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The Effect of Seven Habits on MPA Students Assignment Help



The key to becoming an effective and disciplined student it is vital to consider some habits that would allow them to organize their activities carefully. The discussion provided below is entitled towards the identification of the seven essential habits that are highly acknowledged by the students for their effective study and disciplined life. The use of these seven habits had been forwarded by Stephen Covey and it has been considered extremely valuable for increasing the productivity of an individual by encouraging a sense of positivity and a healthy competition. He has always been enthusiastic about initiating the concept of change among the individuals first and then make sure that the personal attributes allow the student or adult gain maximum amount of success in life. The discussion would highly each of the beneficiary aspect of the seven habits and analyse the effect it has on the MPA (Master of Public Administration) students. 


The MPA program makes sure that the students are for acquiring a professional degree that would allow them to serve as managers, executives or policy analysts in federal and state government approved organisations. The students can also initiate their services in the non-profit sectors or in the non-governmental organisations as well (Covey, 2015). This implies that the student has to be very much disciplined and equipped with substantial amount of knowledge for working for the welfare of the people. Given below are the seven essential habits of an effective student highlighted by Stephen Covey: 

Habit 1: Be Proactive

The first habit is all about being responsible a highlighting the key aspects that needs to be undertaken in the everyday life of an individual to make sure that rightful decisions have been made for serving the purpose of being an effective student or an effective public servant. It can be evidently stated that being an MPA student, one of their key considerations would be to understand their responsibilities and take necessary actions to act on them considerably. According to McGowan (2016), this particular habit also involves learning from other people’s experiences and the way they undertake their own responsibilities and make them work. It initiates the idea of self-awareness that indulges an individual to see themselves and analyse their own attributes and key considerations that would allow them to gain prominence and work effectively as a student first, then as a reasonable and responsible employee later. Being proactive indulges the idea that the individual is in a complete sound mind while making a vital decisions and would not have the audacity to blame others for his/her own actions and decisions. In addition, the individual must have the capacity to make the right decisions even when no one is asking. 

Since an MPA student would be accountable of being active in all kinds of public services, one of the first ideology is to make sure that they are aware of their roles and responsibilities that requires them to carry out their work efficiently. One of the key considerations of acquiring a degree for this course involved the proper understanding of their activities and being responsible for every decision they make (Boateng, Plopper & Keith, 2016). Some of the beneficiary aspects would be that it would make them have matured response to every stimulus. They must have the ability to surround themselves with positive reactive environment, that would eventually allow them to work and understanding their workplace aspects in a far more coercive manner. A person’s ability to subordinate their own impulses and turn it into something of worth is the vital sign of being proactive. The individuals who are proactive develop a sense of positivism and are driven by values (Amodio & Swencionis, 2018). These are the kind of values that have been carefully though about and are selected and internalized values. Thus, it is evident that the responses of a proactive person are a value-based choice or response. 

Habit 2: Begin with the end in mind

This particular habit can be defined informally as the kind of ambitions an individual has and the kind of deliberate choices he/ she would make to make sure that they can pursue them with value and dedication and work in the most effective manner. The individual must have substantial amount of knowledge on the beginning of his/her journey and that would allow him/her to make sure of the kind of activities they want to indulge themselves. It involves a proper and clear analysis of the present and future with the help of proper nourishment from their values (Allen, 2017). This habit cites the ambition and positivity that flows within an individual. From a selective opinion of making sure that the individual is able to attain a degree in MPA, they must have the ambition and consideration of proper planning and acting accordingly to achieve their designated goals in life. As a part of the school, college or workplace curriculum, it falls under their responsibility to make sure that they can achieve the goals and objectives of their respective ventures and work for their own personal development as well. 

With proper planning and scheduling it is also essential that the individuals have managed to consider certain monitoring and reviewing activities for the planning that they have initiated to make sure that they can instigate the idea of proper development and look for effective ways to be a good citizen. The practice of this habit would make sure that the individual pursuing his/her degree in MPA has a proper structure of forming a plan and work on it effectively for better insight on their work. According to Heacox (2018), the understanding of this habit would make sure that the individual has an appropriate and clear understanding of the destination they need to reach and are steer clear of their goals and ambitions in life. As identified by Greenberger & Padesky (2015), the most fundamental application of this habit begins with the image, picture or the paradigm of the end of their respective lives as the individuals continue to frame their activities drawing from their influences. Eventually, it makes the person realise if they are heading towards a right direction making sure that they do not get stranded or caught in a trap that diverts them from their goals and ambitions. 

