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Description of the company

“Asos Plc” is one of the most popular British fashion and cosmetic retailers across the UK (ASOS, 2019). The company was established in 2000, at London, UK along with the burning desire of providing great fashion and cosmetic products to the customers’ at the most affordable price rate. The company deals with clothes, shoes, beauty accessories throughout over 200 countries. They mainly use their online website, where they have more than 850 brands for the customers. The company generate majority of the income through using their attractive website.

The main purpose of “Asos Plc” is manufacturing distributing great quality fashion and cosmetic products to their valuable customers for enhancing the company’s brand image. The company has focused on extending their sales revenue.

Explanation of the problem

Recently, the company has noticed a serious problem across the firm. The problem is that the employees of the company are not trained enough to handle different complex machines and modern advanced technologies compared to other employees of established and popular organizations. Therefore, company is facing a gap in their performance. Modern era is an era of technology, where technology is being used in organizations as well for accelerating the productivity and performance standard. This alternatively allows generating higher amounts of profits and gaining better sustainability in the market.

However, the company named, “Asos Plc” is facing critical organizational issues regarding ineffectiveness of utilising the modern technologies. This has affected their production rate of the company, which is resulted in lower profit generation of the firm. Therefore, mitigating these organizational issues through taking proper steps is such important for betterment of business activities of “Asos Plc”.

List of key stakeholder groups

There are several groups of stakeholders such as employees, managers, suppliers and others are involved in the analysis of the problem across the firm. This problem of inefficiency in handling advanced machines and lack of technical skills and knowledge is required to be handled and mitigated through taking active participation from all the stakeholder groups. Managers can better explain the actual gap in the firm. Additionally, manager can provide performance report of the employees in relation to technical skills, which will clearly indicate the technical knowledge and performance of the employees (Reiley et al., 2017). Employees can explain their personal experience regarding their knowledge and control over technical field. Actual gaps also can be identified within the organization through taking help of employees. This will allows better fixing the organizational issues.

Needs analysis methods

For analysing the need, using questionnaires is the best option (McGuirk and O'Neill, 2016). This allows collecting authentic raw data and information that can be used for further analysis and development as well. Through preparing questionnaire and conducting survey, this is possible to reach a wide range of audience in a very short time. Moreover, this process of analysis is inexpensive compared to any other analysis techniques. This provides an opportunity of expressions without the fear of embarrassment. Survey program collects raw data from the market and company to use the data for further development. Another major advantage of using this questionnaire is that this can summarise the yield data effectively (Ghaderi et al., 2015).

For accessing all the benefits that are discussed above, the company, “Asos Plc” has decided to use Questionnaire for analysis of the organizational issue.

Training objectives

The company has decided to arrange an effective training program for the employees along with many important objectives that are as follows:

- To enhance the technical knowledge and skills of the employees in order to make them ready to work in the company

- To accelerate the production rate

- To better use digital technologies in marketing  and promotion of  new products

- To meet the sales target through acquiring more numbers of targeted customers using social media and other online platforms

Rationale for selection of the training strategy

The company has decided to arrange a technical skills training to enhance the technical skills, knowledge and performance of the employees. This type of training basically is designed for providing the workers with the essentials skills required for performing their jobs as well as adapting to organizational and workplace change.  This will allow the company executing over business plans more quickly and staying on top of continuously changing modern technologies. Days are coming, while technology will dominate all around the globe. Therefore, in order to prepare the employees to bring the technological change, this is such necessary to provide them adequate training and knowledge. Through enhancing the technical knowledge, the employees will be able to adapt the upcoming and trending technologies in their organization to accelerate the productivity and profitability of the firm simultaneously.

Training outcomes

After the completion of this training program, employees of “Asos Plc” will be able to learn a lot of lessons. Employees can enhance their technical knowledge boundaries through taking proper training in the firm. Additionally, this can extend their performance level and better use different advanced machines. Alternatively, technical awareness also increases across the firm. Employees will understand the significance of adopting and using advanced technologies in the company They will be able to  adopt digital technologies including cloud system, IOT functions and others that can assists in better business functioning.


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