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To complete and fulfill the objective of the companies and organization, Financial Management deals with the efficient and effective management funds. It is very vast area to learn and expertise, which covers many areas, like public finance, international finance personal finance, corporate finance, and behavioral finance etc.

     Including assets and dynamics liabilities, Finances management is the study of investment and management of capitals under the various conditions and policies. 

   Why does student Study in Financial Management course?

In various courses, the need of the Financial Management is to prepare the students for their overall development, which helps them to take financial decision for individual, group or organization. With the help of Financial Management, one can become more knowledgeable and able to solve problems of funds, learn the basic of finance theory, able to explore issues, prepare themselves to select better career plans, become ethical consumer, good enough to take appropriate and wise career decisions and last but not the least, they become skilled in developing and maintaining various tools to keep the employment in the organization successfully.         

Difficulties encountered in Financial Management

Financial Management subject plays the key role in most of the business courses. With the help of Financial Management, student learns lots of skills and become more knowledge holder about the terms and policies of the organizations and their financial status etc. As it is crucial subject so obviously it increases the expectation of professor as well from their pupils regarding their performance in the academic scoring.

               Financial Management is not easy subject as it seems. It covers lots of distinct concepts and topic which is lengthy and effort taking in itself alone. Some topics and concepts are given below:

o   Taxation

o   Public Finance

o   Australian Taxation

o   Arbitrage - Cost and Labor

o   Personal Finance

o   Behavioral Finance

o   Investment Analysis

o   Portfolio Management

o   Mergers & Acquisitions

o   Risk & Return

o   Capital Structure

o   Time Value of Money

o   Credit & Inventory Management

o   Insurance

o   Capital Budgeting Decisions

o   Cash & Liquidity Management

o   International Flow of Funds

o   Hedging

o   Swaps

o   Cost of Capital

o   Time value of money

o   Ratio Analysis

o   Entrepreneurial Finance

o   Bond Valuation

o   Exchange Rates

o   Working Capital Management

o   Financial Markets & Institutes

o   Derivatives

o   Business Valuation & Finance

o   Stock Valuation

o   Leasing

o   Forex

o   Risk Management Techniques

o   Exposures 

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