General Physics

Physics is a universal science that explains everything going around us. Physics understands of the creation of matter and energy. In other words, almost everything can be traced back to a Physicist. Physics states that there must always exist a set of rules that governs phenomena happening around us and it is physicist job to find out what those rules are and prove them mathematically.

Physics core concepts can be broadly classified into 5 categories. These include laws that govern heat flow, motion, electricity, magnetism, gravity etc.

Classical Mechanics - This branch of physics answers simple questions about the motion of objects like how objects move, why do they slow down and what makes them stop. It is mainly governed by Newton's three laws of motion. The first law states that objects do not experience any change without the action of any external force. Newton's second law states that force is mathematically equal to the change in momentum of an object. And third law concludes that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Various concepts that we study in mechanics live relative motion, projectile motion, and circular motion, have a wide application in our daily lives.

Thermodynamics - Thermodynamics encompasses the study of heat and different forms of energy. It is mainly governed by 4 laws of thermodynamics related to equilibrium, internal energy, heat flow and entropy. It also has its application in Chemistry too. These laws are the basis behind working of the refrigerator in our home or powerful engines that drive our vehicles.

Electromagnetism deals with the study of electricity, magnetism and their interaction.

Electromagnetic force or Lorentz Force is responsible for interaction of electrons with its nuclei and nearby atoms. Concepts of solenoids, induced emf, capacitors are covered in this field of physics. Electric and magnetic forces are observed in the regions known as the electric field and magnetic field. Such fields are elementary in nature and can exist in space far from the charge or current that generated them. 

Concepts of Theory of Relativity can be counterintuitive and hard to understand. It proves certain laws of classical physics can be completely wrong in situations that involve very high speed or very large mass. In early 1900s Albert Einstein proposed theories of Special Relativity and General Relativity. Special Relativity theory (1905) introduced the concept of space-time, time dilation, and length contraction. It also stated that speed of light is constant. Theory of general relativity was an extension of his special relativity and explained the concept of gravity. Einstein concluded that space-time can be warped by massive objects like planets and that warping is observed as gravity. Both these theories have been tested extensively by experiments around the globe and found to be highly true. Relativity is elementary for the study of concepts like meteorology, celestial motion, and cosmology.

Quantum Mechanics - The study of motion, behavior, and interaction of atomic and subatomic particles. Quantum Physics established the concept of wave-particle duality based on the fact that light sometimes behaves like a particle and matter sometime behave like a wave. Many concepts related to this field of physics are hard to grasp as they are very different from our everyday experience. Quantum mechanics proved that at very small scale many properties such as angular momentum exhibits discontinuity. These properties are in fact discrete and only certain set of values or its multiples are allowed.  For example, the photon is the smallest possible discrete unit of any electromagnetic radiation including light. Quantum Physics follows the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle which states that there is a limit to how precisely the value of a certain property can be known.

Importance of General Physics

Human society is entirely based on Physics. It is based on technology and engineering. Everything we build from an Air planes to a spaceship, everything we experience in sports, everything we use in our daily lives like phones, computers, the internet can all be traced back to theories of physics.  Whether it is a research on optics that led to the invention of Optical Fiber network and eventually internet or inventions of almost any electronic device that is based on our understanding of semiconductors. We owe everything to the Laws of Physics.

Both of the above examples show how research in physics has led to the development of an important technology. It is very likely that mankind will see the next big invention coming out from research on topics like nanostructures, quantum information or photonics will form which includes faster transportation and quantum computers and very high-speed communication systems.

Physics will also help you enhance your analytical, problem solving and quantitative skills. It teaches us a learning framework that rather than reasoning by analogy we should bring things down to most fundamental truths of the world and reason up from there. It will help us analyze whether something is really making a sense or not. This framework has been used by Physicists to figure out counter-intuitive things like Quantum Mechanics.

Good understanding of mathematical concepts and physical theories is a necessary condition if someone intends to work in a field like Cosmology, Astrophysics, Engineering, Meteorology, Oceanography, health-related fields and many others.

In terms of profession, physics education empowers a person to work in places like industrial and government laboratories, on university campuses, and in the space organizations. In addition, many physics graduates research behind and work in the media industry, in government, and even on exciting startups--places where their problem-solving abilities and analytical skills are great assets.

Physics is interesting, it is relevant, and it can develop you for great jobs in a wide variety of places. Shouldn't you start learning physics today?

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