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For your Final Essay, I'd like you to reflect on something what we talked about in the very first Unit of this course, and apply it to what we learned.  Looking at the original language of the 1787 Constitution (prior to ANY Amendments), find examples of how the Constitution could be considered an implementation of Aristotle &quot;mixed state&quot;.  Where are the democratic elements?  The aristocratic elements?  The monarchical elements?  Provide at least one example of a &quot;monarchical&quot; institution (or feature), and at least TWO examples EACH of &quot;aristocratic&quot; and &quot;democratic&quot; institutions, practices, or features in the ORIGINAL Constitution.   Be also prepared to EXPLAIN WHY each one of your examples fits into that particular category. For this first portion of the assignment, please note that &quot;Congress&quot; is NOT a single institution; there are two distinct chambers of Congress, each of which probably fits into a different category (at least, under the original Constitution). 

Once you&#39;ve done that, now explain TWO changes that have occurred since 1789 that have made the system MORE democratic.  Remember that &quot;democracy&quot;, classically defined, is NOT about &quot;rights&quot about power.  So, in other words, in what two ways do &quot;the people&quot; have more power over the system than was originally true?  You should identify, and discuss, structural or procedural changes (in other words, something specific about how the political system actually operates or functions is necessary - don't just say &quot;more people vote&quot; or &quot;more people participate&quot;).  Please also note that ONLY one of your two examples can come from the &quot;franchise&quot; amendments (those that gave the right to vote to certain groups of people).   If BOTH of your examples of democratization are something OTHER than the &quot;franchise&quot; amendments, then you'll be eligible for up to 5 bonus points on this assignment.  Note that these examples (in the second part) don&#39;t all HAVE TO come from the Amendments, but they can.

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Constitutionalism is a practice of making an balance between public power and authority so does it can prevent monopolies of power. To manage citizen’s affairs under the rule of law, citizens and authority should be agreed on a common law. Since 1787 many amendments, changes in legislations and updation is done. Instead of relying on other provisions people come to know their power and it leads to emergence of constitutional change and formation of elected congress and appointment of federal court and judges by president. Here we have discussed how Aristotle's mixed theory can be related to 1787 constitution.

The present constitution is a mixed form of constitution which consists of the elements of democracy, aristocracy and monarchy. It can be seen in the constitution that we follow the ideology of polity ( a rule which is being made by many good men) which is more better than aristocracy ( few good men ), which is more better than monarchy ( only one good man ). Aristotle's self- interest, individualistic and collective interest theory justified that Aristotle's mixed theory is evident in the constitution (Ladha, Krishna., 2008). Likewise, we can say that succession is a real centralized issue of the constitution in which well-defined kinships of African tribes can be involved. If we talk about constitutional of the Swazi's found in Africa they, follow a dual Monarchy in which the almighty King or Great Lion, share every possession of his power with his mother. Rituals followed by rebellions have been found among citizens of African Tribes. Early Greeks relate their laws with their ancestors, and they do not tend towards changing their laws(Beer, Samuel H., 1993). The Greek view follows – "The Law is King of all." Romanians almost follow the constitution of the law of communalism. According to them that any law formed for public or in the best interest of common people should be made up by everyone’s consent. Their Government formation was structured and formed in away which serves to implement the law effectively. Later on, they tend more towards English law, which is based upon a more Democratic approach. In their law, they have adapted a new thing which is Emperor will be announcing the people will. Aristotle' mixed theory is more advent in Roman's law they adopted military leaders who will apply the rule with King to maintain the peace and safety of people.

Democratic elements more emphasize the inclusion of every human being. It provides human rights, freedom of speech, the right to equality, right to education etc. While aristocracy elements include a mixed government means democracy and aristocracy(Acemoglu, Daron and James A. Robinson. ,2006). Monarchy elements referred to one single person who holds the supreme power or authority of ruling a country. Examples for monarchy can be included as Americans people who follow the rules "of the royal and constitutional rule" means a monarchy in which King will make the rules but with the consent of his selected people.

Example of aristocratic can be seen in England; they follow the rule of their Athenian constitution. Both King and the Athenian constitution make and implement the rules in the general public. Another example of aristocratic is Ancient, where they made their King and Military leaders to implement the rules(Barnes, Jonathan. ed. ,1984). King focuses on the betterment of the general public whether Military looks after the safety and security of common people. They both act as per each other’s consent and apply rules and regulations.

Since 1789 till now, democratic rules and phase of this constituency have seen many changes and implementations. Rather than just saying that democracy gives voting rights and other kinds of rights, it is more about freedom and life in which a common person can contribute and act in his best interest. As per the change and main two ways which provides more power to people than initially, they have are:

1. Freedom of speech,

2. Equal protection of the laws,

Equal protection law can be easily explained with the help of understanding Sex discrimination. More than 130 years of women are being considered as lower and unequal to men. Women are not considered to get employment and take big decisions anywhere. But the law is being changed in the form of providing voting rights to women, getting security from legislation for their equal treatment by government and by employers, also in society(Ostrom, Vincent. 1987). Whether this act was highly opposed by Congress, but due to high sensitivity towards gender biases, this act was implemented to protect women rights.

Freedom of speech provided a right to the common man to share his/her thought regarding any improvements in society, raising voice against unlawful things, equal right to contribute in country’s laws, right to decide the legislation for their country, freedom of expression etc. Americans understand the fact common people’s inclusion is important to make any country’s law better and improved. So yes, it is true people have more power in the system than they possess initially.

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