Habit 3: Put First Things First

This particular habit is concerned with prioritising the daily activities of the individuals, such as considering the application and daily consideration of the ones that would actively enhance their personal abilities and make sure that they can achieve substantial amount of greatness in their curriculum in the upcoming years. Here, it has been emphasised that the individual must have the capability to take proper care of themselves and manage their interests tentatively at the same time to make sure that they do not get rid of their passion or essential attributes deliberately (Alves et al., 2018). It is of primal importance that a student or an official of a prominent workplace is able to organise each of their activities according to their importance in the daily activities of the individual to make sure that they can reach to the point of proper execution of the plan. Also, it is important to note that the individual is able to spend time of things that are of primal importance and at the same time has the ability to say no to things that do not have much amount of convenience in their lives. 

In the case of an MPA student, the ones focusing on emergency management they have to make sure that they have indulged this habit in their daily lifestyle for a certain amount of activeness in their work and for making sure that they can achieve adequate amount of greatness with their activities (Jensen & Neck, 2017). Also, it allows them to work according to the schedule that has been formed to make sure that they are disciplined and organized. Also, this particular aspect is associated with the idea of proper personal management and understanding of how their ability to recognise their own potential would impact the workplace in a positive manner. According to Akhter, Muhammad & Naz (2016), after self-awareness it is the independent will of an individual that allows them to make the concept of effective self-management a successful task. One of the positive impacts that it would have on the MPA students is that they would be able to undertake important decisions based on the gravity of the situation and act accordingly. The things that matter the most are the ones that require the primal attention at the first place. 

Habit 4: Think Win- Win

This particular habit falls under the category of personal and professional victory that must be taken into consideration by majority of the individuals pursuing the idea of interpersonal leadership among themselves. It would eventually allow them to prosper in this aspect and make sure that they are able to gain substantial amount of attention in terms of their effective performance and are able to do something that everyone takes a pride in. The idea of thinking of win-win situation presents the leadership capabilities of an individual (Ajazi et al., 2015). There would be multiple situations while working as a public servant that the key officials would be presented with emergency situations and one might have to replace the other for undertaking an essential decision for the work. Win-win has not been addressed as a technique but more like a complete philosophy of the human interaction that form the six paradigms of interaction. The use of this particular paradigm has been considered as vital and an essential component of the seven habits because it constantly seeks mutual benefit from all kinds of human interaction. 

For the effect of this on an MPA student, it can be considered that they would be provided with an opportunity to make sure that everyone turns out to be the winner at the end. The agreements and the solutions made must be mutually beneficial and that both the parties can showcase a commitment towards the action plan that has been formulated and have a satisfactory nature for the decision that has been made (Goble et al., 2015). Also, it is vital to consider that the individual sees every situation not as a competition but as a cooperative and the only competition of the individual would be himself/herself. This is also essential to note that with the application of this habit on a daily basis an individual will not be able to judge a situation in the context of dichotomies such as strong and weak, hardball or softball and many others. According to Wormeli (2015), this type of situation is fundamentally flawed and that it is based on power and position rather than personal values or principles. This paradigm allows every party to experience the situation of winning. 

Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

This particular habit focuses on the listening attributes of the students or adults. According to Garmston & Wellman (2016), a student or a professional worker must have the ability to understand the emotion portrayal of various individuals. When someone is expressing, they must ensure that they are able to understand the futility of the situation and work accordingly to make sure that they can provide substantial amount of empathy to the people in need. Also, it can be evidently stated that the individuals must be take an account of the kind of activities that indulge the idea of openness and creativity and makes sure that an individual is to achieve adequate amount of prominence in their respective lives. Some of the key considerations of this habit boosts the confidence of the individuals and makes sure that they are able to understand the significance of viable ethos and principles that does not hurt the sentiments of other people (Knight, 2015). It is vital to consider that the people must be equipped with the idea of proper emotional ranks that would allow them to understand the situation of others and properly analyse them. 

