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The Communication event paper you to attend outside speech events to see real-life examples of public speaking or a TED talk event. You will also need to provide a 1500-2000 word write-up of your experience there. Talk about what you saw, what you learned, and how it will help you in understanding the theories of communication.

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Communication plays a significant role when it comes to shaping and structuring mind-setof people. In such cases, the efficiency of communication has to be considered as it determines the impact of the content and the thought of the speaker on the audience. As recognized by Aristotle, speeches are of three types, persuasive, informational and decorative. In the recent context, with the advent of the digital era, people tend to prefer speeches which include all of the three. The preoccupied notion that I had about such event was that the objective was to make the audience think differently than the existing notion of a specific aspect of life. In fact, I also had an idea that people who speak about inspirational stories have an agenda to create a dramatic sense which forces people to believe that after certain adversity, there comes a time where everything becomes better. However, I personally felt that it is not possible every time. The scepticism and disbelief has always made me question the existing truth I was into. Recently, I had to attend an event of communication which is well reputed in the global level namely, TedTalk. The event has altered many of my opinions and ideas about such events and speakers that I had. In fact, it also made me realise that questioning is always not about scepticism but an approach to seek truth.

In the first place, I understood that watching event on digital technology and watching events live has wide range of differences. When it comes to digital gadgets such television, Desktop, phone or any other similar medium, it mostly feels as if they have a direct impact on you only. The thoughts, the words and the content are directed to me only. However, experiencing such an event live gives one a whole lot of different and unique experience. One of the significant differences that is visible is the crowd and their response. Judging speech and performance of such speaker can be done by observing the involvement audience has with the speaker. In fact, the amount of space the speaker provides to the audience to find the familiarity needs to be considered. Familiarity in the story leads to a lot more engagement in the audience. It is important to understand that every audience comes with their own set of mind and convergent these differences in one single notion are a mammoth job.  Nonetheless it appeared to me that having stories similar to ours and being rooted they are able to actually change the perception of the people they are addressing the content to. 

I had a bundle of realisations and was able to build new understandings attending the Tedtalk where Casey Gerald shared his thoughts about having doubts on the existing notions we are surrounded by, be it religion, business and any other socio-political aspects. In this event, Casey Gerald shared his story of having doubts on every other institution we are surrounded with.  His speech upholds one of the most significant topics that everyone does feel at some point of time in their life but fails to have a conversation about them. Disbelieve and doubts when it comes to making stronger relations makes things more complex. It is human nature to grow doubts and question the existing system. It is important to note that in spite of the growing digital technology, communication takes place mostly from one single end and there is no space for feedback. In such a juncture the impact of the content and the thoughts are often reduced. Public speaking on the other hand provides the opportunity of feedback. 

In context to this specific show, I realised that the impact of the content is either complemented by visual interpretation of the content or the facts provided such as real life examples. Casey spoke about his own experience of being falsified by the religion he believed in and also the traditional binding he was surrounded by. Moving on from this he seek truth in other super structures such business and philanthropy which again fetched him void and absence of specifications and truth. He gave his own example in establishing the fact that man-made institutions does not provide any human with peace or happiness In fact, they leads to question our own belief once observed closely. 

Discussing these severe issues and questioning the existing superstructure requires great determination and confidence. His humour and sarcasm helped him to involve the audience while explaining the issue of distrust and doubts. His show as it was named was “Gospel of Doubts which directly points out on the fact that our doubts are nurtured by the beliefs that are created within us from the very childhood. Humour is one of the key aspects that speakers tend to prefer as it helps to interpret the fact with a light approach yet the content does reaches the audience it is targeted to without any obstacles between. Casey has a very subtle humour and he places it quite well which has made the audience feel more relatable with the facts and understanding he shared.

