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Operating System

Operating System (OS) is the software which acts as an interface between computer hardware and software. To explain it in simple statement, it is a set of programs that are used to drive any hardware to process the given set of inputs from the user and generates the required output.  In other words, it is a system that operates the computer hardware and executes within the controlled environment. The modern operating system also allows multiple programs to execute at the same time. All the complex processing of data using software applications and hardware is controlled by the operating system.

Importance of Operating System Course

The operating system is among one of the most important courses for any Information Technology or Computer Science students. OS is the pre-requisite course for many other courses from multiple disciplines of engineering. Many inter-disciplinary projects require the knowledge of OS for successful implementation. The increased use of theopen source operating system is coming out as a huge market for open source players. The industry is moving rapidly towards using the open source OS. So, it becomes really important for students to learn this course with open source standards to service in the market. For that matter, the knowledge of the operating system is essential for engineering or any other graduates over the world. Without an operating system, your devices cannot work. Now, the whole world is becoming digital by the use of devices like laptops, smartphones, Tablets, etc. All these devices require the operating system to run and perform the required task. Not only are these, but these days home appliances, cars, electricity poles transferring information, which is possible only with the help of an operating system.Operating system course facilitates students to learn the concepts like - moderating the affiliation among devices and their peripherals, learning how the files are created, copied, deleted, and moved to different locations in the device, effective use of CPU and memory.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving operating system problems.

Problems in the operating system are generally based on designing an OS, writing device drivers for some application, writing system calls writing kernel space program for loading and unloading kernel modules in existing Linux OS. To design, implement or simulate an operating system in any programming language is a very complex procedure. Students generally find it very difficult to design the operating system components like Process Scheduling, Memory Management, and Storage Management; It requires an in-depth knowledge of all these internal components which builds an operating system. For solving the problems of open source operating systems one must have the knowledge of kernel space programming and module programming. The challenge that students face here is configurations of Linux operating system and writing device drivers for their problems. Students also face problem in writing algorithms which drive an operating system, some of the important algorithms whose knowledge students should possess are First Come First Server, Shortest Job First, Round Robin, Priority Scheduling, Memory Management Algorithms, Storage Techniques and much more.

Few important tips to solve these problems

Operating system problems can be handled effectively if one has in-depth knowledge of all the core components of an OS. Along with the core knowledge, one must be comfortable with object oriented programming concepts with good command on C programming language. For simplicity in solving problems related to open source operating systems like Linux, students must know how to compile and configure the latest stable version of Linux kernel. After kernel compilation writing the system calls for the given problem is next important step which can be done using system level programming and module space programming. To gain a better understanding of the algorithms students should solve the numerical before actually implementing or simulating it.

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