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The Integrated Management Project Assignment Help

1.  The first submission is a short proposal of 350-500 words which identifies and describes a current workplace problem or issue; theories, tools and techniques available to provide a business solution; and how the various parts of the business/ organisation come into play

2. The second part of IMP -1 is a 3000-word submission.  You should produce a report that:

Identifies an issue in your organisation that has multiple and varied approaches to its resolution. The issue need not be one of failure but may be a challenge facing an organisation. This should be current or impending but not a past issue. You will identify and integrate a range of theories and techniques drawn from multiple appropriate disciplines from your MBA in the creation of appropriate solutions.

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Proposal: IMP1

Title: Analysis of the factors causing Miscommunication Among Junior Staff at Orange UK Company


Effective communication in the workplace is always vital for sustainability and improved performance of any company. This project seeks to conduct an assessment on communication issues among junior staff at Orange UK Company and the factors that have contributed to the same. After these issues are analyzed and identified, a strategy for eliminating the miscommunication problem is the identified and recommended. This proposal also presents the implication of the communication problem in the identified workplace as well as the requirements and strategies to leverage the same. Further, the applicability of the proposed strategy has been discussed using the Break-Even Analysis on the Orange UK Company.

Brief Background

Orange UK Company is an internet service provider and network operator in the UK. It supplies most of the individuals in the UK with the broadband service with high internet. It was purchased by the France Telecom and merged with the Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile. The company was established in 1994 and is responsible for delivering the best services for the consumers. Currently, Orange UK is the largest mobile operator in the country with 37% of the market share. The company boasts more than 300 stores in different parts of the country (Orange, 2019). Key competitors for this giant operator include, BT Group which is its largest competitor, T & T, I & I, Vodafone, and Verizon (Owler, 2019). The operational activities for the staffs are divided into groups including customer care, services, hardware installation, accounting, and others. Miscommunication has become one of the greater concerns for the company that is impacting most of the operational activities.

Problem Statement

In essence, Orange UK Company is having trouble in delivering the services on time, resulting into compromised services. This is due to the miscommunication among the junior staffs, subsequently leading to issues in initiating the operational activities related to the services. Despite the existence of information systems within the workplace, there is no any interconnected network that can allow to have a real time information access and communication from the senior managers to junior staffs, thus causing the chaos for the staffs and employees working with the company.

Framework for Analysis

McKinsey 7 S Model

The analysis of the prevalent issues is analyzed through the lens of the McKinsey 7 S Model. This model is used to gauge the effectiveness of the existing processes, and strategies with an organisation. The 7S model consists of the following stages:

Strategy: the strategy is required for assuring the effectiveness of planning for the project. A high-level planning is important for assuring that every activity being introduced will be meeting the expectation of the project. This is the very first stage that focuses on the allocation of the different resources and materials in addition to the role of the different stakeholders involved in the project. What will be evaluated therefore, is whether there is adequate communication planning and strategy at the workplace.

Structure: This can be related to the project planning that will allowing the establishment of the different stages focusing on the final delivery and management of the entire project. The different structure and division of the organization will be considered for the delivery and management of the daily operational activities. The focus thus will be the structure of the communication strategy at the workplace.
Systems: this is the strategy for the consideration of the ways in which the daily operation will be delivered and managed accordingly. The different stages are required for allocating the different stakeholders to be assigned with the work breakdown that is crucial for the management and delivery of the entire project. It will allow the strategic management and delivery of the project accordingly without altering the existing business procedure and benefits. What will be looked at therefore is who is involved in the communication and whether they are taking their roles seriously?

Shared values: the main or core values of the organization can be referred as the share values that is totally responsible for the management and delivery of the entire project. This analysis will evaluate the compliance of the organizational goals and objectives and whether the goals of the change being introduced are effective and efficient in managing and delivering the project in successful manner.
Style: It can be referred to the ways in which the leadership and management is being delivered throughout the project. This project will need an experienced and educated project leader who will be managing and delivering the entire operational activities in much efficient and effective way. The focus will be an evaluation of the effectiveness of the management strategies in delivering the communication entire project.

Staff: the contribution and acceptance of the staffs and employees is highly mandatory in assuring that the project being driven results in positive manner. The proper and transparent information must be cascaded to the employees for assuring that they understand the situation and effectively contribute in the change. In this regard, the channels of communication in the workplace will be assessed.
Skills: Diverse skills are required for this implementation as the establishment needs to be made on the existing infrastructure of the organization that has not any database nor any effective way of communication that can track the records. This assessment will also look at the diverse competencies needed for effective communication and whether they are existing in the workplace.

Report: IMP-1

2. Analysis of the Communication Issues and the Possible Solutions to the same

Analysing the existing scenario of the work environment, it is identified that following are the issues causing due to the miscommunication:

Interpersonal conflict: the miscommunication is impacting the efficiency of the employees who are at low level and thus, leading to the blaming game for everyone. None of the individuals are taking the responsibility of stating that the lagging factors are causing due to them. There is not any record of the activities and the decisions made by the different individuals. This is also leading to the anxiety and stress for the employees as the single work is being delivered more than once and even that the end consumers are not satisfied with the services being delivered.

