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A microprocessor is an important part of thecomputer. It is a kind of controlling unit which controls the microcomputer. It is fabricated on a small chip which can perform mathematical operations. It also has the capability of communicating with the other devices. So, a microprocessor is able to perform Arithmetic and logical problems. It has several components like Arithmetic Logical Unit (ALU) for performing arithmeticand logical operations, set of registers for data storage, and control unit for controlling the communications process. The data for operations comes from the various input devices that are connected to the system. The control unit has the primary task of managing the data flow and instructions that are given to the ALU. The execution of any microprocessor system follows a standard sequence for completing the task. The sequence is, it first fetches the data then decode it and finally execute it. Some of the basic concepts that are used in building a microprocessor are instruction set, clock speed, bandwidth, and word length and data types. Microprocessors are very cost effective, small in size, consume very low power, highly versatile, and are very reliable.

Importance of study of Microprocessor

People now a day are very much use to of using digital gadgets. They are highly fascinated by smart phones, PDA devices also known as personal digital assistant, microcomputers, and hundreds of other digital devices which they come across in their day to day life. It is to be known that every digital device that we use today has one major component as amicroprocessor. Without microprocessor, none of the digital devices can function. Microprocessors are electrical embedded devices that carry instructions to a computer system and make it complete the task. Devices that use microprocessor are capable of executing several functions like processing words, mathematical calculations, internet communication, telephony etc. therefore keeping in mind the future of digital world knowledge of microprocessor is very essential to the students from various disciplines like information technology, computer science, electrical, electronics, and telecommunication. Being a multidisciplinary course this has to be kept as the part of the syllabus.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Microprocessor problems

Students generally find learning microprocessor course very difficult because they do not get a good kick start to their learning. Students basically start learning this course from 8086 microprocessor and its architecture. So this creates a problem for them to learn the course with better understanding. Another issue that students face is of not having a practical knowledge of microprocessors. Just by learning theory, it is not a good idea of learning a course like a microprocessor which demands a high priority of practical knowledge. All the microprocessor requires assembly level programmingknowledge to send the instructions to the other components of the system. Writing instructions requires agood knowledge of the core microprocessor concepts like fetching the data, decoding it and then executing it. Simulating the microprocessor before using it in real life problem is also a very complex task. For this, students need to have the knowledge of C programming language which is another difficulty that they face.

Few important tips to solve these problems

For learning the microprocessor course in an efficient way one should always start learning the course from 8085 microprocessor. One you get the fundamental knowledge of the basic 8085 microprocessor you can learn any microprocessor present in the market. You can use thesim8085 simulator for simulating the solutions before implementing it, by simulation you will get a very deep understanding of the 8085 microprocessor and also you will learn the use of C programming language in writing assembly level code.

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