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C and C++ Programming

C and C++ sound bit similar when we look at their names but there are many differences between both of them. C is basically a procedural language for programming and has got no mechanism to support classes and objects. C++ is an amalgam of procedural and object oriented programming languages. Hence we even call C++ as the hybrid language. C is seen as the popularly and widely used programming language and was developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell Labs. C became popular because it has got the capability to convert into machine instructions. Due to this capability applications which are written in C work really fast.

Importance of C programming and C++ Programming Course

In spite of the fact that there are multiple languages existing in the market, the C programming language still is the most popular programming language. Be it microcontrollers or operating system, all of them are written in C since it's flexible in nature. Very less number of commands needs to be written to produce a good output using C. If one is interested in any of job profile related to computer programming, then one must learn C programming course. All the companies are having projects in this domain these days and employees should have a common platform to code. C acts as a common platform. Another important benefit of taking this course would be that it helps to understand all the advanced languages also as it is actually the base of all the high level computer languages. The best part about this course is that it is not even very difficult to learn as it makes use of simple English like statements. Definitely C is known to be a compiled language, hence after typing the commands we need to pass it through the compiler so that the code that is actually in human understandable form should get converted into the computer understandable form. C++ is another popular programming language that is actually considered to be the extended version of C.C++ is a very useful language as it even helps us to have a control to understand that how do we use the computer resources. It has been showing a great performance in terms of speed due to which it is also being used by designers to develop different gaming engines, games and desktop apps. One should undergo this course as it giving rise to many good job opportunities. The salary range one gets while working in this profile is really high and many large companies are hiring C++ coders these days to make them work on their apps. Hence both these courses should be taken up by the student to adhere himself with the growing industry needs.

Why students should prefer to join C and C++ Programming course?

Student should prefer to join the C and C++ Programming Course because of the future demand that we can easily see today as well. The scope of game development is growing each day; hence C++ would always remain at the top of the list of programming languages. C and C++ usually act as a common connect between multiple languages. So if there is a code developed on one platform and we want to make it compatible with another C or C++ may act as a bridge between the two. C/C++ compilers are known to produce the efficient codes as compared to other compilers. There are many a lot codes already available so one doesn't need to start from the starch if he wants to code in turn saving lot of effort of a coder. These are the programming languages that are supported on most of the platforms be it microcontrollers or mobile phones. The fact cannot be ignored that all the operating systems are coded in C. So if one wants to move with the pace of technology that is growing rapidly then he should definitely be well versed with these languages. Good career opportunities along with the good salary packages would be on the cards for the one who would be putting his step forward in this direction.

The Skills required for completing C and C++ Programming Assignments?

If one wants to learn C++,then it's better that he first learns C so that he gets to learn all the basic concepts that would be used to learn C++.If a student wants to lean C he should be knowing the basic knowledge of writing simple codes like in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. As C++ is known to be at a lower level, the language is considered to be really vast as we need to handle advanced concepts like memory management etc.It is required that one should know how to code as one needs to write a code to begin working on a prototype.

Difficulties encountered while writing C assignments and C++ Programming assignment?

There are few difficult topics that students come across while solving the programming assignments in C and C++ assignment. For example: Exception Handling, Understanding types and declarations, Pointers, arrays and structures, Namespaces and Exceptions, Operator overloading, Derived Classes, Polymorphism, Constructors and Destructors, Inheritance, Managing console I/O Operations, File Management ,String manipulation in C++,Virtual Functions, Formatted I/O, Structures and Unions. Students find these concepts really difficult to understand and then implement them programmatically.

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C language was formed in 1972 in AT&T Bell lab invented by Dennis Ritchie.

C is a middle-level language.

In order to explain further, we can communicate with the computer only by using a unique number system called binary, which has only two digits 0, 1. Here 0 means no or low voltage and 1 means +5 voltage in digital electronics.

But for a human being, it is very difficult (almost impossible) to communicate and write a full program in 0, 1. That's why there is something called high-level languages, which has English like syntax and can be quickly learned by anyone. C is one of those languages, which helps us to communicate with the computer, giving it instructions to do something. But as I've said earlier, a computer being a digital machine, can only understand 0, 1. So, we need some mechanism to translate our C program to 0s and 1s. We call that a compiler.

So, we write a program (some instructions to the computer, to do some specific task), then compile the program using a compiler, so that the computer can make out what we want to say.

It has relatively good programming efficiency as compared to other machine languages, and it also has good Machine efficiency as compared to high-level language.

To learn C, we should have the idea of characters used in C.

Characters used in C are as follows:

  • Alphabets.
  • Constants.
  • Variables.
  • Instructions
  • Program.

Concepts of Constant variable and keywords in C:

Constants: It has a fixed value. No change.

For example: 312, 200, 25.55 etc.

Constant are of two types. They are primary which includes integer, Real, Character whereas secondary includes Array, Structure, Union and Enum;

Characters are simple alphabets like a, b, c, d...A, B, C, D,... but with an exception. In computer programming, any single digit number like 0, 1, 2,.... and special characters like $, %, +, -.... etc., are also treated as characters and to assign them in a character type variable, you only need to put them inside single quotes. For example, the following statement defines a character type variable ch, and we assign a value 'a' to it.

Here, ch is a variable of character type and 'a' is called a character literal or a character constant. Not only a, b, c,.... but when any number like 1, 2, 3.... or any unique character like !, @, #, #, $,.... is kept inside single quotes, then they will be treated as a character literal and can be allocated to a variable of character type, so the following is a valid statement.

The basic concept in C : - (like operators in C, data types, looping- if-else, for, while, do while)

  • Array, pointer, string, function, recursion, searching, sorting, file handling and another important thing is Data structure in c (Stack, queue, linked list etc.).
  • C language concept, syntax, data types, the different type of loops and usage, pointers.
  • The lifetime of a variable? - ( ex: static & global variables have lifetime from start to end of the program. like we have to know for stack & heap variables)
  • Data memory model: static area - static & global variables stored here stack area - stack variables stored here (it will expand & shrinks when the program is executed) Heap area - runtime variables (when we use malloc) stored here.
  • How the memory leak is happening with an example (we can explain it with malloc() and free() functions).
  • A function is a significant component of C Language. Using Function, Programs are easy to write & comprehend. So there are some primary points to remember when dealing with C Language Function :

a.     The function gets called when the Function name is followed by a semicolon (;)

b.     A Function can call itself. Such a process is called "recursion". A Function can be drawn from another Function, but a Function cannot be defined in another Function.

c.      A Function gets called any number of times.

d.     The order in which the Functions are described in a Program and the order in which they get called need not necessarily be the same.

e.      Any Function can be drawn from any other Function.

f.       A Function is defined when the Function name is followed through a pair of braces in which one or more than one statements may be present.

These are some important topics in C

  • Pointer.
  • Structure with a program.
  • Use of Recursion in C & Program using recursion.
  • Dynamic memory allocation
  • File management.

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C Programming Assignment Help Topics under This Domain

  • Writing, compiling, and debugging programs;
  • Types, operators, expressions
  • Returning from functions
  • C file structure; variables;
  • Pre-processor macros;
  • Functions and problem statements;
  • Function pointers, hash table
  • Multidimensional arrays, Pointers to pointers, stacks and queues
  • Using and creating libraries, B-trees and priority queues
  • Arrays, Pointers, strings, sorting and searching algorithms
  • Linked lists, trees

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