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Process Control Engineering

Process control engineering is a discipline which deals with the optimization of processes that are involved in the engineering of any product. Basically controlling the procedural processes is the main objective of this field. It allows framing certain strategies that support in optimization. These strategies are applied to the system either manually or automatically. With process control engineering, these strategies are actually applied on some systems in practice. For applying the concepts of process control some algorithms, technologies, and tools are used. In general, the main objectives of this course is using the operating strategies in order to solve the manual problems, finding different ways to minimize the operations involved in product engineering, using some simulation tools for designing the operations before applying them on the real system also helps in controlling the process of development. It also supports in identifying the difficulties that may occur in some control systems.  It enables learning of various factors of process control in production like maintenance, design, operations, and troubleshooting. It has evolved as a multidisciplinary program that shows relevance with production engineering, control signals, electronics, and telecommunication, mechanical, civil and because of automation, some bits of computer science are also involved.

Importance of Process Control Engineering Course

For any development of the product, a well-defined and crystal clear process is essential. If the process is not defined properly then the procedure applied in developing that particular product may not be that efficient. Also, the operations that are used might not be optimized. All these factors play a significant role in company's process control department. A process control engineer has the responsibility of handling the various vendors who are involved in developing operational systems. Designing the flow control for any project that has some specific procedure of execution is the basic task of process control engineering. With the help of this design, all the operations can be easily optimized. Process control engineers are also responsible for supporting new projects by assisting new startup companies. In addition to this, this domain also allows monitoring the performance of optimized processes, looking after the optimization equipment and their specifications, identifying and selecting the vendor, selection of software for development, selection of various sensors that may be used and other hardware required.  

Difficulties faced by a student while solving process control engineering problems

Process control engineering an advanced course which is basically taken by postgraduate students having primary knowledge of instrumentation, chemical, mechanical and electronics program. Being an advanced course, there are a lot of complexities involved in research and innovation. Students face difficulty in solving research-oriented problems. All the problems are based on the mathematical modeling. Students incur problem in framing the mathematical model for a given problem.  Students face problem while solving the Laplace transform when the process control equation is to be modeled for optimized operation. Designing the input and output models using the Laplace theorem is also a complex problem which students find difficult while solving process control assignments. Assignments that involve feedback system with multiple loops are also a problem for students when solving advanced control schemes.

Few important tips to solve these problems

Being an advanced and complex course the assignments on process control engineering involves a lot of difficulty for students. A sound knowledge of mathematics and Laplace theorem would help students a lot when solving assignments in process control engineering. In the case of multidisciplinary problems, programming skills are essential to solve the problem. Students must gain the knowledge of at least one object oriented programming language to solve the assignments related to automation process or automating the operations of any system.

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