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Occupational Safety and Health Assignment Help

Throughout history, there have been workplace tragedies that helped to shape the field of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) as we know it today. For this assignment, you will choose one significant workplace tragedy. To complete the assignment, you will need to address the following items:

Summarize the tragedy you selected and how this event helped to improve workplace safety and health today.

Compare and contrast the safety and health regulatory environment existing at the time of the tragedy with that of today.

Identify existing OSH regulatory and/or consensus standards that have likely helped to prevent a similar tragic event.

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Summarizing of the Tragedy and Improving Workplace Safety

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) refers to workplace safety issues and solutions that will ensure that all the employees working in a given organization are safe (Garzia et al., 2018). It is identified that due to lack of either proper measures, policies, or resources, employees are facing safety issues.

For example, the workplace hazards such as - exposure to chemical and biological agents, physical factors, allergens, ergonomic conditions, construction sites' issues, and other factors that will increase the risk of injuries and fatalities for the given staff. It thereby becomes important for the Human Resources (HR) department and the Operations Management team to take necessary measures in this direction.

It will thereby prevent the employees from getting exposed to such factors in their respective work environment. Now, it is found that in one such incidents that the ground-level staff in the healthcare organizations were found to be suffering from falls. It was later noticed that the slippery floors, inappropriate surfaces, and inefficient work environment were responsible for this incident(Garzia et al., 2018).

There was a need to improve the workplace safety for securing the staff as well as patients in a given healthcare organization.

Comparing and Contrasting: Health Regulatory Environment

Now, while comparing the existing health regulatory environment, it was found that the staff falls within the healthcare organization took place due to slippery floors, inappropriate management of the maintenance department, and also due to improper monitoring of the senior management staff. There is a need to revive certain policies in this direction that will make sure of overcoming such falls and thereby protect both staff and patients in a given environment (Nieuwenhuijsen, 2014).

OSH Regulatory and Consensus Standards

The OSH regulatory standards mention that it is crucial for the top-level management of all the organizations to provide safety to all the working staff. It will be the responsibility of the HR team to look after such matters and ensure deploying required regulation in this direction(Nieuwenhuijsen, 2014).

Now, considering the given case of staff fall, it is recommended to the maintenance department to dry all the floors and surfaces. Second, they need to check that there is not a single spot left in the entire workspace of the organizationwhere there could be a possibility of the occurrence of this incident. Only then it will protect the life and physical aspects of the given staff in such an environment.

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