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Wellness Program Assignment Help

"If health risk assessments (online questionnaires about personal health) are so worthwhile, why do we have to pay people to take them?"

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Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) is an important part of organizational wellness program to promote health and prevent diseases among employees. It is a set of questionnaires designed to analyze the employee's potential health related risks. Based on the identified health risks, the employees need to make wellness and healthy choices to prevent chronic diseases. According to the given article, most of the employees believe that these assessments are the act of privacy envision (Lewis, 2013). To maintain their privacy, employees provide dishonest and false information during the questionnaires, especially when administered by third-party vendors. Most of the people even lie to their doctors, because of embarrassment or threat of information leakage. It shows that they lack trust in their organization and are least interested in participating in such HRAs. The majority of the employees are unaware of the fact that the employers are prohibited by law from using HRAs data for additional purpose, other than wellness programs (Lewis, 2013). Apart from privacy concerns, employees have also the fear to follow strict restrictions according to their HRAs report, such as losing weight or quitting smoking, which is hard to follow. Additionally, in some cases, employees are also recommended to conduct certain tests or vaccinations as a preventive measure, which puts additional financial pressure on them (Lewis, 2013). On the contrary, the companies are bound to conduct HRAs to prevent future expenses on health-related problems, by making it a mandatory act or by providing financial incentives as an encouragement. The articles also mention that even after providing financial incentives, some employees refuse to complete the questionnaires (Lewis, 2013. Thus, companies should find alternatives to providing incentives to employees. For instance, employers should communicate with employees about privacy policies to build their trust. Or else, companies can make HRAs as mandatory for those employees who enrolled themselves in company-sponsored health insurance.

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