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SERVQUAL Review Article Assignment Help

For this activity, you will be critically reflecting on how service has impacted your perceptions of experience/satisfaction with an industry product using the SERVQUAL model.Read Chapter 9 Read Keys to Delivering Good Service a link of the chapter is uploaded in case its needed. Activity Directions: In this activity, you will be creating a service review of a recent industry service/experience/product you have engaged with. As mentioned in Chapter 9, under the SERVQUAL model, the five dimensions (RATER) of service are: Reliability: where the quality and level of service is consistent Assurance: knowledge and courtesy of staff and their ability to convey trust and confidence Tangibles: the organization's physical facilities, equipment, and appearance of staff Empathy: the degree of caring, individualized attention that the organization's staff provide to its customers Responsiveness: the willingness of staff to help customers and provide prompt service In 2-4 paragraphs, review a recent service experience of your choice using the SERVQUAL model as a framework. Each of the five dimensions should be addressed. Start your service review with a brief summary of the service experience you are examining.

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The present report is based on the service review of the hospitality and tourism industry by using the SERVQUAL model. In this context, one of the recent and impressive services encountered is the provision of holographic QR codes by Aloft hotel (Ivanov, Webster, & Berezina, 2017). It is an innovative approach, where customers can access information related to local businesses and the market by downloading the holographic image. Guests are able to download and save the information to use during their stay.


The service is easy, cost-effective, and to convenient use by the guests. It provides information related to the best shopping centres, restaurants, transportation facility, and spas in the local area. For easy understanding, the QR code is differentiated on the basis of colour. Contact information, addresses, the direction of local business is available in the green colour QR code, while special offers, coupons, and discounts are mentioned in the red colour QR code. It uses high definition images of the service or product to give the exact and clear information (Wu, Qomariyah, Sa, & Liao, 2018).


The holographic QR code offered by Aloft hotels is highly secured and trustworthy. The QR code is designed by considering the security aspects and cannot be hacked.


It involves virtual assets in the form of a QR code. It uses the life-sized cut-out of the hotel concierge on the lobby of Aloft hotel, upon which the holographic picture is projected. This concierge staff provides information about the best place to visit, shop, eat as well as the transportation opportunities to the hotel's guest.


The hotel staffs are very cooperative in this context and tries their best to provide maximum information to the customers about the QR code. The virtual-enabled QR code is presently available to all the hotel chains of Aloft in 500 locations of North America (Ivanov et al, 2017). The hotel staffs have supportive behaviour and help the new customers to find money-saving and time-saving options from the app without compromising on quality.


The employees and staffs hold a life-size cut-out holographic image in the hotel lobby to make the guests aware of the service and its usage (Storey, 2018). If some guests are unable to download and use it on their phone, they also provide assistance on the same. However, for the older guests who are unable to use the smartphone, the hotel staffs provide them with a printout of the important and useful information from the QR code. The customer service for the app are available for 24 hours per day and responds immediately to the customer's query. 

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