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Assume you have been asked to serve on a project team for end-users of database software. Your current employer or a fictitious local medical office wants to use an electronic method to store demographic information (person's name, address, contact information, insurance information, etc) as well as personal health history (clinical diagnosis, tests results, appointment notes, etc). This software needs to be accessible by all employees in the office. Research various database applications used in health care settings. Prepare a 1-2 page report to:

1. Identify all of the types of information you would need related to patients (e.g. address, insurance information, test results, etc.)

2. Research various health care database applications currently available. Select two to compare that may satisfy the medical office's information management needs.

- Describe how the two databases work and why they are used.

- Your comparison should end with your assessment of which would work better for your facility.

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Types of information

Since the idea is to deal with patients and store information about them, it is important to categorize the type of information and the purpose.

The first type of information is based on the demographics. The major data collected include name, gender, age, address, ethnicity and contact information. The second type of information is based on the clinical need. This will include insurance scheme and work status. The final type of information is the medical detail. This will include clinical diagnosis, appointment dates, advice on each date, prescriptions, duration of treatment, test results, outpatient/inpatient and consultant details. There is a need for healthcare to remain patient-centered so that the patients are satisfied and it is also possible for the healthcare organizations to offer their fullest efforts to eradicate diseases.
The patient health information includes all the records mentioned in the final category as detailed above and this medical record is extremely important to treat the patient in the future. Perhaps, the administrators and other consultants will have access to this information to know the health history and identification details to diagnose better.

Based on the nature of the clinical ailment, the patient's family background is also collected. For instance, if the patient is suffering from diabetes, consultants would prefer to know the genetic background to understand if the clinical ailment is inherited genetically or not. For this case, the patient's mother/father details will be collected along with the health history. All these are stored as electronic health records by the healthcare organizations.

Healthcare database applications

Healthcare database systems are widely used to ease the transaction processes. The online transaction processing (OLTP) database has different types based on the purpose such as lab systems, patient identification system, patient satisfaction system, electronic health record (EHR), practice management and financial system. Every database system type mentioned here has restricted usage. For instance, the financial system is widely used by the financial department/ accounts department and the billing department to assess the day's cashflows and establish the financial strategy accordingly.

There are 2 databases that are to be compared here - electronic medical record (EMR) and EHR.

EMR is supposed to be the paper chart in digital format ideally containing medical history of the patient. The major functions of EMR include (Garrett and Seidman, 2011):

- Data tracking

- Patient scheduled for screening/checkup

- Patient health assessment

- Quality of care assessment

Based on the data collected and assessed, the core team of the healthcare organization plans the strategy accordingly.

On the other hand, EHR is a database entirely dedicated to the complete health assessment of a patient. It has complete details of the patient, medical history and past treatment details.

- Patients can log on to the database to access the record and assess the lab results

- Healthcare specialists tend to communicate with the patients through this interface

- Perhaps, the clinical notes are accessible by all the departments whenever a patient approaches the healthcare institution.

In short, EHR offers a broader view of the healthcare of a patient whereas EMR has a restricted view (Garrett and Seidman, 2011).
It is understandable that the local medical office needs an electronic method to record data of the patients. Looking at the minimum usage of the patient's detail, it is appropriate to opt for EHR which can then be used for a broader segment of people too.

Implementing EMR initially and then expanding it at a later stage can be a cumbersome task. Instead, it is a better idea to go for EHR that can store patient details and also let stakeholders access whenever needed.

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