Low job satisfaction and motivation: these issues and problems are occurring because of the miscommunication and lack of communication related to the decision-making operational activities. The dissatisfaction of the customers is occurring because of the communication lagging and hence, employees are not getting proper appraisals for the efforts being driven.

The above two issues are the result of the factor related to the communication gap between the managers and supervisors and thus, leading to the conflicts and improper management within the work environment. The project management information system can be an effective and efficient strategy for eliminating the problems associated with this system. It would allow the implementation of an inhouse IT framework that will develop a network in the work environment interconnecting every branch of the organization. The fact is that it will improvise the existing ways of the operational activity's delivery. It can improve the existing ways of the operation delivery and real time data and information management. Following analysis can be done for analysing the efficiency of the implementation of an information system for the management and delivery of the operational activities delivery.

People: the solution is to introduce an integrated information system allowing the interconnectivity among the different branches. It will no doubt need some training programs to assure that the system being introduced is effective enough to be applicable by them. It is necessary to consider the perspectives of the different users and the staff members response on the particular solution being introduced. There are the possibility of the resistance and appraises from the young staffs. Thus, it is required to cascade the necessary information to every involved stakeholder in manner to make sure that they understand the approach behind the change being introduced. The information system will be acting as the core of the management for delivering and managing the daily operational activities. Since, the system will be used by the staffs and employees and thus, agreement and acceptance of the users will be crucial in assuring that the implementation is successful.

Financial aspect: The management information system allows the organization to have an interconnectivity among the different branches and offices of the organization allowing better and smooth delivery of the daily operational activities. The concept behind the implementation is to improve the productivity and fasten the services through improving the communication factor among the different employees associated with the company (Barale 2018). The better communication will improve the financial condition of the company in addition to the customer service. The cost benefit analysis can be used for analysing the benefits of the implementation of information system. The following cost benefit analysis for this implementation can be demonstrated as follows:

Untitled picture.png

Untitled picture.png

The above calculation can be used for developing the following graph describing the condition of the cash flow for the implementation:


Untitled picture.png

Marketing: the above cost benefit analysis demonstrates how the project will start returning for the company. Thus, the company will be benefitted through adopting the information system as the solution and hence, the developed system will allow the company to get better benefits in the market.The competition is rising with the exponential rate that is because of the adoption of innovative computer systems allowing to have the better service and product deliveries (Boyes et al. 2017). The marketing strategies can be boosted for assuring that the large amount of production and output can be made. Presently, there is not any way of getting the overall summary of the production and output that can be evaluated for the development of new strategies for meeting the expected demand of the consumers. The dimensions of the marketing strategies include the different approaches those could improve and enhance the productivity of the organization supporting ongoing ways of the marketing strategies. It will allow technological alignment for the organization and hence, developing further strategies those can be utilized for the different actions suiting the work environment of the organization (Grady 2016). Decision-making is a considerable point for the entire operational deliveries as one key angle is showcasing technique as a venture portfolio, in which hazards can be assessed and profit for the full scope of present and potential advertising procedures. The other key part of significant techniques is taught activity.

Strategy: It is all about the development of the better actions those suits the environment allowing the individuals to have the appropriate and effective decision-making for the enhancement of the existing production and output (El-Sabek and McCabe 2018). The PESTEL analysis can be driven on the adoption of the information system within the organization:

Political: There is not any political issues related to the adoption of an in-house IT infrastructure nor any legal agreement with the government is required for this adoption. Hence, politically this best suit the organization for adopting without any issue and problem that could possibly impact on the adoption of this technology for the management and delivery of the operational activities.
Economic: The above driven cost-benefit analysis on the adoption is a recommending factor that suggests that the adoption of the information system is economically good for the organization (Laudon and Laudon 2015). The investment will allow the organization to have returns after two years and hence, the feasibility of the solution is effective enough to be adopted as the integral part for the management of the entire operational activities relying on the technology.

Social: The information system is widely being accepted by the entire community and hence socially, it will be accepted by the consumers allowing to have the greater benefits and easy services. Socially, the adoption can be stated as the approved to be implemented within the existing system of the organization. It will allow to have the all-time access of the data and information supporting the entire organization to be socially active (Austen et al. 2018). Moreover, it can also be utilized at the mobile devices that can allow the staffs and members to access the required in public and social without impacting the overall production and output

Technological: Technologically, it will be an advancement that will be supporting the entire operational activities in all the ways. The information system would allow enhancement in the existing system of the organization supporting the entire operational activities in much efficient and effective way. It will boost the organization in being technologically strong in relation to the entire branch management and different operational activities deliveries.

Legal: Legal agreement is only required considering the privacy and security of the data and information being collected for the various operations. There should be a policy development for the management of the privacy and security of the collected data. It should consider the confidentiality of the data and information in manner to make sure that none of the intruders could access them and utilize for the personal benefits (Avgerouand Walsham 2017). Development of the policy could possibly improve the privacy and security of the staffs and members and hence, legally, the implementation is acceptable for the organization to establish it within the existing system.
Environmental: The in-house IT infrastructure will have not any severe damage to the environment and hence, the adoption can also be environmentally benefitted. It will eliminate the paper work and improve the efficiency of the staffs without damaging the environment. The green IT can also be used for establishing a sustainable environment within the estimated environment along with the assurance of the nature nurturing. There will not be any impact on the nature and thus, environmentally, the project can be approved.

