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With the increase in demand of automation in today's world the technology that is required to automate has completely taken over the Information Technology market. One of the major components in automation is software's which are capable of doing complex tasks with ease. For writing this software one need to have knowledge of programming languages and technologies. But with all this, there should be a standard procedure for writing or developing a software product. This procedure is nothing but software engineering. It is all about how to engineer the software product for solving any complex task. It provides several models based on which software can be developed. Some of the fundamental models are waterfall model, prototype model, spiral model and the one which is currently used in the industry is an agile model. Software engineering is related to many other courses like project management, risk management. The core of software engineering course lies in the software development life cycle, which comprises of several steps like requirement gathering, modeling and designing, coding and implementation, testing and finally deployment.

Importance of Software Engineering Course

Software engineering course is the heart of software product development. Without the knowledge of this, no one can develop a deployable software product. A computer or information technology engineer must have knowledge of software engineering for pursuing a career in this field. It exposed to all the fundamental requirements of software development. Today every device that we use in our day to day life is embedded with some or the other software. Even an operating system that is used in our computer or mobile devices is one type of a software product which is engineered using the concept of software engineering. It covers the knowledge of complete cycle that is involved in the development process of any product.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving software engineering problems

The problem that students generally encounter with solving software engineering project is related to the gathering requirements for their product, designing the standard UML diagrams like use cases, data flow diagrams, statechart diagrams, activity diagrams, class diagrams, and component diagram. It requires a deep knowledge of all these concepts to bring it on the paper. Also, the tools that are used for drawing these diagrams are complex and needs high skills to use them. Making a design of the product is not sufficient enough for software development but writing a code for implementing it is also a major task for computer science engineer. Students find difficulties in understanding the complex programming languages like C, C++, Python, PHP and technologies like Java, .Net and many others that are currently being used in the market. Testing is another important process that is involved in software engineering. There are numerous tools that are used for manual and automation testing of the software product while it is getting developed. It's difficult for students to identify such tools and use those for testing their product.

Few important tips to solve these problems

For solving these problems of software engineering one should have deep knowledge of the SDLC process and gain good practice of using UML tools for drawing modeling diagrams. One simple tool that can help you with these problems is the visual paradigm. It supports with the user-friendly interface with simple drag and drop facility for drawing the diagrams. For having good command on programming languages many quality reference books and tutorials are available on the internet. Similarly, for testing many tools are available like selenium, Quick Test Professional by IBM, Run Runner and Load Runner. A very important thing that should be kept in mind before starting the software development process is to use the standard documents while undergoing any SDLC process and requirement analysis should be given highest preference because all other things are dependent on it.

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