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The Fastest-Growing Cause for Shareholders Assignment Help

1. Read the article The-Fastest-Growing-Cause-for-Shareholders-is-Sustainability

2. In your opinion, does it pay to be socially responsible?

3. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages for a company that pursues a sustainability strategy?

4. How could a manager’s attitude toward social responsibility affect the company’s strategy?

5. What is your position on social responsibility, are you for it or against it, why?



The primary purpose of the paper to demonstrate the role of social responsibility within society. Social responsibility is determined to be organizations effort to develop a society in some of the other ways. Such type of efforts could range from donating fund to the nonprofits to adopting the environmentally friendly policies within the organization. Thus, the paper will discuss the importance of adopting social responsibility. It will also present the advantages as well as disadvantages of adopting sustainable strategy within an organization. It focuses upon the attitude of the organizational managers based on social responsibility that affects the company's strategy.

Does it pay to be socially responsible

In my opinion, the term social responsibility is necessary for organizations to secure its international or national social license. Involving in social responsibilities as well as becoming a responsible business puts a positive impact on the bottom line of an organization. It puts direct and indirect business advantages and benefits to the organization that implements it. With the help of adopting social responsibilities, activities stakeholders and organizations enhance macroeconomic development (Serafeim, 2016). Similarly, communication, cooperation, and optimum national impact could be socialized and enhanced. It is again the vital role of social responsibility to change the habits and improve the quality of life of society.

Advantages and disadvantages for a company that pursues a sustainability strategy


With the help of adopting sustainability strategy, a company could improve its sustainability based on organizational performance. It helps the organizations to focus on advertising and marketing of the products. Effective sustainability strategy delivers greater value to the stakeholders. It helps in increasing employee satisfaction and retaining top talent (Zahra & Wright, 2016). It helps the company’s to respond and manage business risk and identify the value of proactive management. It also helps the organizations to differentiate between service and product. It is also useful in reducing manufacturing and operating costs.

The significant advantage of the sustainability strategy is that it increases the retention and attraction of the employees. It generates renewable and clean energy from environmental, social responsibility. It causes more capital inflow from different sources. The regulatory authorities of social responsibility become less hostile (Yusoff, Imran, Qureshi & Kazi, 2016). It also helps in improving the reputation of an organization. It helps the investors of a company to conduct a private meeting with the management of an organization based on the need to modify the management practice and business model. It allows the shareholders of the company to vote on a particular topic.


The significant disadvantage of adopting sustainability strategy is that the company’s struggles to gain funding from sustainability efforts. It possesses a higher cost to generate services and goods in a safe environment as compared to non-sustainable way (Kolk, 2016). Adopting sustainable strategy creates various limitations for the company where the company faces fluctuation in the market, loss of personnel as well as limit the transportations and resources that cause the downfall of the organization. The major issue of following sustainable strategy is that it needs more work and it is less rewarding. The major disadvantages of the sustainability strategy are that it shifts its focus of becoming a profit-making objective of a company (McNamara, Carapinha, Pitt-Catsouphes, Valcour & Lobel, 2017).

The organization forgets about its regulations towards its shareholders that they have to gain profits for them. It increases the production cost that in turn increases the expenditure of an organization. It becomes difficult to collect data from different investors based on private involvement efforts. One of the significant disadvantages of adopting sustainability strategy is its higher cost (Rao & Tilt, 2016). Furthermore, following the policy of social responsibility does not create any significant increase in profit or sales. Another disadvantage is shareholder resistance where the investors buy stock with an expectation of gaining a profit.  

Manager’s attitude toward social responsibility affect the company’s strategy

Generally, the managers of the company possess a powerful position along with channels and information that influences the company to influence the expectations of the shareholders. The investment fund managers and investors are adopting the policy of social responsibility to build services and goods. It has been stated that it entirely depends upon the perception or attitude of the manager to whether to adopt or not the policy of social responsibility by considering its impact on the company's strategy (Saeidi, Sofian, Saeidi, Saeidi & Saaeidi, 2015). The attitude of the manager towards social responsibility is affected by the respective ethical values of the company. Other factors such as increasing domestic standards and reputation of the company also affect the strategy of the company. The managers also get influenced by the increasing standard of international policy due to social responsibility. Furthermore, it has been observed that according to the perception of a manager the ethical standard of the company affects its strategy to a great extent.

According to my opinion social responsibility is determined to be a crucial factor where employees prefer to work, and customers decide to spend their money. The significant role of social responsibility is to understand the impact they have on the world. It is the duty of social responsibility to commit and implement a program of social responsibility activities. I believe that social responsibility has become an integral part of how an organization executes its business and focus upon the perception of the customer (Pérez & Rodriguez del Bosque, 2015). It aims to understand the positive impact of the company on society and the method by which it treats its employees. It is the duty of social responsibility is to involve the employees, make an organization a more attractive prospect for the workers and enhance public trust.


The paper provided an understanding of social responsibility that is determined to be the fastest growing cause for the stakeholders. It has been observed that the adoption of social responsibility is significant for the organization to build a strong and positive relationship with the customers. It can be seen that social responsibility helps in identifying the cause of the fastest growth of the shareholders by determining environmental, economic and social impact. The paper also discussed attitudes or perception of the managers towards social responsibility that affects the strategy of the company. Thus, the overall paper provided a deep understanding of the role of social responsibility along with their pros and cons.


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