Moreover, body language is also a significant style of non-verbal communication which has a deep impact on the audience. In my experience so far, I’ve always observed public speakers to be every enthusiastic about their performance and content which most of the time makes them really energetic and anxious at the same time. Casey; however, had a very calm approach and was very determined with his content. He hardly stressed on specific words and made the audience very comfortable with his humble body language which added as an advantage for him. Throughout his speech he used words that are very poetic in nature making the content decorative and giving it a unique characterisation. The ability of story-telling is one of the most important factors that public speakers are accustomed to. It was quite evident to me that, Casey is one of the fines story tellers amongst the new speakers in this age. 

Towards the end, he was actually able to clearly state the fact that people who seek truth and specification rather certainty can only believe in nature and its uncertainty. The acceptance is where peace lies. There is no other way of finding the truth as certain truth that we seek are subjective and are man-made. This where it stuck me where I realised that there is no perfect or right because the people who judges are one of us only and futile to depend on them as they also have a personal interest just as us. In fact, it is no wonder that people only believes in things which they want to believe in this there is no space for truth. 

While observing the entire show and analysing its various parts, I could relate certain parts of it with a number of communication theories. These theories help in understanding certain aspect of communication event more deeply. They elaborate the understanding of the various approaches of both the speaker and the audience. 

The basic personality and the nature of Casey Gerald have complexity which led him to question the existing notions of the superstructure. This aspect can be explained with the help of Constructivism which suggests that individuals who have cognitive complexity tend to become more successful speaker as they have the ability to create and customise sophisticated content which are effortlessly interpreted from their thoughts (Amineh & Asl, 2015). Casey as a person has always seeks truth and preferred to dig in deeper to the things which he doubted. His doubts made him to think with complex mind-set and this ability in future made him a better communicator as he is already used to the complex mind-set thus, it becomes easier for him to choose the right words and express his feelings and thoughts effortlessly. This gives the reason for his calm and gentle approach in his performance (Kubálková, Onuf & Kowert, 2015).

The content of Casey’s speech also contains a significant relation with the Spiral of Silence. This theory suggests that people are less likely to express their thoughts and understanding about the superstructure when they are minority and prefers to stay silence even after noticing a number of issue that impacts their life (Gearhart & Zhang, 2018). This choice is not an individual rather it is imposed as they feel that standing against the majority might lead them to face social rejection and isolation. This theory is one of the significant theories where media influence on audience is also deeply explained. It is no wonder that being brought up in a traditional Christian family made Casey observe the oppression of the majority on the minority and how every time the voices are taken down by the power. He asks his audience to question and take their own journey of seeking truth which includes the challenge of facing rejection and experience isolation as well. He shared his journey and results where he explains that truth is having the idea that nature is uncertain and the fact created by men are dynamic. They have their own colours and might not match with our expectations. Thus, staying silent will not fetch anyone the answer. One has to move out from the comfort zone in order to achieve their truth (Hakan, 2016).

Another significant theory that explains the entire approach of Casey Gerald’s ability of storytelling is the Narrative Paradigm. This theory explains the basic nature of humans as a species of having the ability to tell stories (Wilbur, 2019). Theorists suggest that humans prefer and find narrative logic to be more credible than traditional logic. The speaker is only successful when he is more focused on the narrative logic where the speaker is able to convince the audience that his narratives have truth in them, the content automatically becomes more effective. In context to Casey Gerald, the content was well decorated with specific word selection and the storytelling approach of the speaker was on point which created a deep impact on people as they were even able to relate the facts and understanding with themselves (Passalacqua & Pianzola, 2016). People who are well educated and have an idea of the world around them does not only relies on traditional logic and seeks more credible evidence and understanding that suits their level of intellect. This approach though often criticised by many theorists of democracy makes sense when applied on correct occasion, 


This event has widened my spectrum of communication process where I got the opportunity to see things beyond the given understanding of the books and theories. Analysing an event of communication was more delightful than I expected and having experienced the show of Casey Gerald made it worthwhile as he is definitely a person to be cultivated thoroughly.  It is of much significance to note that this opportunity has actually helped me to get towards the truth I seek and get the answers for my ever existing scepticism on such events. 

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