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Security Analysis

A security is a financial instrument and has a certain value attached to it. Broadly securities are classified into equities and debt. Holders of Equity are entitled to the ownership of the Company to the extent of shareholding which they have. They earn by way of capital appreciation in the value of the shares and in case of dividends declared by the Company. Debt securities are in the form of a loan and usually have a fixed coupon rate attached to it during the tenure of the security, the principal is returned at the end of this tenure. Securities also include hybrid securities which have features of both debt and equity instruments.

Thus Security analysis refers to the analysis of these financial instruments in terms of their value to understand as to how they would perform in the future and find out if they are worth investing into. Typically security analysis is broadly divided into two categories viz. fundamental analysis and quantitative analysis. Fundamental analysis deals with analysis of the economy and the industry within which the company issuing the security, operates and how the company's business is positioning given the macroeconomic scenario. It also entails studying the competitive landscape along with the laws and regulations governing the Company. Finally one has to take a call on its future performance to understand its valuation.

Quantitative analysis involves using statistically relevant data from the past, the trends displayed in these numbers to understand the performance in the future. It involves the application of certain technical tools and techniques and statistical know how to take a call whether to invest or not in the security.

Security Analysis forms the basis of Portfolio Management and this subject forms an important subject for students of finance, specifically. It forms the basis of many professions such as Research, Investment Banking, Merchant Banking, Capital Market related jobs, Fund Management and Corporate Finance, to name a few. It also assists any professional in making good investment decision for their personal funds.

Difficulties encountered in writing Security Analysis assignment/assessments

Security Analysis as elucidated above is a very vast topics beginning with understanding the nature of the instrument and applying the relevant analytical tool in analysing it. Most of the securities being analysed are listed on the financial markets and thus knowledge about how these markets operate and function also becomes important. Students, more often than not, find it difficult to cope with the vastness of this topics involved in security analysis as each topic is a separate stream of study in itself.

Fundamental Analysis requires good knowledge about economics and law along with the understanding of the businesses. Students need to be well read and updated to perform such analysis on the Company. It includes valuation tools and techniques where students typically find it difficult to make assumptions and justify them. These aspects are very important as if the assumptions are not valid, the entire calculation could go wrong and all efforts and time would be wasted.

Another problem which students face is that they might not be able to decipher the financial statements which need to be studied in order to understand the Company's valuations and also to arrive at a future valuation figure. Here knowledge of accounting principles is important and not all students have a strong base to apply the same.

Quantitative Analysis entails applying of statistical tools and techniques where very few students develop a comfort level. Technical Analysis has its own principles and theory and is not everyone's cup of tea.

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