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Stress In Australian University Students Assignment Help

The questions which we can look after the literature review we have done is that

What are the necessary steps to reduce the stress level of students under the Australian University?

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1. Introduction

Stress is a feeling of emotive or physical strain; this can originate from any occasion or thought which makes you sense irritated, annoyed or anxious; it is the body's response to a challenge or request. In the literature, we would be giving a broad literature review of the stress in Australian university students.

2. Literature Review

Stress in Australian University students is due to a number of factors which have listed here The factors have greatly influenced the amount of the tension in the students, and the students cannot cope up with the stress and the factors such as academic stress which include examination and assessments, and the timing of the test had been a significant factor as it disturbs the balance of the working life students this problem is widespread among the nursing students than the other students. Another form of stress is the stress of placement; it is generally familiar with the students where they fear that whether they will be able to get placed in a job after graduation completes.

In a study, it is being found that male undergraduates are much more prone to stress than the female students where the male students have inferior psychological well-being and also have less feeling to using optimistic coping plans. The pressure of students influenced by different factors such as childcare style plus the parent's educational upbringing. There have been many surveys to discover out the strain of the undergraduates and it was found that near about 25% of the students have reported about depressive symptoms where they have a fear of failing in the exams, decrease in self-esteem, reduction of time spent in recreational activity have been the primary cause of stress among the students.

The research was carried out through the process of surveys where students have asked questions about their daily life and how they are coping up with their mental health. The stress accounted through some of the processes which are being described here psychological well-being, depression, statistical analysis. Checking psychological-well-being requires six dimensions, i.e. self-acceptance, environmental mastery, purpose in life, personal growth, positive relation with others, and autonomy. In addition to these six items, there have been 14 items with a mix of a positive and negative sentence. To measure depression, there have been some tests which were used to measure the depression of the undergraduates; there have been seven subscales of measuring depression and the patients scoring high are being more prone to depression. The next point would be statistical analysis where the individuals asked several questions which they have to answer out, and the results then compared to the whole number of students, and the total number of students found who are suffering from stress. So these are some ways which we have found to measure the stress and produce out the results.

In the literature review, we have come across what is stress and how it is affecting the life of the student and how they cannot cope up with the stress of their life. The stress of student life can analyze through the help of the teachers as the teachers can help the students to discuss with their stress they have to communicate with the students frequently there have to be some stress buster related exercise in class where they won't feel about stress. There should be medical checkup for the students for monthly basis, and they should feel good about their health and the students also go out for daily recreational activities in the school and play games so that their stress goes out. The students should attain counselling session from a renowned psychiatrist if they suffer from any mental problem and the university should also talk with the parents of the student about the issues that the students are facing. So the students suffering from any mental anxiety, depression, or stress-related issues should talk with their parents or teacher and solve their problems. 

3. Conclusion

After the literature review it has been found that the students experience stress level and there have been many factors for that the students come from different cities and they cannot cope up with new friends, and there are academic factors also which makes them stress out such as examination, attendance as the students fear of the whole educational process and they need more academic counselling session which would help in their study and there have been several factors such as money, economic and social factors. So in this literature review, we have highlighted the stress the factors causing stress and the ways of measuring the stress level and the suggestions to the literature review.

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