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Role of Social Workers Assignment Help

For this discussion, rely on your readings as an intellectual foundation for your response, and avoid giving your opinions based on any personal observations or experiences. Use personal or professional experiences only to illustrate your points.

Describe and contrast the role of social workers in U.S. society, both ideally (what is intended) and pragmatically (what actually occurs).

Explain how social workers are envisioned as a professional group by those both inside and outside of the profession, and why.

Compare the ideals of social work with its realities, given that policies, training, and agency practices vary.

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Q# 1

Social workers are known to solve the problems of people. They help people with different problems. Social workers in the US society work for the welfare of society and the people. They make the life of people better by helping them. Social workers help people in their financial crisis. They give information to the clients and support their families. They take them to the hospitals and assist them in their treatment. They also maintain the records of the clients (Sherraden et al., 2016). They also prepare the reports of the clients about their progress in health. But social work also creates many problems for the social workers; for example, he can get stressed after seeing the suffering of other people during the problems. They get much exhausted and feel a high level of fatigue. They take the responsibility to work more than their capacity and as a result, cannot perform the activities effectively (Hughes et al., 2016).


Social workers are considered to be part of a group or profession. There are types of social workers, including social worker professionals and volunteers. People help others for the sake of their personal satisfaction, happiness, and socialization. Some people choose this as a profession and some people do social work without having any related degree. Social workers in the US often work with the nurses and assist them in their jobs for helping the patients (Collby et al., 2016). So they are considered to be professionals. The profession of social work is also good in many ways. Social workers can get jobs in many fields in the future according to their specialization. Professionals in this field are offered great salaries because they do a lot of hard work and effort to make the life of other people better. Social workers are the most satisfied people from their job. They feel pleasure and comfort while helping others. They also earn respect in addition to money from this profession (Brill et al., 2001).


Social work is a profession that needs to be done with the will of the person. He must be helping others without any bias and judgment. Promoting equality and justice in society is also a part of social work. Social workers seek their satisfaction and happiness from social work. They need to work without being dependent on anyone. But the agencies and policies make the social workers dependent on special instructions. Social work agencies give special training to social workers and present them in a different way. The policy of the US also affects the enactment of social work. The resources need to help the government restricts people. It needs a long procedure to help others in the presence of policy. It affects the efficiency of people performing social activities (Wagaman et al., 2015).

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