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Environmental Science

Environmental science is a way to understand the natural world and interaction between living organism and environment .it explain the importance of environment and how activity of human being affecting it. Environmental science is a field to find out interaction between physical, chemical and biological components of the environment together.

Environmental science can be divided into three groups-

1- Natural world

2- How living organism interact with environment

3- And how human being affect the environment

It also includes social science, political science and humanity with the study of environment. Over all it talk about the environment as a system, changes taking place in it and role in human life and itsimportance.


Our environment has direct impact on our life which makes its study important and necessary. For living healthy and proper life we must know about environment. The best way to get to know about is study of environmental science. Today population is growing, consumption of natural resources areincreasing day by day, creating pollution   and causing adverse effect upon human life which makes its study important.as these problems needs serious attention and an intelligent solution before it goes out of control.

We can't ignore environment, for living good life establishing balance between environment and human life should be our first priority.

As a discipline its study open the door for lot of career opportunity like Protection and cleaning of natural resources, pollution control and waste management creates a lot of job opportunity.

As people are becoming more aware of their environmental issue and taking it seriously role of environmental scientist become more essential.

Today the whole world is concerned about pollution problem, hole in ozone layer, global warming which becomes a serious threat to human life. Environmental science explains about environmental changes, its impact upon us how to protect it and how to make our life healthy.it create awareness about living a healthy life without disturbing the environment.

Our environment provides lot of thing for our survival and neglecting it can cause serious problems in our life. So keeping it safe and pollution free is our duty. Without having true knowledge about our environment we can't protect it.


Environmental science cover different branches like ecology, social science, politicalscience, humanity and physical, chemical and biological changes of environment together which makes it more complex. Our environment is changing drastically and lot of issue like pollution, global warming, shifting of tectonic plates taking place rapidly. Collecting data of all the environmental changes, studying it and providing a scientific base solution is a tough task. Study of environmental science is related to social science, law and policy which make it more complex.


EARTH SYSTEM- our earth is the main part of our environment as we are living upon it and using it for different purposes. It provides support for our survivaland plays an important role in our life.

Earth system is consist of 4 system like,

1-      Earth science

2-      Global water resources

3-      The atmosphere and

4-      Soil

Study of global water resources explainavailability of surface and ground water, their circulation, and rain fall, its uses for different purpose like domestic, industrial agricultural etc.beside this water pollution and conservation also come in this category.  It creates awareness among people how to use water resources properly and conserve it for future generation.

2nd most valuable system is our atmosphere which provides us life supporting oxygen and help in regulating earth temperature. Different gases in our atmosphere have different role in our life likecarbon dioxide is used for photosynthesis, oxygen for respiration; nitrogen for protein synthesis and their recycling is also belong to this topic.

When we talk about soil its formation, composition,utilization and contamination all are related to earth system. And earth science also relate to volcano, earthquake, tectonic plates etc. 


ENERGY RESESOURCES- energy resources are the resources that provide energy to make our life comfortable and easier. First we use fossil fuel as primary source of energy.  Fossil fuels are coal, petroleum and natural gas which we use for different purposes like electricity, running vehicles and machines in industry. It takes millions of years to form this fossil fuel beneath earth which is verycomplex and time taking procedure. The consumption of this fossil fuel create pollution and need serious attention to resolved otherwise life will become exhausting.

As we know fossil fuels are non-renewable resources people are focusing on other energy resources like nuclear energy and hydroelectric energy. Nuclear energy is a great source but its harmful effect is very dangerous   and consider as threat to human life. But if we use it wisely it can be very helpful to fulfill energy demand of growing population.In environmental science we study about nuclear fission advantages and disadvantage both upon human life.

 The 3rd resource of energy is hydroelectric power which is used by us on large scale. In environmental science we study aboutdam, flood control and formation of electricity and its role in human life.

LIVING WORLD - living world is not only about living organism it consist of ecosystem, energy flow, and natural biogeochemicalcycles.How energy flow begin from sun to living being. Foodchain shows consumption of energy at different level.  Food web show how energy gets transferred among various living being. Food chain and food web make it easy to understand energy flow step by step. Biodiversity and ecosystem are correlated. How evolution of plant and animal takes place, what factor causing evolution and how our world is changing. All these topics are covered under environmental science and it is very necessary to understand the functioning of natural world. When we study food chain it shows whatamount of energy is used by which level and how the energy cycle goes on.  Study of biogeochemical cycle like carbon cycle nitrogen cycles are come in this category which play a very important role in our life.




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