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Evolutions of Health Care


Question: Write a 3-4-page paper in which you review how health informatics began, and how it has evolved over the years. Explain the reasoning for the evolution of health informatics, and possible causes of future change.

Answer: Introduction: The health informatics is about the healthcare and nursing which is considered to be holding information engineering that is applicable to the field of healthcare. There are management and proper use of the patients healthcare information. It helps in improving the higher quality and higher efficiency with new opportunities as well. The disciplines are involving the information science, management and the proper IT based innovation for the healthcare service delivery, management and panning. There are optimization of the acquisition, storage and the retrieval of information. The health informatics began in 1970 in Poland and in U.S. There has been development for the health-quality with health informatics research, education and the infrastructure. The health informatics include the medical computing, biomedical and the computer medicine which is important for the automatic data processing.

Health Informatics: The health informatics comes with emerging with computer technology where there is a need to manage the larger amount of data (Burstin et al., 2016). The experimentations are about the field of dentistry but till 1960 the healthcare started in the field of study. According to Healthcare Information and Management System Society, there have been standards to work on the exchange of message, properties for the health record system and the data content with security of system.

How it evolved?

The first electronic medical record appeared with the nomenclature set for the different disciplines and the services. There were bioinformatics which were in 1970 and then the study of the data included the DNA as well. The associations and the government entities need to handle the format for the registration of patient, with orders, observation and the discharge set through the handling of financial transaction messages. The health information technology can be improved so that the request for the same can be standardized with the exchange of the data protocols like any radiology or pharmacy (Ganioet al., 2018). There are imaging informatics and pharmacy which is considered to be specialized under the areas of individual who seem to be pursuing for the master in health informatics.

The health informatics evolved with the medical computing, and then there are research units of the medical information and the health information technology that discusses about the goals of US. Apart from this, there has been a growth of the community where there are no means set for the mature profession. The information management, portfolio, ICT and education helps in accommodating the professionals and for NHS mainly in academia and the commercial services or the solutions. The evolution of the healthcare comes with depriving any type of the increased technology which can allow the medical professionals to access the needed or the patient records. They are able to work on the updating, recording and then revising the data with better understanding of the needs of patients for the performance and providing the service or satisfaction (Martinez et al., 2018). The paper records are easy to understand the secured patient privacy records.


Reason for its Evolution: The global standards are based on including the details for the health informatics where the complex and the disciplines society needs to work on the standards that comes with the technology behind the data. The hospital systems have been involved with different software in place. The information is defined for having a major challenge of achieving the interoperability among the different formats to ensure that the information availability comes with the areas of the health enterprise. The final analysis is about how the health organizations have no choice but to work on the customized programming solutions which help in integrating the dissimilar systems. The evolving and improving standards are for the technology and patient care.

The mailing of the important information can lead to a week for the receiver to get the information, and the information is then transferred or received. There are technology standards which comes with using internet and the wireless devices which has been put into power with fingertips. The healthcare delivery system requires the employing of different information system coming from different vendors. There are examples about how the hospital might have a laboratory system from one vendor or the pharmacy system to the other to match with the documentation with third vendor (Ruggeri et al., 2016). The affiliation is set with the hospital to plan about how the offices need to plan about focusing over the message format standards and to achieve the interoperability in between the different information system. There is a higher degree of optionality and this is not implemented in a standardized manner. The options are then incorporated for the vendors to accommodate the workflow and the availability is in different healthcare settings. The options require the costly and time-consuming custom programming technology with larger issues related to the non-standard implementation of the enormous variability of vocabulary.

Causes of Future Change: The future of the creative and the analytical informaticist can help in serving as liaison between information technology team and clinicians. There is a need to understand that there are sides of health informatics which needs to engender the collaboration, with new initiatives and moving the career forward. With time, there is a possibility to work on the massive renovation where the health informatics is to ensure that there is a need of a greater efficiency, coordination and improved care (Khkhlovaet al., 2016). The doctors and nurses are able to work on efficiency planning and increased coordination to help the patients in receiving the care from different people in a single stay. 

Conclusion: The technological advancement requires the physicals for hand-writing orders and the prescriptions. This can lead to the errors or to compromise the safety of patient. The current technology requires the processes to be completed on computer, with less room for the human error. The evolvement of the shared data includes how the doctors, nurses and the other physicians are educated than the other people. The intelligence is only for the enhancement with receiving information that can be received quickly and in a timely manner.


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