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Regional Integration Assignment Help

International Business Environment 

Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of regional integration. 

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“Regional integration” (RI) directs to different kind of economic and political agreements which build nearer ties among the sovereign nations. These kinds of strategies differ from business conformity to additional wide treaties where individual-member nations give up a piece of their nationwide power to a superior body. For instance: EU “European Union”. Contracts like such are not uncontentious, as they include definite pros and cons. ("Regional Integration: Concepts, Advantages, Disadvantages and Lessons of Experience", n.d.)

Profits in Deal: It is a benefit of RI for entity member conditions. In addition the EU, extra trade-related RI strategies involve many contracts in Africa: for instance, “the Indian Ocean Commission, the Multilateral Monetary Agreement and the Southern African Customs Union Agreement”. In different conduct, such contracts are beneficial as they make trade easier across the borders.

The Financial system of Range: RI contracts develop the marketplace for items & permits industries, factories and companies to sell their goods in a bigger marketplace. It is called “economies of scale”. It helps in increase in production and beneficial for the financial system. ("How to save the euro", 2011)

Restricted Fiscal Abilities: Few RI contracts which include the formation of general currency; the majority EU which directs to financial disasters. Without RI, individual nations may manage the contribution of their coinage to go with the country’s fiscal situation.

Civilizing Centralization: RI has also a non-economic drawback. Mainly, tough integrations such as the EU which directs to the failure of exclusive marginal cultures in a section. Only main languages are spoken like German, French, and Spanish. (Merino, 2018)


Regional Integration has advantages as well as disadvantages and these agreements are always controversial. It includes advantages like increased trade and economic co-operation, expanded marketplace for business, as well as disadvantages like dependence for specific goods on other nations; some goods are expensive because of tax. So it depends on the situation if RI is beneficial or not for business.

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