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HR planning

Human resources management is a process which includes managing human resources in the company.  HRM considered employees as important resources of the company as they helps in achieving the company's goals. HR manager work is to hire employees as per job requirement, which employee will best suitable in which role is work HR manager doing.

For efficiency and accuracies in work HR makes straggles and doing forecasting. HR strategies help in better understanding of employees and increasing the productivities.

What are Human resources (HR) planning?

Human resources planning are a process of HR in which they forecast the need of human resources in company by observing need of human resources in company by observing present senior.  With help of HR strategies HR manager able to see the progress in work by existing employees and he makes plan for future if there is need of fresh hiring or not. And if they found that goals can be achieve with the help of existing employee by motivating them, and then they didn't feel the need of hiring.

Why is human resources HR -planning is important?

So far we have realized in today competitive world, a business wants to survive and want to achieve its goal, the right resources have to use in right way in the organization. Human resources of the organization may be fully utilized to get good results, for that a company must have a Human resources management, who will take care of hiring right people at right place and encourage the employee for productivity and motivated them time to time so that they will help in achieving goal of the company.

Human resource planning is must thing in any kind of organization who has employees as the prime resources for increasing productivity. With help of planning and forecasting of future requirement of the employees, HR manager will start preparing for that in present time.

HR planning process in the organization:

While forecasting workforce demand is the heart of Human resource planning.  It is important that HR professional know each and every single detail of the organization related to the human resources, so that they can make their planning accordingly. There are few steps which are taken in the process of human resources planning such as:

1. Identify the objectives of the company:

It is important that HRM aware of the objectives of the company, so that they will estimates the requirement of work force to achieve the objectives in given time period.

2. Make a estimate of current inventory of human resources:

HRM has list of each and every hiring in the organization accordant to the requirement. HR manager will check the current number of employees assigns in every department and for that HRM makes plans for future requirement of personnel.

3. Forecast the HR demand:

In this step the HR manager will forecast the demand of employees after consulting with the departments.

4. Determine the number of workforce and skills required:

HRM will plan the numbers of people to be hired in future and at what skills we will look into them, so that they will perfectly match with the position.

5.  Make an action plan:

HRM will now plan how to be hiring get start and what things to be required.

6. Implement the plan:

Once the planning is done, now time to implement the planning process and check it properly.

7. Measure and take feedback:

After the planning of workforces is done and now HRM will measure the planning with actual return and take feedback from concern people

What human resources planning bring into the organization?

We have aware of the need of the human resources planning in the organization, also we know how important is planning in an organization. Now we will talk about the company earn with the help of human resource planning as HRP.

HRP process if effectively executed in the organization which will in result give the company good work force, increase productivity and helps in achieving the goals, same time also helps in reducing labor turnover, employee's unrest and absenteeism.  A good HRP will help the organization to maximum use of available talent and find out the need of additional new skill in the company.

Challenges faced by HR planners:

The work of HR managers is not easy; they face lot of challenges while doing planning of future need of personnel in the organization. There are two types of challenges faced internal and external.

1. Internal challenges:

Many time existing employees feel the need of more workforces to reduce their work load and same time they resist the changes in the organization while bringing new people. To manage existing and new employees is a big challenge for HR professional.

2. External challenges:

There are many external changes happen like market conditions, employee turnover, seasonal employment; absenteeism and effects of new technology will bring challenges to the HR planners.

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