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Workplace Communication


PART A: Research topic: "Learning how to write an academic essay is helpful for communicating in the workplace".

Activity 1: For the research topic, "Learning how to write an academic essay is helpful for communicating in the workplace", identify key terms that make a connection between the ‘content words' in the question, your existing understanding of the topic and the concepts to be explored through research.

Answer: Activity 1: The key terms are:

Workplace communication, team efficiency, Opportunities, easy communication, an increase of productivity, performance improvement, goal achievement

Activity 2: Demonstrate effective use of CSU''s Primo Database in finding peer-reviewed journal articles based on the ideas generated in Activity 1.

Answer: Activity 2: For any academic research, it is important to have a base of peer-reviewed articles. With the help of peer-reviewed articles, a researcher can establish the validity of his or her statements in their research paper. As a group of scholars has reviewed the articles, the peer-reviewed article is more relevant for the upcoming research works. From CSU promo database, related articles are taken where the key terms mentioned above are discussed in detail.


PART B: Write two article reviews.

Answer: Article review 1: Hall, A. (2016). Exploring the workplace communication preferences of millennials. Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict, 20, 35.

This article explores the demand of workplace individuals for different modes of communication in the workplace. Face to face communication is always high in demand for the employees because it gives them a clear understanding of what heir firm wants from him and what skills they should have to achieve that particular goal. A way of face to face communication is the meetings with the higher authority of a company with the rest of the employees. It is a fact that such meetings cannot be arranged every single day or even on a weekly basis. Sometimes, the higher authority is not happy with his performance of the employee or it is also possible that the employee is unable to understand the demand of the organization from him or her. The meetings will help the employee to achieve the targets set by the management at the beginning of the financial year. Sometimes, it is also not possible to arrange individual meetings, therefore the companies prefer group meetings where the group leaders tell the problems he is facing at the time of guiding the team, the team members also discuss the issue they are having. It is sometimes much problematic to work in a team because the team leaders often have a partial attitude to the experienced team members and the ideas of the fresh candidates are never received. Through the group meeting, management will be able to hear the problems of both and identify a solution. Another way of workplace communication is to have a survey on the employees. Here the management lists the possible problems which the employees can face in a workplace and multiple choices are given to the employees. Here the employees give their responses and the management analyzes the responses to understand the depth of the problem. However, the author has mentioned that verbal communication is more time consuming but the team's performance definitely improves by this and the management develops an understanding with the individual employees.

Article review 2: Phutela, D. (2015). The importance of non-verbal communication. IUP Journal of Soft Skills, 9(4), 43.

This article shows the impacts of non-verbal communication in the workplace. It is not possible for the higher authority to communicate every time with the base level employees. Face to face communication is difficult at this level because the hierarchy has several responsibilities. As a result, the base level employees are unable to inform any problem they are facing in the workplace. Here the author has mentioned the importance of non-verbal communication. There are different modes of nonverbal communication like a direct message, messenger, e-mail, group message, and many other things. Sometimes communication via social media is also included in the field of non-verbal; communication but some other have criticized that social media communication is unofficial to some extent and it cannot be a method of workplace communication. It is possible that the higher authority is sometimes unaware of the issues faced by the base level employees, there can be discrimination, and there is a possibility of biased team leader. As a result, the skills of some employees may not come out. Rather the dominating team members are dominating the team and their decisions are taken for granted. Informing the hierarchy via non-verbal mediums will be helpful; to make them are of the issues. Plus, it will help the managers to know the problems from the core and mitigate them. It will improve the performance of all the teams and increase productivity for the organization.Verbal communication is always more preferred because the employees are not much efficient at the non-verbal modes but non-verbal communication is a less time consuming.


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