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Most of the time, the doctors don't diagnose you correctly for the ailment you are suffering from. This makes it necessary for you to equip yourself with relevant knowledge about certain ailments. You will not only be familiarizing yourself with how that particular ailment affects your body but you will also become aware of the extent to which the disease affects other people. At the end of the day, you will realize that you are not alone; there are a lot more people suffering from the same illness. A healthcare capstone does just more than that, it tackles a lot more, including identifying the root of the problem.

Coming up with unique healthcare capstone ideas is not an easy task as many people might think. However, the trick to finding such ideas without troubling yourself much lies in the understanding of the basics of healthcare capstone which I am going to highlight below.

  • A healthcare capstone is unique in that it has a completely different approach from all other disciplines.
  • A student must identify an existing problem from the real world, a problem found in that local area for that matter.
  • It requires careful identification of the most effective techniques that can be used to cure the problem.
  • A step by step procedure used to apply each of the techniques.
  • Proper analysis to determine the effectiveness of the techniques in curing the problem.
  • A conclusion or summary that highlights the results, whether the project goals and objectives have been achieved.

The following ideas can be used to come up with a perfect healthcare capstone. The good thing about them is that they apply to virtually every society across the globe.

  • Reducing nurse redundancy in health facilities.
  • Catering for the welfare of veterans of war.
  • Improve disaster drill procedures.
  • Proper and accurate documentation in health facilities.
  • Streamline EMR adoption

Reducing nurse redundancy in health facilities

Research shows that most nurses leave their work within one year of employment, one in five cases to be precise. Some of the reasons this happens to include a difficult working environment, little or delayed salaries, inadequate support from such institutions and inconvenient work schedules. Your capstone must capitalize on these issues by giving techniques that can be used to improve the morale of the nurses in their place of work.

Catering for the services of veterans of war

This is one group of people that is often overlooked due to factors such as lack of touch of the current generation with the historical pasts of the veterans. These people carry with them physical, emotional and psychological scars of their past, a past that revolved around service to their beloved country. A healthcare capstone could dwell on the best ways the society could take care of them in terms of the provision of appropriate healthcare to them and their families.

Improve disaster drill procedures

A healthcare capstone project could come up with effective drill procedures in health facilities to deal with both natural and man-made disasters such as tsunamis and fires whenever they happen. These procedures could be centered on training of medical personnel as well as availing the necessary equipment, without forgetting evacuation procedures.

Proper documentation and incident reporting in health facilities.

Most health facilities lack proper documentation of its activities and this has caused a lot of problems, including unnecessary deaths. This normally happens in big health facilities with huge traffic. A possible capsule could address this area by recommending information technology solutions to improve documentation and incident reporting.

Streamline EMR adoption

A seamless EMR adoption is a perfect solution for ever-changing and evolving health issues and trends globally. The problem lies in the availability of such devices with only a handful of health facilities having them. The capstone could aim at pointing out the reasons this is so and provide appropriate strategies to overcome the problem.

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