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Education System Assignment Help

Identify some of the problems that you identified with the educational system in place for the population in this video. 

Discuss the connection between socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and the educational system. Use examples from the video the justify your answer. 

Tell us your opinion about the educational system in Louisiana. Use your experience to explain your perspective. ( e.g. Did you see evidence of an achievement gap (between the rich and poor, or between neighborhoods when you were in school).

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Identification of Problems

The Cambodian Community in America is facing considerable education challenges such as lack of money and access to education. The major problem that the Cambodian Community is facing is the adoption of mainstream values and culture. For example, Shameka Min and her Mother Senath Keth have faced problem s in discussing education and schooling because of a language barrier that is Mother speaks the traditional language whereas kid is unable to communicate with her mother because she is unable to converse with her in traditional Cambodian language. In addition, the other difference that exists between Cambodian society and American society is that the children decide the career and education they want to pursue. In addition, the major problem that Cambodians in America face is financial problems such as lack of money and basic needs such as housing facility. The major problem that the American education system is facing is the highest dropout rates. In addition, the education institutions and schools are unaware of the challenges being faced by children of different community and facilities provided to solve this challenge is minuscule. Moreover, the Cambodian community also faced the challenge of navigation of school in America. The poverty rate also acts as a major problem in 2014 the poverty rate in Cambodian Town is estimated to be 32% as compared to 14% in the US. Moreover, the violence and killing of Khmer Rouge back in Cambodia also influence the community living in America. The consequence of these problems is that Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in the Cambodian Town community is 17 times higher as compared to America. The cultural stigma that exists that the children suffering from stress cannot request for help for mental health issues. Another problem faced by Cambodian Community is refugees coming to the US without having any kind of high school knowledge and degree thereby creating a barrier for parents as well as children to navigate the education system in foreign countries. The cultural gap that exists between American children and Cambodian children also influences the education system. The cultural gaps such as questioning the decision of parents are not considered as appropriate whereas in American culture the parents leave the children to make their educational decisions. In addition, the other challenge is Cambodian children needs to do a job for meeting the financial needs of the family. The different way to solve these problems is understanding the needs of the students and being responsive to their needs (Nytimes.com, 2018).

Discussion about the role of race and socioeconomic status in the education system

The poor socioeconomic status of Cambodian Community led to lower educational achievement thereby affecting health. The race also plays an important role in an educational system that is Khmer people shifted to the US without any kind of knowledge and degree.
Problems in Louisiana

The educational system in Louisiana is low funding of public schools thereby leading to low attendance of students in minority groups such as Cambodian Community. Another problem faced in Louisiana for low spending on education is the population in this state is rural thereby limiting and showing less interest in pursuing education. In addition, the other problems faced in Louisiana are an achievement gap that is the difference between rich and poor.

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