Being a student of MPA, some of the essential and positive effect that he/she would be able to incur is by making sure that they understand the opinion and feelings of the other individuals would be able to understand the situation from their perspective. It is also essential that an individual is able to overcome such pragmatic situations with a proper solution and listen to the situation of others without any kind of interruption (May et al., 2016). After a situation like that, the individual must be able to form coherent opinion of the situation and be able to present to them without any kind of hesitation. Confidence is one of the key virtues of an individual and they must be able to understand various attributes present in a situation like this and perform effectively for finding a solution to any kind of precarious situation. 

Habit 6: Synergize

The habit of synergize mainly focuses on the key attributes of the individual that makes them considerate and deliberate towards the idea of proper understanding. It is also vital for them to make sure that they are able to ensure the application of the principles of cooperative creativity and value the differences that prevail among the people (Artut, 2016). One must have been able to understand the differences in opinion that lies among various people and make sure that they have the capability to understand them deliberately and can work on them in an effective manner. Here, an individual must have the capability to make sure that they can value the positive attributes of other people and make sure that they are able to gel well among one another. The ability to develop a mutual trust and work together are two of the most essential aspects that must be considered while working on a diversified environment. The environment might be of school or of the workplace as well. The ability to showcase empathy and appreciation towards the differentiating qualities of an individual is something that allows people to work as a team. 

Teamwork allows a group or a particular individual learn the importance of togetherness and make sure that they are able to consider the special features of every personality and utilise it to achieve substantial amount of greatness for their project (Vezzali et al., 2016). It is of primal importance to make sure that the individual has adequate amount of capability in being humble and believing that teamwork can lead to excellence and would enhance their problem solving capability as well. The application of the principles of creative cooperation emphasises on the idea of diversity and the amount of creativity that each of them has the potential to bring. According to Chennells & Michael (2018), the highest form of synergy focuses on four essential human endowments such as the win-win paradigm, empathetic communication skills and the kind toughest challenges that are being face to derive viable amount of experience. Thus, it implies that learning the kind of experiences that other individuals have would allow the people to understand the key functioning better and respect the situation of diversity. 

Habit 7: Sharpen the saw

This particular habit is concerned with the principle of self-balanced renewal that makes sure that the people are able to prioritise themselves at some times as well and take proper care of themselves as well. It also makes sure that the people are able to understand the four dimensions of renewal that eventually applies in both classroom and workplace and is endowed towards the idea of allowing the individual to conduct adequate amount of self-assessment (Wünsch et al., 2018). This habit mainly instigates the idea of preserving and enhancing the greatest asset that the individual has and that they are able to renew the four dimensions of their nature. They are physical, spiritual, mental and social/emotional. According to Güss & Dörner (2017), the major complex situations or philosophies of life implicitly or explicitly deal with these four dimensions. Also, it indulges the concept of four values that falls under this habit such as perspective (spiritual), autonomy (mental), connectedness (social) and tone (physical). With the proper implementation of this habit an individual is provided with the opportunity to make sure that they can clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. 

The MPA students must be able to understand the subtle amount of situations that one might have to bear with. Also, they would be made aware of their key roles and responsibilities, meanwhile amongst all of these, they have to ensure that they are able to prioritize themselves and their requirements for some time as well. In addition, the idea of indulging this habit also allows the individual to make sure that they can express all of the four motivations- knowing the right way to treat people (social), the economic (physical), all of the contribution that is being provided by the organization (spiritual) and how people are used and developed (mental) (Kriegbaum, Becker & Spinath, 2018). Thus, it is evident to consider that the individual has been able to take proper care of himself/ herself and prioritizes both personal and professional life by maintaining a significant amount of balance. It is also essential to make sure that the individual is able to take enough time out to help others in problematic situations as well. 


The discussion provided above focused on the seven essential habits that must be properly implemented by students to make sure that they can understand the values of life and form their own values and principles to lead a better life. The discussion primarily focused on an MPA student and the kind of beneficiaries they would incur if they managed to gain prominence in the market. The discussion also emphasised the importance of empathy and positive attributes that allows a student to be ambitious and gain an affirmative perspective of life. It can be stated that the individual must be considerate of all the situations that comes in his/her way and make sure that he/she has their priorities intact for every activity that needs to completed and be understood properly as well. Thus, it can be evidently stated that an individual would be subjected to substantial amount of disciplined and organised daily life structure, if they manage to perform better in their daily curriculum effectively.


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