Considering the competitive environment, IT can support the entire organization in delivering the best services to the end consumers and improving the existing marketing condition of the organization (Sugg, Ziaja and Schlager 2016). Winning the competitive race is the goal of all the companies and that can only be accomplished through adopting the information technology. It will improve and enhance the production speed and efficiency. The increasing demand of the customers needs innovative ways for the delivery and management of the operational activities. The competition is raising with exponential rate and the IT is the only factor that can allow the company in coping up with these factors. The customer's present perspective depends on the best and fast services. As identified that the orange company is facing miscommunication issues that is alternatively leading to the issues in the late delivery of service. The management of the internal operational activities can be boosted for the management and delivery of the best services in accordance to the improvement factors those could speedup the production and delivery. Thus, in this competitive market and increased demands, the organization will be capable of meeting the needs of the different consumers as per their needs and requirements. The present customers are facing the late delivery in the new connection, not any relevancy in the network establishment, and late delivery in the maintenance. However, the competitors are allowing these services in much effective and efficient way through allowing the quick access to these services and hence, it becomes crucial to make sure that these services are available to the users at the same instance the consumers ask to have it. The inhouse database and IT infrastructure would allow the organization to establish an efficient and effective communication between the employees and real-time access to the same data and information.

Operations Management: There are many available software suits those could be implemented within the existing IT system with easy integration and collaboration. Hence, an ERP can be suggested as an efficient software system that can solely manage the operational activities related to the operational management, supply chain management, and procurement management. These suits are specially designed for managing the similar operational activities in relation to the management and delivery of the entire operational activities.
Supply chain: This incorporate the execution of SCM worldview and data innovation (IT).Organizations are endeavouring to discover approaches to enhance their adaptability and responsiveness and thus aggressiveness by changing their tasks procedure, strategies and advancements. Production network the board (SCM) is the latest worldwide activities technique for delivering the expected operational activities.

Procurement management: data innovation in obtainment is a critical supporter of authoritative execution in enhancing proficiency, administration conveyance, viability, persistent Quality enhancement, decrease in price tag and straightforwardness, in this way open part associations ought to be urged to embrace data innovation rehearses in acquirement.
Operations management: Open Procurement Oversight Authority should start coordinated data Technology frameworks and manufacture the limit of the clients out in the open division associations to empower data innovation rehearses in acquirement (Sarda et al. 2017). It is vital for open area associations to receive data innovation rehearses in acquisition to enhance obtainment execution and by augmentation in their authoritative execution. This limit working in broad daylight division associations will upgrade administration conveyance, scaled down price tag, improve effectiveness and straightforwardness.

Project Management

Lewin's change management model can be recommended as the suitable model for the successful and efficient deployment of the introduced changes within the existing system of the organization. It will be supporting the ongoing attempt for modifying and manipulating the existing ways of operation deliveries and management accordingly. The three major stages of this model can be considered for the delivery and Management of the proposed change:

Unfreeze: the preparation and planning for the change will be the initial step in modifying the existing system into an automated and real-time IT infrastructure-basednetwork. The Orange company will have to be prepared for the change about to be introduced and hence, understanding the need of the change for the top managements will be crucial. The management will have to understand that the existing system is not effective and efficient enough for managing the increased demand and fast services and hence, IT is crucial need for the delivery and management of the operational activities. There could be the possibility of resistance among the employees in relation to the transformation or total change of the existing system and hence, proper and benefitted information must be cascaded to the different stakeholders in manner to make sure that there is not any resistance in delivering the proposed implementation. Explanation is crucial for the different stakeholders in relation to the better understanding over the need and requirement for the deployment of the expected changes.

Change: the next step will be to implement and deploy the proposed change for the expected implementation. The execution will be the next phase and thus, better leadership and reassurance will need to be managed in manner to make sure that the proposed plan is being embraced for the delivery and management. the proposed plan is to establish an in-house IT infrastructure database that will be connecting the different branches in the single network and allow everyone to have the access to the real-time data and information. The systems need to be upgraded in addition to the establishment of the new hardware and software crucial for the management of the data and information. The better leadership and management will be crucial for assuring that the changes being implemented are well managed and delivered within the expected constraints. Thereafter, the unique administrative access will be required for the different individuals assuring that there is enough and effective availability of the access over the saved and captured data and information.

Refreeze: Re-stabilization will be crucial for the development and execution of the project in successful manner. The concept is related to the allowance for the staffs and the employees to understand and access the system for efficient and effective application of the change being introduced. For completely eliminating the issue related to the miscommunication, the efficient application of the information system will be crucial and hence, the training and education program will be required. It will be helpful and effective in deploying the stable environment for the staffs and employees in understanding the various application of the system and how those could be delivered for establishing an effective communication.

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