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Race and Ethnicity Assignment Help

Journal Article Assignment 

What challenges do immigrants face when arriving in Canada? What are the sociological implications of increasing levels of immigration?

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1. Summarizing the sociological article

Poor health condition of the immigrants and the refugees are the main reason for unemployment. Due to the limitation in the methodology, it becomes unclear up to which degree the discrimination of the contribution of employment is caused by poor health. The study has been done with the aim of investigating the role of the migration and ethnicity in the discrimination of employment among the refugees as well as immigrants of Iraq (Dhalimi et al., 2018). Another aim of the research was health implication which is associated with the perceived discrimination. This study was cross-sectional and aimed for investigating other factors which affect employment and how that affects health. After arriving in the country the immigrants face some major challenges like finding the adequate working and learning new language and properly using it. The financial constraint along with the adoption of the new values and the culture becomes a major factor.

The study has been done on 273 Iraqi skilled workers, immigrants and the refugees who are the active member of scientific organizations (Dhalimi et al., 2018). After conducting the study it has resulted that the unemployed people are reporting the matter of discrimination for their own benefit and gaining employment. If the other factors are being considered then unemployment is not the prediction of perceived discrimination. Ethnicity is found out to be a significant predictor in case of discrimination. It was hypothesized that the discrimination endorsed participants are of poor health and according to result 46.4% of people were reported as unemployed due to perceived discrimination. A finding has been done which has reflected that the Arabians are targeted to the discrimination after the 9/11 incident. The Arabian names are taken very less in case of employment and this comprehended that the migration status is being overshadowed by ethnicity. The older participants are much more discriminate than younger people. It has been found out that discrimination is linked with depression and SRH. Again the Arabian people are reported of more depression rather than non-Arabians. As a conclusion, the authors have told that unemployment is the contribution in the immigrants and refugees. The study has certain limitations due to the cross-sectional assumption instead of local comparison.

2. Criticizing socio-logical journal article

After thoroughly going through the study it has been cleared that the orientation of the research for supporting the author's argument is interpretive because the perceived discrimination for unemployment is generalized and has been implied in larger terms among the Arabians and non-Arabians.

The analysis level is macro because the immigration-related issue of unemployment due to perceived discrimination not only depends on the internal factors but also on the external factors of the country like political stability, economic situation and Socio-cultural acceptance (Costigan, Lehr & Miao, 2016).

The author has taken the approach of structural-functionalist in case of sociological approach and it has been evident that the increment of the targeted discrimination is more in Arabians people rather than non-Arabians after the incident of 9/11. The social structure is effective because of the older perceived discrimination much more than the younger ones. From other studies, it has been evident that men are targeted for more discrimination rather than women. The newcomer women faced multiple discriminations which are influenced by race and gender. Social implication mainly directed towards the immigration policy. The local residents are usually not friendly towards the newcomers because they create pressure in the work market and the labor market along with the social infrastructure and the overall defragmentation in the living and working environment. It always creates negative dynamics for the host country if the increases of the immigrants are more than required.

According to the aim of the study, unemployment truly comes out as the contribution of the poor health of the refugees and immigrants (Hyndman, Payne & Jimenez, 2017). The perceived discrimination is considered as the major factor which affects health. It has been found out that discrimination is mainly linked with the ethnicity instead of the status of the migration. Although the study has limitations because many variables could not be defined due to the comparison has been done in cross-sectional people. From scientific organizations, the respondents are being selected and that led to biasing, generalization and challenges.

The research has been quite valiant according to the results but it has affected the thinking that the research should have been done by not taking only the respondents from the scientific organizations but also from other organizations too, to mitigate the biasing effect.

3. Connecting the article with a piece of media (video)

The main social issue in Canada is related to the employment of immigrants and refugees. Through the research questions the challenges faced by immigrants when they arrive in Canada. The article is trying to explain that refugees are having a hard time getting a job in Canada. There is discrimination taking place in case of employment. The health system of the refugees is also deteriorating which is leading to unemployment. The piece of media (video), An Immigrant's Challenge to find Employment explains the problems that the immigrants are facing when they are searching for a job in Canada. This media is a video which is taken from Capital News Online. Here is an immigrant is trying to search for a job who has recently shifted to Canada. She is having work experience of 20 years in the field of education management. The lady's name is Alkhzouz and is doing a program from LASI World Skills so that she can overcome the challenges (, 2019). This organization is training immigrants who are searching for employment. They are providing classes where they are teaching how to write a cover letter. They are also training people to enhance their networking skills. This program has helped in getting employment to 636 new immigrants. Alkhzouz is now having enough confidence to write cover letters. She is having a hope of getting a job in her own field.

The video is closely related to the research question which is based on race and ethnicity. The research question is clearly asking the challenges that are faced by immigrants coming to Canada. The piece of media is answering this question. The lady is trying to explain that she knows nothing about employment in Canada. The rules and regulation related to employment in Canada are quite different. Immigrants need to have a strong networking base in order to get a job in this country. They also have to know the way of writing the cover letter for employment. There are many social implications due to the increase in the number of immigrants. In the video, it is seen that there are more than 50,000 immigrants searching for jobs(, 2019). The rate of unemployment in case of immigrants is double that those who are born in Canada. There is a general shortage of jobs in Canada. Immigrants having a good resume are also facing this issue. People are trying to be positive and they are hoping to get a job in Canada.

The employment condition of immigrants in Canada is not good. Currently, the unemployment rate in Canada is 5.4% in May 2019 (Guruge& Butt, 2015). There is a decrease of 0.3% from the last month. However, as immigrants are increasing; the overall population is going up by 10%. Wages are decreasing by 4%. Here the immigrants will have to take Canadian experience for getting a job in this country (Mukhtar et al. 2016). Immigrants have to do low-level jobs in order to get this experience. Immigrants have to face a language barrier. They will have to learn the local language in order to get a job. The working conditions for immigrants are mostly not suitable. However, they have to be positive enough to get a proper job in a country like Canada. The piece of media is being seen that social world problems can be solved. All the immigrants should enrol themselves to world skill programs (Guruge & Butt, 2015). These programs have different modules and they teach the requirement of employment in Canada. This gives confidence to the immigrants and they are ready to solve any problem. These programs ensure that immigrants get jobs in Canada. These initiatives will be helping the immigrants and there will be fewer chances of unemployment.

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