (household and random utility) models -: It describes how people have the two or the more choices and how the relation to the food and the income is drawn on the basis of the income, choices, behaviors and the related relations. It is also influential and can be made by the house to house depending on the cultural, religion and various aspects.

(b) The food choice process model -: It is how an individual would have bought up and over a period of time-consuming the food. The choices are more family governing, cultural, ethnic, background, and the related factors (Feinberg, 2018).

(c) The theory of reasoned action/theory of planned behavior-: it attributes how over the period of time, the person has included certain food choices due to the change in the preferences, needs and the resultant considerable rational needs,
It is important to note how there are the three groups of models which would also be influential factors that can make the choices of the American food more rational and to be governed with the study of the food choices.


To keep oneself healthy and fit to lead a fruitful life, a basic requirement is to consume healthy food, not junk food. Pizza, burger, noodles, etc are come in the category of junk food (Feinberg, 2015). Except for adding calories to the diet and helps in increasing the weight of a person, they do not have any nutritive values. Junk food satisfies our taste buds only. Our bodies require various vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, enzymes for the proper functioning of the organs and keep them in robust health. There is a relationship between the consumption of better food and good health. Consumers should avoid such food producing companies who are exploiting farm workers, sabotage the environment or disrespectful to the animal well being. Eating ethically is to avoid harm to others.

Lonely and depressed people generally are obsessed about eating and all the time they feel hungry and consume a lot of food. Whenever they are aloof and sitting ideally and thinking negative, they pass their time by eating the various type of food not exactly healthy. With the result, they keep on increasing their weight and socially boycotting themselves to remain in their cocoon. Whenever they interact with people, people laugh at them, they remain in the center of mockery. People make fun of them and pass lewd comments on them. As a consequence, they develop inferiority complex, depression and shyness. It is a stereotype belief that obese people cannot do anything of use in this world (Feinberg, 2019). It is not like that they are also talented and have some hidden talents. sometimes they make use of their fatness positively to make people laugh on them and set the positive vibes. In movies, the producer of the films makes use of obese actors to create a humorous atmosphere and create pleasantness. Obese people can have many qualities like singing, playing musical instruments, good hand on medicine, indoor games, etc. The assumptions that obsessed people are not capable of doing any work specifically physical, is totally stereotype. They are the easy target of mockery.

Another stereotype belief is that the vegetarianism is better than the nation- vegetarianism. Food is taken by human beings for survival and maintaining good health. Whether it is vegetarian or non- vegetarian, it does not matter. It is a matter of choice and one should not deprive oneself of the food one is fond of. .But non-vegetarian food should be taken in hygienic form without unnecessary torturing the animal kingdom. It is a good source of protein better than vegetarian protein. Protein is needed for children for growth of body parts. It is essential in the growing stage of humankind. Nutrients especially protein, vitamin B12, and calcium are found in abundance in meat and dairy products. For healthy lifestyle meat is required in moderate quantity for the non-vegetarian eater. Heavy marketing of food and beverages results in the higher sale of them in the market. Like the opening of company to provide nutritionally deplete food like pizzas and burgers etc to satisfy the hunger thirst of consumers. It is scientifically proved that children of obese parents also remain obese. It is their biological need to eat food and beverages without bothering about its nutritive values. Americans should retrain themselves from overeating and pay attention to healthy food. stereotypes foodie will look awkward but stare at thin and lean people as if these people cannot afford food (Wilk, 2016).


Americans have a different diet regimes following the plants and animals (Rothgerber, 2016). Even historically we ate raw meat and afterward cooked meat only. It is better to enjoy what nature has provided to us. Vegetarian diets require dietary supplements. It is a stereotyped vegetarian who is against eating meat because of their faith, belief and religion make hue and cry and do not like non-vegetarians. They will see them with hatred gestures and will avoid their company. The arguments for non - vegetarian is that even plants can suffer pain and having sense perceptions. Then vegetarians should top eating plants also. There will not be anything to eat. Therefore, eating meat is equally permissible as vegetables.

Whatever the consumers demand the product, the products are supplied. The companies are mushrooming to fulfil the requirement of the consumers in America.

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