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Supreme Court ruling on Gene Patents of 2013 Case Assignment Help

iscuss whether you support or oppose the Supreme Court ruling on gene patents in the 2013 case: ASSOCIATION FOR MOLECULAR PATHOLOGY ET AL vs MYRIAD GENETICS, INC., ET AL. 

In short they ruled, that "A naturally occurring DNA segment is a product of nature and not patent eligible merely because it has been isolated, but cDNA is patent eligible because it is not naturally occurring". 

Choose a side and support your position with research.

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The paper will discuss my opinion regarding the Supreme Court ruling case of 2013 on gene patents. The case determines the nature of the DNA segment and its eligibility.  According to my view, I have supported the fact that DNA segment should not be eligible for a patent because it is a product generated from nature whereas cDNA should be patent-eligible as it does not generate naturally. The sequences of DNA is made from amino acids that build proteins in the human body (Bolyard, 2015). Hence, it is a naturally occurring nucleotide that must not be eligible for the patent facility. Besides this, synthetically create exons-only strands of nucleotides are known as composite DNA or cDNA(Sherkow & Abbott, 2018). It is seen that cDNA generate from omitting the intervening introns and thus, it is not originated naturally. Therefore, it should be patent-eligible rather than that of the DNA sequence. As per Myriad opinion, DNA does not contain any code for proteins whereas cDNA contains protein-coding information. Hence, this is the reason that I have supported the case of the Supreme Court on gene patents that occur in 2013. I have supported the case and demonstrated that DNA should not be eligible for a patent, but cDNA should be eligible for the patent facility.    

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