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The Concept of Anthropology Assignment Help

describe how changes in transportation technology in the nineteenth century led to the development of anthropology?

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Transportation facility enables people to move in two different geographical regions, explore the resources, experience a different culture, and share ideologies. This is important in the field of anthropology because it gave rise to the exchange of behavior as well as the generation of new cultural traits (Kuhn, Raichlen &amp; Clark, 2016). The advancement in technology-enabled transportation process to evolve faster. This can be realized with the impact of globalization across the globe which aims to diversify business and expand the market size. As a result of improved transportation process, the frequency of people with varying culture, ethnicity, and creates were moving from one place to another. Furthermore, this results in increased interaction among diverse people, exchanging of thoughts, sharing cultural equivalence and divergence, as well as adopting the new behavior (Platteau, 2015). The common example of developing anthropology can be identified from expatriates with superior skills from developed nations like the US and UK, working in developing areas like India and Mexico. ‏Likewise the majority of blue collar jobs were fulfilled by Asian employees in developed nations. These exchanges are possible due to improve in the flight services, buses and train transportation (Medina, 2016). As a result of this, people are able to travel far distance with minimum time requirement. Hence exchange of people and their settlement in the different nation other than their original is responsible for the development of new colonies and new behavioral traits within the community. From the anthropology perspectives, the exchange of people result in the learning of new traits and giving rise to hybrid behavior.

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