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My Culture Is Deaf Culture Assignment Help

Consider the forces that create cultural differences. Why are some things valuable in one culture and not in another?

Listen to the media examples and review a variety of the coming of age stories in your Learning Resources, and note the similarities and differences in how various cultures mark adulthood. Select one of the media examples or stories that resonated with you.

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Culture is the main element which roots the Awareness and foundation of your growth. It adhere various social and cultural beliefs, rituals, values common practices followed in a community. What is the reason behind our specific behavior? What is the way we consider the world from our perception? Reason behind our specific behavior for specific circumstances? The cultural experience for me is I learn to behave in certain manner and at different places due to various beliefs and perceptions followed at my surroundings. As I am from deaf culture the importance and role of media is having a great impact on my life (AARONS, D & P AKACH., 2012). For me the experience is somehow what I saw at various media channels and learning and adopting through the best suited practices adopted my deaf culture. As we are from deaf culture the various beliefs were transmitted to me either by sign languages or by pictorial representation. Through various media like news, any cultural shows or various magazines we used to learn that we should respect women & give them equal opportunity, why submitting income tax is important and how we can bring social justice for all. As I these factors helped a lot to me to become an adult.

What best I can recall as from one of media experiences is we mainly being taught through various television ads such as washing hands, obeying elders, following traffic rules and rights of consumer as I also came to know that we can bargain and ask for bills from shopkeepers to submit taxes (MEIR, I, W SANDLER, C PADDEN & M ARONOFF., 2015). People live in our society mainly gather in weekly meetings called by head of society and being asked to write various issues faced by each individual and mainly with me or boys who are getting adult. Then the head used to either show us various ads to make us aware with that and also let us understand the importance of following specific cultural norms. 

As in my culture there are belief of worshipping women’s is an simple reflection of media story as we used to see many cases where women are bullied and they get very bad treatment. But there is one ad which really touches our heart and truly represent that women are the backbone of any family on which the family stand strong and firmly. Respecting women and giving them their rights is the main value of our culture. Our main identity is sign languages and we used to always touch feet of our mother in the morning and use sign languages to show our respect. I get cultural awareness due to various media adoption and in our culture use to pay proper attention on greeting people, conversation with others and during leave taking. Our culture is relatively consist small number of members and we used to be motivated by our own rituals and beliefs (LOUGHRAN, S., 2013). It mainly acts as age stories from which I learn how to act as an adult.

Due to culture competence I came to feel that tax payment and appreciating women empowerment made me feel like an adult. I also came to know how to prevent discrimination and observe other cultural which values make my behavior more of like an adult. I came to know cultural identity can only be found and get when there is proper definition is being given for culture and as well you follow the same set of values and beliefs so that you can also adopt right behavior. Cultural competence brought many reforms in my values and beliefs as previously I used to think that tax payment and voter right is used by all. I learn many cognitive and behavioral skills that lead me and my deaf culture to adopt effective communication which is being used in another culture where is taught to their people that how to use your voter rights and right way of submitting tax. We understand that intercultural competence enables an individual to be culturally competent at work and school and to be an adult (HSIEH H & SE SHANNON., 2015). 

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